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  1. 36 minutes ago, Eric Calabros said:

    The biggest clusterfuck of 2016 was Syria, where thousands of people, including many photo/video journalists, died and the world did absolutely nothing. 

    Yeah but at least in 20 years we'll have an Oscar-winning movie called "Aleppo" and everyone will say "Something like that should never be allowed to happen again."

  2. 14 hours ago, jcs said:

    Unconscious mind- to understand it fully requires a complete simulation of the neural network of the brain, and then perhaps an AI to explain it to us. We don't need to fully understand it to reprogram it. MSM has been using NLP to brainwash the masses for a long time. I encourage you to learn NLP as a tool for yourself as well as to protect yourself from manipulation. If you really want to understand your unconscious mind, research DMT. DMT is a key to world peace. Read Terence McKenna's "Food of the Gods" (or get the audio book on Audible).

    The same NLP that has been discredited as pseudoscience? To be honest NLP seems to describe more of a religious worldview than anything. https://www.quora.com/Is-NLP-Neuro-linguistic-Programming-a-pseudoscience

    Also, are you recommending that I take drugs in order to better understand? Are you suggesting that ingesting drugs will solve world peace??

    14 hours ago, jcs said:

    Nothing can be proven to someone who's already made up their mind that they already know everything. It's OK to think that way, we all get to create our own reality, our own personal simulation of what is real or not (each of our brains synthesizes a virtual reality from real-time inputs). It gets tricky when interacting with other people, especially when resources become scarce (which is what is happening in the world today).

    I openly admit that I know very little and am always open to learning new things as logic, reason, and evidence allow. I learn new things every day. It seems you, however, are the one that has already made up your mind. NLP is the light, the way. The only way. There's no changing that. You know everything. You know how to change the world, apparently. 

    We don't get to create our own reality. That's called delusion and psychosis. 

    14 hours ago, jcs said:

    You watched the entire Bigfoot video and thought we were serious? You're kidding, right?

    This is the bigfoot video I watched. You take the concept of bigfoot seriously and interview a curator of the bigfoot museum as if bigfoot were alive and real. Was this whole video satire? It doesn't seem like it but I would challenge others on the forum to watch and decide whether or not you're serious.

    14 hours ago, jcs said:

    This has been studied scientifically (positive MSM content- it's not all bad)...

    Lots of good enough here: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/02/07/physicists-examine-consciousness-conclude-the-universe-is-spiritual-immaterial-mental/ Consciousness may be primary, not materialism.

    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carla-schesser/the-extraordinary-scienti_b_8353068.html (same point regarding quantum physics- if it doesn't make sense that an observer causes the environment (quantum effects) to change, and you don't see how that can effect your reality at the macroscopic level, then no worries.




    http://nymag.com/scienceofus/2014/12/positive-thinking-doesnt-work-heres-what-does.html Here someone says it doesn't work, however that's just a headline to get readers. They are also mentioning an important fact, that positive thinking without action doesn't help much (which is also taught by NLP). Positive thought + action = attaining goals.

    So the MSM is good when it fits your agenda and confirmation bias but all other times it is using NLP to brainwash the masses. Got it.

    Here is where an actual quantum physicist schools Deepak. You have to watch the entire video though to provide context but you can still get an idea from watching it from where I've time-stamped. 

    What Jean Houston and Deepak say are "good?" Good how? They say a lot of nice sounding things, sure. But there's not a whole lot of substance. If you think Deepak Chopra makes more sense than Michael Shermer then I'm not sure that we will get any further in our discourse. 

    You can believe whatever you want to believe. But please don't make claims and try to pass them off as truth. There is no evidence to support that NLP can change the world if we just practice it and we can find the truth if we just look for it. If you have all of the answers and it seems to be so easy, then why isn't everyone on board? Why aren't scientists all over the world championing this? Because the MSM is using NLP in a negative way to brainwash the masses?

    I don't need NLP to protect myself from manipulation. Thankfully I have my critical, skeptical and logical-thinking brain for that. NLP is just obfuscation. 

    I think @kaylee is right, you'd be a hit with the tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists on Coast to Coast. At least they'd be easier to influence.

    Good day!

