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    TheDingo got a reaction from Eno in A 15MP Sony Mirrorless Camera will be Announced Soon   
    With a 30 minute recording limit...
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    TheDingo got a reaction from Jimmy G in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    New S1 fixes, which I imagine will be rolled into the next S1H firmware update...
    Nick Driftwood : S1 Firmware 1.3 Beta - Ghosting Fix Test
    Nick Driftwood : S1 Blue Light / Yellow Light Fix Test: Firmware 1.3 Beta
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    TheDingo reacted to sanveer in Panasonic S1H review / hands-on - a true 6K full frame cinema camera   
    Maybe you could share footage to show what you're trying to articulate.
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    TheDingo got a reaction from PrometheusDM in Full frame rival sales figures = grim reading for everyone vs Sony   
    Right now there is only one FF camera that can shoot 10-bit internal video, and it does not look like this is going to change any time soon.
    The A7Siii is going to need a much larger body if it wants to shoot 4K 10-bit with no time-limit, and I don't know how many Sony folks would be happy about that. ( certainly none of the still photo fans )
    And then there is only one camera with 5-axis IBIS that can produce smooth handheld 4K footage, so it's going to take a few more iterations for the other brands to catch up with Panasonic DUAL IS stabilization.
    Panasonic is only one month in with it's S1 / S1R cameras, so the story may change by the end of the year when Sigma will have a bunch of native L-mount lenses on the market.
    I'm never going back to shooting 8-bit video, especially with cameras that can't produce smooth handheld footage without a gimbal.
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    TheDingo reacted to Cliff Totten in Full frame rival sales figures = grim reading for everyone vs Sony   
    Its going to be fascinating to see what the XDCAM management team will "allow" the Alpha management team to give the new A7S-III. A Sony manager fir Russia was stating that he thinks the A7S-III wont have "deep color" as that is reserved for the XDCAM FS series only. I suspect he means 10bit.
    I heard at NAB that Panasonic is very receptive to the S1 having 4k raw over HDMI and that it IS definetely comming to the S1 this year. Those same sources told me that Sony is not willing to go that far right now. Atomos is pressuring them but Sony is not buying into the raw idea for Alpha. (The next FS probably)
    Will Alpha be allowed to have highly compressed 10bit internal recording or will it only be granted 10bit video HDMI? I would love to be a fly on the wall in these Alpha/XDCAM manager board room meetings!!
    2019 is a massive political fight for managers inside Sony and Panasonic. Nikon?....no no, HDMI raw was an EASY choice!!!
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    TheDingo got a reaction from Julian in Panasonic G6 vs GH2 video test!   
    Thanks Julian. You've helped to settle a long running thread on the DvxUser website about the G6 being able to show focus peaking while recording. Will making focusing while shooting a lot easier.
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