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  1. Thanks for sharing this! This looks great. I'm loving the GH4 and Anamorphot combo as well. Which ART lens did you find the best at focusing at close distances with or without the diopters?
  2. Thank you for the in-depth review Andrew. The GH4 is an absolutely amazing and easy to use camera and I'm loving almost every aspect of it. This has replaced both of my Pocket and BMCC cameras and saved me a lot of money from renting out a RED or Sony F camera. The GH4 is a powerhouse that I've used on every kind of production from: nature, corporate, narrative, commercial, fashion, and professional stills. It's an all in one package that is impossible to ignore.
  3. No need to pay, I'd be happy to give you some footage once I get less busy. I'm curious to see your results as well.
  4. Thank you so much for your consideration. I would love to send you some footage, but unfortunately I'm really backed up with work at the moment. Hopefully I can send you an ungraded clip for you to play with in the near future. Thank you so much for the compliment! I shot a few narrative films in the past few weeks with the GH4 so perhaps I can post my review soon to demonstrate how great this camera is even with narratives. I believe a gentleman by the name of James Miller has been able to master the settings of the GH4 to fully optimize its capabilities with DR and flat curves all around, go ahead and check him out on Vimeo. I appreciate your kind words :) The 96 fps isn't as sharp as the 4k, but it certainly looks good even if you upscale despite the artifacting.
  5. Hello Everyone! I'm a huge fan of this forum and I'd really like what Andrew has done for the Indie Filmmaking community. Anyway, here is a video I'd like to share with you all about my trip to Yosemite with the GH4. It was raining, snowing, and sunny in one weekend so I was very fortunate to catch all of those elements in such a short span of time! As for the GH4, it was completely drenched in rain and snow and it still survived! I absolutely love this camera and I found it to be much more practical and enjoyable to shoot on than my BMCC and Pocket Cinema Camera. I can't wait to post my video review on this camera. I'll be comparing this to the 5D Mk. III Raw, BMCC, and Pocket Cinema Camera. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it, and any questions and feedback is welcomed! Thanks!
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