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  1. Love to color grade these footage in Resolve. No noise reduction aplied.
  2. I donĀ“t know what software they are using for motion control, but DragonFrame has a great support for still cameras. You can control everthing and create a timeline with keyframes for every control. For example, you can set keyframes for expossure or aperture and it will change in time. Probably the LAN port is for controling the camera and discharging stills in realtime. And I believe the full frame still cameras are more similar to the vistavison or other large format cameras the miniature studios are used to work in the past. I also believe the 1D C is a perfect B or C camera to use togheder with the Alexa. For Roger Deakins DP style and the colors he likes the 1D C is perfect.
  3. Probably the studio that shot miniature scenes already own the 1D C and had that motion capture rig made arround it. And they do multi passes to capture lights and other effects. Imagine doing that with the 1D C in raw stills. It is just like those guys did with the BMCC:
  4. I have been using the Blackmagic Pocket for a while. For me the major advantage is the Dynamic Range / Latitude of this tiny camera. Its so easy to use and to expose for your shot. Walking trough a corridor from dark to very light situation is when you see the greatness of shooting in a format like the prores or Raw. When you look at the screen and expose for dark part of the corridor and when you go to the extreme light and the zebras are not even appearing on the screen, its great. I have shot side by side whit canon cameras using the BMDcolor profile or the Cinestyle and we always have to change the exposure not to lose the highlights. And the Blackmagic on the same situation always shines. Even with a log profile on a 8bit camera when you have a blowing highlight with a very well exposed shot, you lose a lot of information on that highlight not for recovery but for a more filmic highlight. That new sony camera is a impressive camera. Full Frame with sensor stablization and 4k slog-2 internally, its huge. But you will have to sell all your lenses and camera and pay 3200 dollars for the camera and a lot more for new glasses. If you need versatility you will have to buy 3 or more good lenses. If money is not your problem, then its really worth it. full frame is great when you kwon how to get the best with it. But if you want to keep your lenses my choice from personal experience is the Pocket. Its really a great camera. In some blockbusters they are using Blackmagic cameras to pair with the alexas. Look at that: Thats how they shoot Mad Max running trough a corridor on the beggining of the movie. They dont chose a 5D, that is more lighter camera and full frame. They chose the blackmagic for the great colors and gradability of the footages. Its really a good match for the alexas in skintones, etc. They only use the 5Ds as a crash cams because its has a really rigid body and can preserve the Card and files very well, from a explosion or a car crash... And the Pocket has the same image quality as the Cinema camera but at 1080p. The cons of the Pocket: High ISOs like the sony A7s ( When i look at a 51200 iso footage from a A7s the hightlights are so terrible not filmic, and unrealistic that i dont know if it really worth it. But i have never grade a footage from that camera so....) And you have a nokton 0.95 thats really great. I shoot With the Blackmagic pocket in a very low light streets with a rokinon 16mm f2 and for me it really look very well. Battery times The baterry is really a problem, but yoou can use a externa batery or even buy a lots of then. I buy on ebay 10 EN-EL20 batteries for 8 dollars each and they are good enough for a day of shooting. For long time shooting go for an external battery File sizes Even the prores proxy is much better than a 8bit compressed file, it is 10 bit. If your shot has a lot of movement like foliage you can switch for the prores LT And if you shoot raw, sometimes i do that: Convert the raw whit camera raw with a similar look to the prores BMD log and render it as a prores for small file sizes and gaining the much greater latitude, colors and grain form the raw file. With 3200 dollars from the A7r II you cam buy a Pocket camera with lots of cards and battery an even buy the new 10.5mm 0.95 voitglander and have a great low light wide lens. 4k is good but a 1080p camera with good colors dynamic range and latitude worth it, really worth it. Thats my opinion, choose wisely before you sell your lenses, and sorry for my not so good english.
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