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  1. On 11/02/2018 at 3:59 PM, DBounce said:

    Why would I assume?

     Because PB has stated at the beginning of videos that there are exceptions where he will take pay to promote a product. Do you really think he worked the Kinefinity booth for two days for free?


    So you picked one sentence that doesn't even remotely relate to his reviews (or standing at a booth for that matter) out of an entire explanation text that is specifically written for leery people like you. Yes, I do think Philip spent two moments of his spare time to tell people about a camera that pleasantly surprised him. Do you perhaps also sell tinfoil hats?


    On 11/02/2018 at 6:32 PM, webrunner5 said:

    Who do you think payed for all the R&D they have now? It i is people like me and others when this stuff was young," Digital" that payed out the ass for the stuff you can buy for 1,000 bucks or less today. I bet you probably didn't pay for it.

    With your clear negative bias towards Kinefinity and remarks like "I paid for your camera!" you're making a complete ass of yourself. No one takes you seriously with that attitude mate.

  2. Over the course of several years that I've been following Kinefinity and owning the KineMini I've found that there is a certain group that has a negative bias towards the company and try to pick apart every little detail that they don't do right. It's like Trump supporters still moaning about Hillary's emails.

    Yes, I've been critical of many of their choices and many times I considered moving to a different brand. Now I have a Terra 4K being delivered any day. Why? Because it is perfect for ME and MY line of work.

    But whatever. If you don't want it, don't buy it. 




  3. On 1/17/2018 at 6:18 AM, webrunner5 said:

    Well I am not going to argue about horse hairs. I have been at the beginning of all of these "breakthroughs" you know as normal now..  I was not born yesterday. What you have, I helped create. It is part of my money that you have in your hands. You are welcome! Enjoy. There are people that came before you that payed for what you got..Remember that!

    Yeah right...


    On 2/1/2018 at 6:05 PM, DBounce said:

    Well they state in the article that he will be appearing at their stand to answer customer questions and share his experience from using their camera... so he is either doing this out of charity or he’s getting something in return. One would naturally assume the latter, as Kinefinity is not a nonprofit organization. 

    Really people, it’s not that far of a reach. I doubt many here can honestly say they would spend all day working as an unpaid rep for any “for-profit” company. Why would they? Hey I like Canon, Panasonic, Sony and many more, and I would happily check out their stand at whatever show... but I’m not working there for free. I sincerely doubt Mr.Bloom would either.

    He’s probably charging them for use of his name and image in the promotional material also. 

    Do the math.

    "One would naturally assume the latter" Why would you assume the latter? Why can't he be doing this out of charity? What makes you so biased towards the idea that PB would be in this for the money? You don't make any sense :/

    On 1/26/2018 at 1:50 PM, guru said:

    I don't like the picture out of Kinefinity, didn't like it from the first test clip I saw years ago. I though they would change that but it is the same, too blue in some shots and too green/yellow in others, skintones are not natural, everything looks cheap and that camera is not that cheap. If you don't need faster slowmo than 4k/60p, C200 is much much better and versatile camera today..

    That's cool, tastes are tastes. But this camera has been compared to the Alexa for a reason. If you'd tell anyone the c200 looked remotely like an Alexa people would laugh in your face.

  4. On 28-3-2016 at 3:09 PM, DBounce said:

    They need to stop going after Red and Arri and focus on bringing out something affordable enough so that people will pick one up out of curiosity. That way they can build a reputation. Especially if the new cameras are bang for the buck stars.

    That's exactly what they are doing...

    19 hours ago, WyattMaurer said:

    This is all very subjective, but the reason I'm excited about future Kine cameras is that to me the images coming out of the Kine sensors all have a nice matte like characteristic as opposed to the glossy feel of a lot of modern cameras. Feels very organic and cinematic. I know those words get thrown around a lot, sometimes to the point of wanting to claw your eyes out sometimes, but I can't think of any other way to describe it.

    Perfect description, I'm going to remember that one

  5. 11 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

    Great looking footage. But the Mini 4.6K footage looks just as nice imo.

    It sounded like you had shot or at least seen side by sides. Guess I have to wait until I can make the call which looks better.

    Also saying it looks like both the Alexa and Red (which Red btw) is wierd since they look so different. At least imo.

    You can download DNG's from Kinefinity's website to compare. I've been closely following the 4.6K and it absolutely is very nice, I even considered buying it. But it just doesn't have that cinematic (or "filmic") quality that Red/Arri/F55/Kinefinity have. It's more of a mix between FS7 and Red to me. Like Oliver said it has a more modern feel to it.

    11 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:


    The Mini 4.6k looks more modern to me. Whether that's good or bad is subjective. 

    The Terra has many benefits over the Ursa Mini 4.6k too - such as higher resolutions, higher FPS, much smaller, much lighter, much more modular, switchable shutter (the irony!), can be speed boosted, mount changeable, can be powered with smaller Sony batteries, SSD's...... 

    If the image quality is up there with the Ursa Mini 4.6k, which I believe it will be (seeing previous footage from other models) - it's almost a no-brainer for many cinematic shooters. 


