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  1. I totally agree with you. C200 can be both A and B camera. If you need large high quality RAW image, * C200 * Need a 4K image with practical data rate (the same as A7s2 and other DSLRs...)? well the C200 has that too. I don't get the point of the article. The C200 is Canon's B-Cam solution for the likes of C300 Mk2 and even for itself. Where the C200 fails to delivers is a medium robust codec like a 4K 10 bit 422 @ 225mbps... they says something about a future update but nothing specific in this matter.
  2. This camera graded beautifully. Although I had to move the "Black" and "Contrast" sliders on Premiere all the way Down and Up to get the black+contrast levels just right. If the GH5 comes close to this camera it would be a color monster. Nice DR by the way. Those highlights are well under control for a heavily compressed file. I just used Lumetri in Premiere, nothing fancy.
  3. Its been a year since this post but I have the same issue. I used a lens cleaning wipes (zeiss branded) and it sort of washed away the coating of the viewfinder. Now everything looks foggy and dreamy. Its really annoying.
  4. $1,999 to $2,499 is the right price for this camera. For $3,000 I would consider the A7RII over this camera. They both produce similar video quality but in photography they're two different worlds. Maybe if it had 12-20fps, and target Sport, Event photography... cover the areas where the A7RII fails and I could justify this camera as a B-Cam for stills and vice-versa for video; but that's not the case. I have replaced my 5D3 for the A7RII and its a masterpiece, not perfect but it fills the needs for most type of shootings. In my opinion, the A7SII was a premature release to keep the Sony hype sells, and without a doubt is a great upgrade from its predecessor, but right now it's $800 to $500 overpriced. Shame on you Sony, for using the A7RII hype to sell overpriced gear.
  5. I don't know guys, that picture looks slightly photoshopped... extruded gold label, shadows inconsistency and that weird bump on the left side (right side of the picture) of the camera not to mention the 24-70 LII... its all odd. specs wise, about time Canon.
  6. Found some image samples. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lumix-deutschland/sets/72157647211292670/ Oh its good... B)
  7. I think this is the best bang-for-buck all-in-one pro-enthusiast go-to camera of this time.
  8. Just received mine yesterday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcKudHBKdPU So far works with all my canon, sigma and tokina glass. I have Macro extension tubes, no problem there neither. It has that tight fit from both EF and M43 ends but its not something I would worry about.
  9. I keep thinking that its not THAT heavy or way too big nor way too expensive. Here's a look at AlexaPlus weight: ALEXA Plus camera body + SxS Module: 7.0 Kg/15.4 lb ALEXA Plus camera body + SxS Module + EVF-1 + Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-2 + viewfinder cable + Center Camera Handle CCH-1: 8.4 Kg/18.5 lb And in terms of Dimensons: ALEXA: Length: 332 mm/12.95", width: 175 mm/6.89", height: 158 mm/ 6.22" URSA: Lenght: 12.35", Width: 6.12" Height (w/handle): 9.63" So, in theory it'll be like handling an ALEXA. If we compare it to a DSLR or other small camera like a BMPCC, Cinema EOS, even a RED Scarlet well yeah its THAT heavy. Price.... well... $6k vs an $8k up to $80k market? Think about it... I mean it can't be any cheaper. I agree that URSA is kind of a heavy-overkill alternative for us DSLR shooters but I'm glad it's budget friendly and by the looks one of good quality. Remember, there is no perfect camera.
  10. For my needs I find the HDMI model a very useful companion for my future GH4; its a YAGH on steroids, its an external 4K recorder, it has an fullHD iPad-like video monitor, and more... all that in one single package, for me I found that convenient. 16 pounds of awesome, I know, a heavy price but its workable. If I want light weight for run and gun gigs or get some quick shots just unplug it and you're good to go. Now, price its not available for this model, if its more than $2k - $3k, I would not buy it... although thats the price for external recorders only, if you want XLR inputs thats another accessory... Also, theres no info on whether it can be upgraded to add a sensor in the future. I think it's to early to celebrate or complain, so will see. PS: I honestly don't know WHY they used a 5D for the preview picture... makes no sense.
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