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  1. https://nikonrumors.com/2018/08/21/breaking-the-first-leaked-press-photo-of-the-nikon-z6-and-z7-mirrorless-cameras.aspx/ First pics of the new cameras Z6 and Z7
  2. Is this Zhiyun Crane the best 3-Axis Gimbal out there ? I've just seen information on a new Gimbal by Moza here: http://www.gudsen.com/moza-air.html which takes up to 2.5kg, so i'm not sure whether to wait for the Moza to become available or get the Zhiyun.
  3. Nikon AiS 50mm f1.2 and 85mm Ais f1.4. Both wide open. But the 50mm is something else at f1.2. Truly beautiful look and my favourite lens in the whole world. But it can be a bastard to focus it sometimes because the d.o.f is so shallow.
  4. Sorry, but the members of the UK's Labour Party voted unanimously for their current leader by a huge margin. The members are the rank and file of the party. If they didn't like the candidate they didn't have to vote for them. The 'elite' of the Labour Party certainly didn't want the current leader voted in I can assure you. They're crapping themselves because their gravy train has almost come off the rails.
  5. "For two successive leaders they have elected completely unelectable people who they think can look after the interests of the unions, even though they're completely out of touch with the voters and have no chance of putting the party into government. I think union leaders have a lot to answer for." Are you getting into politics now Andrew ? The members of the Labour Party appoint their Leader not members of the public. If anybody wants a say in who leads the Labour Party maybe they should join up and cast a vote. Many union leaders do have a lot to answer for, they sit on their arses and don't do enough for their members. In my opinion they are no different than most elected politicians once they get voted in.
  6. I've done a test on various makes of variable ND's and although most of them are quite good with colour balance they ALL showed a reduction in sharpness at all apertures. The only make that didn't was a Tiffin which did not reduce sharpness at any aperture and was colour neutral. So I use a 77mm Tiffin and used step rings to use on a variety of lenses. However I have noticed on rare occasions weird rainbow light streaks when it is used past the maximum mark under certain lighting conditions. If this ever became a problem I'd get several single Tiffin ND's and stack them. The Vari ND is so convenient to use though.
  7. I've been through all the permutations for back up whilst travelling. At the moment I use a Macbook Air 11 inch with at least three small hardrives that carry identical files on each of them. One of these drives never leaves my body, it's always with me. The rest are distributed in my luggage. Talk about paranoia ! I also have started to leave the data on the SD cards so that is another copy. SD cards are so cheap now cost is not a problem. I'm kind of hoping this new Gnarbox drive is the answer to my dreams for having something even more simpler and lighter, but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. Same with me....I'm undecided with the Sony A6000. Really impressed with the autofocus test and other portrait video as above. BUT what do I get, either the Sony or Panasonic GX7 ? I've a bunch of fast Nikon Ais primes, a decent mic and a Roland digital recorder. I'm hoping Andrew comes up with his review soon so I can make a decision !!!
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