    Even the KineMini 4K is still on par with the Ursa Mini 4.6K, and that cam is one and a half years old now. But it has a very different "feel" to it, a feel I happen to really like. If I know Kinefinity, they'll up the game even more with the Terra. 

  6. 12 hours ago, Oliver Daniel said:



    That has to be the coolest looking camera I've ever seen. So small yet so much power! Brilliant. 

    I really really hope the image quality doesn't dissappoint. 

    The (cinematic) image quality of the KineMini 4K/KineMax 6K is comparable with RED/ALEXA (unlike the Ursa Mini...) 

    As a happy KineMini 4K owner I'll bet it will kick ass 

  7. Well, ok. The - again - was a bit spikey, but I did purposely use this tone because I think Andrew seems biased in his comparisons, and this is not the first one. My observation is that the exposure and grading are particularly worse in the footage of the other cameras. 

  8. Andrew, it seems that - again - you are pretty inconsistent when it comes to exposure and grading in these tests.


    It also strikes me that there is so little talk about the major compression artefacts the internal recording has.


    When you grade this stuff, it just turns to mush... so no, the a7S will NOT beat 5D Mark III Raw.


    The a7S only really starts to become interesting with an external recorder

  9. I've recently stabilised GH4 4K footage (cameraman on the back of a bicycle, lots of shakiness) with Lock&Load and it turned out perfect. (no, I don't work for them)


    There are 3 very important considerations when you shoot for post-stabilisation:


    1. Shoot with a high shutterspeed - this prevents trails, trails can't be removed in post.

    2. Shoot with a wide lens - the wider the better, shakiness decreases when shooting wider.

    3. Good software - I've tried many, many plugins that failed at doing proper stabilising


    And if you shoot with rolling shutter:


    4. Look for a plugin that has rolling shutter reduction, it really helps.


  10. You can attach a DSLR type grip onto the side of the KineMini. 


    Definitely the most intriguing camera of NAB, followed closely by the AJA. 


    Really want to order one but don't have the cash yet. 


    Same problem here, just over half way there though. The grip was more of a joke ;) I'll go with a v-mount. 



    For those interested, you can download some dng stills here: http://bit.ly/1oSCOCM


    The images are truly amazing, way better representation than the video they made. 

  11. Wish I was that good in Photoshop! 

    It's on their official website: Looks absolutely RIDICULOUS! :D But it's an interesting concept actually. You can use any sensor on any camera ever made in URSA.They sell the camera without the sensor box, so you can attach any camera via an HDMI/HDSDI and record to the Cfast cards taking advantage of all the cameras controls/audio/features, just without the sensor. Very keen on knowing what the price will be for the camera without the sensor, it says price "coming soon". 

    Here scroll down: http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/blackmagicursa/uses


    The 5D weighs around 1 kg, adding a 7 kg recorder to it seems absolutely mental... on CF cards for bloody sake. I'd rather go with Atomos or Odyssey 

  12. Wow, 7,5 kg is ridiculous. BMD sure don't fail to surprise me with their weird and unpractical designs. And what's up with URSA? Did they watch After Earth and thought that was a good name or something? 


    What I will say though, and it's totally subjective, but I still haven't found an image out of a camera that matches the RAW output of the 5D3 and the BMCC/BMPCC, or the 422 out of the blackmagics either. The only thing that's come close is the Intra hacked GH2 for me. All the rest are just compressed to death.


    The GH2 is in no way comparable with 5D Raw, sorry but it just isn't. 5D/KineRaw are quite a match for each other though.

  13.  File name says RAW. Don't agree with the DR. Look at the clipping in the door ways, much better on the GH4, plus Andrew said there's slightly darker grade on the GH4. DOF does look very different, 'too' different if you ask me. I don't know what's going on there, as it shouldn't be that different, but on inspection the GH4 certainly looks wider FoV and focused mid scene and the 5DIII at infinity.


    Although pretty faint, the doorways actually show more definition and color-retainment in the 5D. Take a look at the round building in the background and the lamppost on the right. The 5D maintains a lot of detail in the building and at the same time still shows the bulb of the lamppost at high ISO's. The bulb in the GH4 lamppost is indistinguishable and the building is just a black smudge. 


    Also, when it comes to color retainment: take a look at the little plants on the right. They are green in the 5D, but grey in the GH4. This is also noticeable in the last shot (check the green leafs).


    This is of course the benefit of Raw (imagine a GH4 with Raw hack... :rolleyes:)  


    Maybe the vof is influenced by the speedbooster? I don't know. The Sigma/Metabones combo also suffers a lot less from CA (+1 for Metabones). 


    Still, for the price the GH4 is an awesome piece of gear and it is still on my comparison list!

  14. Thanks for the test Andrew. Did you shoot the 5D in h.264 or Raw? It seems h.264'ísh but I could be wrong...


    The GH4 seems to have less dynamic range overall, having a darker sky and more blown out lights and reflections on the windscreens. 


    The DOF difference is also pretty huge, but that was to be expected.  


    To me, the 5D still remains the ruler of the dark....

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