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  1. I have just asked anamorphic shop on facebook if I will encounter any problems using the first version of schnieder, the answer is..... no!!! FM lens is designed to be used with schneider I,II, and many others
  2. what will you suggest, I mean, is there anything we can do, I bought it to use with FM Please tell me there is a solution! :)
  3. :( sorry man!!!! I might be totally wrong, as I am totally ignorant on anamorphic and lens in general, but I think it looked as they set the anamorphic to infinity with the little knob and after took the hood front off. maybe someone else will answer to this.
  4. Ok, for that is not a problem, I am used to a Sankor and 135mm taking lens, I just hoped I could go down with an 85mm. At least the weight is better. I am happy both ways. Thanks!! I appreciate that.
  5. thanks Tony, I will keep it locked in the safe then. It's a shame, I thought I could use it on a 5d. I can always borrow my friend's 60d.
  6. @ richg101 I hope you don't mind me asking you some questions in the future if I need some help. thank you very much indeed, I feel much better now. Great!!
  7. @ tony wilson I hope you don't mind Tony if I ask you about the animex s8/2x, I was reading on this forum that you were working on something for the Iscomorphot. have you managed to complete your work or is still in progress? Thank you
  8. I 've just won mine today, I am really excited to mount it on the FM with my 5D. I hope I didn't get a crappy one. paid 106 euro
  9. almost 8 included me, if I have counted right.
  10. Yes I agree with you! Thanks anti12.
  11. @ Sir Barlow John stretch your imagination!!!!!
  12. thank you very much dahlfors, you've explained it very well.
  13. what a lovely place!! keep sharing. thanks!
  14. I have asked the guys to upload more videos test, let's wait and see what happens. thanks
  15. Just bought one of this, I am looking forward to try it
  16. nice shoots, quite organic too, double focusing right? Is it this one: http://www.ebay.it/itm/Objektiv-16mm-Elmo-Filmprojektor-Elmoscope-Cinemascope-Anamorphic-Anamorphot-/111252840371?pt=DE_Dia_Filmprojektion_Projektionsobjektive&hash=item19e72f9fb3 what about the price?
  17. Could you kindly stay on the topic please!!!!!!! You can ask your questions here '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> I am trying to gather people who wants to have a discount on the FOCUS MODULE lens. thank you
  18. That's a good bargain, lovely shoots
  19. that's great, thanks very much indeed
  20. Yes, I agree with both of you, we need videos -test with the mentioned anamorphic adapters. I have a sankor 16D and I want to be sure that it will fit.
  21. Hello everyone, I have spoken to anamorphic shop guys regarding a discount on a FM lens for this community, they have agreed. We are at an early stage yet, but they are inclined to support us later on. How many of you will be interested to buy the FM lens with some discount? Please do not ask how much discount, because as I said it before we are at an early stage of agreements, I will let you know when thing will be decided for sure. I just want make clear one thing though: I have no relation to these guys, I am doing this for everyone's benefit, and I will be treated as everyone on this forum. Please let me know. The more we are, the better the discount will be. Thank you https://scontent-a-mxp.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/v/t1.0-9/10704188_825057607514743_9087386608722498073_n.jpg?oh=defd3101fd28907fe0a7077783a773a8&oe=54BD8013
  22. Sorry :( but I don't know where to buy that, really sorry. I am sure someone else will tell you that, come on guys hurry up!!
  23. Good quality and cheap, have look. Very similar. http://www.linkdelight.com/PK013-FOTGA-DP500-15mm-Rail-Rod-Support-Release-Plate.html
  24. and the winner is???? :D Mr........DOUBLE FOCUSING ladies and gentlemen!!!!
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