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  1. The camera has 1 S.Bus connection which lets you plug it in to a radio receiver and you can have control over focus, iris, start/stop etc with a much longer range than wi-fi. This way you can control the camera with the same radio controller you use to control the gimbal and that is much better for drone ops than dealing with a phone or a tablet.
  2. Looks great! Love the look and composition of the exterior shots.
  3. Few years back when I was using the good old nex7 and was shopping for spare batteries I found out that Sony has this ¨accessory kit¨, that includes a small camerabag and a spare battery. Funny thing is this kit cost me about 30€ when a new battery purchased separately costs about 80€ Don't know if they sell these anywhere but here is a more recent model of the kit on the Sony website, no info about the price though http://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/interchangeable-lens-cameras-accessory-kits/acc-fw1e#reviews_awards_v2_default
  4. I agree - I have two sony cameras (fs700 and a7s), both capable of slog2, but I mostly use the cinegammas when using internal codecs. I think the cinegammas are great gammas and easier to work with in post, especially when shooting with weaker codecs.
  5. Since the camera is always going to be attached to the gimbal (which has fairly small motors) I think the lens choice will always be limited to very lightweight lenses for the gimbal to work, unless there is a way to use this without using the gimbal, which kinda defeats the whole purpose of the product and would propably be a huge pain in the arse to use and in the end you would propably be better of with a ¨real¨ camera anyway
  6. How much will the 4k raw camera cost? Couldn't find it on the Dji website - has the price been announced yet?
  7. Thanks for sharing! Lots of great info in there - really a must watch for everyone using Sony cameras!
  8. So there are the 3 traditional axis' with motors, then the spring arm for up-down movement but where is the 5th axis stabilization on this gimbal?
  9. Thanks Jimmy! Thought it would've been heavier than that to be honest :o c300 2 looks like a great product although the price is kinda steep when looking at the specs but the image is most likely worth the $$! Yeah, don't know if hate is the right word, but some people have had a particular tone when talking about red and just trying to understand their pov Cheers!
  10. Why so much hate on red? I mean yes there are some ridiculous things like the naming of the products etc and yes the cameras are getting very pricey although when they started red was all for affordability but we are still looking at a camera that is one of the industry top dogs with arri for example and look at their pricing of cameras, accessories etc.. Anyway, imo the raven seems like a good option for some people, no it's not a doc run-n-gun camera and I don't really think anyone was expecting it to have things like xlrs and built-in nd out the box. But it seems like it could be a very lightweight and modular camera capable of shooting a feature film and it's a new red camera with a shootable package for $12-15k. That should be something to drive the competition. Plus it is going to see a lot of use in gimbal work, drones, cablecams,crashcam anything where you need a small lightweight body with maximum image quality. For me the crop factor isn't such a big deal. Look at it this way - compared to traditional cinema standard s35 (not FF stills) the crop is only about 1.1-1.2 lol And before someone calls me a fanboy - no, I do not own any gear from red, just tryin to discuss the product at hand. BTW I totally agree that this is more c300 mk 2 territory than Ursa Mini. I was trying to find info on how much the new canon weighs to see how it goes on a gimbal but it is not listed anywhere in the specs? Anyone have any info on that?
  11. I tried this camera once when we had it as a b-cam on a shoot. The body is quite small and feels a bit plasticky so I didn't like it at all in that aspect. Can't really say much about the image since I didn't have a chance to play with the footage myself but based on the shooting experience (ergonomics and usability) with the camera I was not that impressed with it.
  12. My thoughts exactly. If you are on a level where 4k capture is something you REALLY NEED, you are not one of these "enthusiasts" and you most likely are not buying a camera in the 1000-3000$ price range anyway. Dslrs are mostly used for web content so eventually you won't be able to tell the difference. If you don't think Canon stills cameras are good for video purposes, don't use them. I certainly don't.
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