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  1. Some various shots using the awesome FF58 and other with a Voigt 50 1.5 (@2.8) together with the SLR Anamorphot. Yes the low light ability is pretty insane on the camera, I wish I brought my Ninja Blade to record the footage though. Hard to pack everything while on vacation since, you're supposed to be on vacation lol. I hope there will be a 4:3 mode for 2X anamorphic on this camera one day...we can wish :)
  2. I removed the fisheye with a plugin called "fisheye removal" from fcpeffects.com - and as far as a gimbal, any of the larger beefier ones should carry the weight of a GoPro with this lens like this one http://tppacks.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=56
  3. I just tried this out the other night and I like it a lot...rather have it on when it makes sense. It doesn't make sense in a lot of applications because the lens is actually kind of heavy so it won't work well in places where you need the GoPro to be as light as possible (like it won't work with the DJI H3-2D, H3-3D on Phantom, etc.) but for things like cars, etc. it's great. Will try out on my helmet at the track on Wed.
  4. Kowa LM6HC 6mm f1.8 I've already posted these on bmcuser but just adding to the archive since this is a very popular thread. Nice to find a true wide angle option that doesn't heavily distort and is fast too. This Kowa lens is great find, it's a machine lens and only closes up to f11 and focuses to about an inch. Here are two tests to show it in various situations: Also have two tests for the Switar 16mm and the Schneider Cinegon 10mm in that album - and I believe both have already been confirmed to work perfectly on the pocket previously in this thread.
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