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  1. Hi there, I'm interested in trying this on the BMMCC, do you have any units in London/UK?
  2. There are great design cues and inspirations for the new pocket or micro body. I see some of this and wonder why the new pocket looks they way it does!
  3. I know it's what is in the camera that matters, but this looks hideous, and it shouldn't be
  4. Just seen what is purported to be a leaked image of the new pocket camera, if true, looks wise is horrid. Reminds me of a fujifilm instax camera body, it ain't pretty. Really how could they get it so wrong!
  5. Comrades. We might just get something gooood https://www.newsshooter.com/2018/04/07/blackmagic-tease-new-4k-pocket-cinema-camera/
  6. The ungraded shots had a neutral washed out feel to them, once in After Effects the ProRes responded really well to the layered grades, I experimented a lot of Magic bullet and suddenly the colours really came out, the blues in particular and the Orange just punched put on the radio, looking back on the grade I think I may have overdone some shots and a green hue appears, but impressed with how ProRes deals with it, when I dabble with RAW, I tend to play on it's strengths lifting shadows and exposure levels, I do get a bit of noise though. need to be careful with Clarity settings too given the moire and aliasing issues.
  7. I just hacked at it till I got ut to what you hear now, never used the software before then and just tried and experimented, nothing scientific about it, it just came together, if anything it seems a little loud now
  8. All shot ProRes, I used micro four third lenses throughout, chiefly the Lumix 24mm 1.4 and a couple of shots with the Olympus pro 12-40mm lens. No filters, no lights, all natural lighting, and no handheld stuff either as it's impossible to get usable stuff like that with the pocket, so everything is tripod mounted with very slow pans. The rig has heft as I use the VF Contineo cage, which is sweet, as if it's an alexa, sadly the company no longer exists, I then rig it up with the Atomos Ninja 2 used as a monitor and everything is balanced with two Sony batteries on an adapter mounted onto a battery plate. In post, I'm more an AFX person, but I did edit it in Premiere and then open it all up in After Effects for grading and titles. where I use a few adjustment layers adding curves and colour correction as I go along. Surprisingly the Audio was recorded off the camera, I hocked up a rode mic, obviously the audio was really unusable and in came Adobe CC Audition, I can't praise it enough, it saved my skin and what you hear is the audio recorded in camera but saved with this incredible software.
  9. This was shot entirely on the pocket.
  10. A frame shot run and gun in natural light with the pocket, it says a lot to me, you guys are impressing me with the Micro, I just sorely need a 4K cam
  11. Hi Andrew and folk on the forum, I thought some comprehensive hands on review on the camera was due a while back, there seems very little in terms of real production work done with the camera out there, I've been mulling the micro studio for it's 4K, and use it as I use the pocket camera. Any leads or ideas out there? Thanks
  12. Hey Andrew, personally I'm a big fan since the EM5 back from 2010. I hope you don't mind me asking, but when you say you bought the EM1 and 25mm Lens was that under a rebate sponsor program?
  13. I agree with the article, but it's also back to where we where with the OMD EM5 video wise. I love the camera, carry it every where and despite the terrible codec see a lot of beauty in the resulting video. I need to thank John Brawley, it's his post on the camera that gor me interested, and since having it I've lobbied Oly and anyone envolved blog wise to ask them if they would address the video issues, making the same rational reasoning that it's good for business. If I read correctly between the lines, it's a business to business issue, and Oly see video being a Panasonic patch and we look after photography. I'd love it, if they take on the articles concerns and address them, but it seems there are much bigger forces at play,
  14. Hello Andrew Sorry for being off topic, but I wanted to ask about the Mitakon Lens Turbo Reducer, it's the cheaper clone of the metabones, and wanted to know if it's a reasonable product or really inferior to the metabones option. thanks
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