  3. 2 hours ago, jcs said:

    Have your read Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Tony Robins, etc.? Even Deepok Chopra (who I also don't agree with, however some of what he says is helpful). There is a pattern successful people follow. You can model yourself after successful people and become successful yourself. If you don't first believe that you can do something, how can you do it? Have you studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Do you understand how it and the unconscious mind works? I only ask because you are putting down our work and it doesn't seem like you understand these concepts. I've highlighted above where you are call me a dishonest charlatan and putting down our YouTube channel- that's ad hominem.

    Do you actually understand the unconscious mind? Does anyone? Does anyone REALLY understand what's happening in our brains? The hard problem of consciousness. Sure, there are many theories. But you can't go around acting like you know for sure just because you believe one theory to be better than another. Where am I putting down your work? I congratulated you on your accolades and achievements.  What you've highlighted are things I said AFTER you already accused me of ad hominem. What you highlighted is not ad hominem anyway because it is non fallacious and it is relevant to the issue.

    2 hours ago, jcs said:

    Are you a math person? Would it help if I went over the equations for quantum physics and described what they do? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_equations_in_quantum_mechanics . Or do I need a pHD, labcoat and a bunch of lasers, mirrors, beam splitters, and electron guns to qualify? Do you see you are only trying to win an argument vs. learning something new? Do you understand how simulations can model reality to understand how things work at large scale? You haven't addressed economist Mark Blyth's video on Predatory Capitalism, why is that?

    I'm not trying to win an argument. I enjoy the civil discourse. Also I'm always open to learning something new, as long as there is evidence to back it up. Again, open mind, not so open your brains fall out. I'll watch the video and get back to you.

    2 hours ago, jcs said:

    Cosmic Flow is entertainment with embedded psychology. It takes a while to build a brand and following, are you familiar with social media dynamics, viral coefficients, etc.? It's a work in progress (part time). Bigfoot and Area 51 are tongue-in-cheek- it's humor (there's tons of evidence for UFOs- whether they are alien, breakaway civilization, or government secrets is open to debate). Alan Watts made a great point about not taking oneself too seriously, especially in matters of spirituality. My business partner believes in past lives. I have not experienced anything in my life to convince me that it's real, however I don't reject her model of the world. I'm open-minded- who knows what's really going on in the universe? If the concept of past lives helps someone deal with this reality, then it's a useful coping tool.

    According to your YouTube page, Cosmic Flow is "Where Physics & Psychology meet Metaphysics & Spirituality." Those words carry a heavy weight and with them, a responsibility (moral, intellectual, and otherwise). The videos about Bigfoot and Area 51 did not seem tongue-in-cheek or humorous (at least in the ways you may have thought) to me. The video I saw takes the idea of Bigfoot seriously. Also there is not tons of evidence for UFO's as they relate to other worldly beings. Have you read "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan? Your business partner can believe whatever he or she wants, regardless of the lacking evidence. I can also criticize those beliefs for being foolish. I choose not to believe things on insufficient evidence or where evidence is lacking altogether. You claim to know through quantum physics how we can change the world and that the universe reacts to how we interact with it and that it's even "intelligent" then say, "Who knows what's really going on in the universe?"

    2 hours ago, jcs said:

    Nothing can be proven- ever been in a lawsuit? It's all about persuasion. Science is the same thing. All scientists don't agree. Everything's a probability function which drives collective agreement, and science is constantly rewriting itself (as it should for those who don't treat science as a religion).

    Lot's of things can be proven. The definition of prove is "to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument." However, something that is proven can later be disproven. Science constantly rewrites itself when there is evidence to do so. That's the great thing about science. It is not absolute like religion is. 

    2 hours ago, jcs said:

    Can you prove that positive thoughts don't result in success? Right, you can't. However there's plenty of evidence to support that it does- ask successful people or read books on the subject. Are you as successful as you want to be? Are you happy with your life or do you want to change it? Do people who work together get more done than people who fight each other? Does this need a science experiment or is this common sense? Can you scientifically prove anything I said (or produced on Cosmic Flow) is not true?

    The onerous is not on me to prove. You're the one making the claim(s). The burden of proof is on you. Where is the evidence that supports "positive thoughts result in success?" So you're saying people's success can be attributed to their thinking positively? I would argue that there are many, and even more important, variables that would determine their success. Also I would agree that people thinking more positively might have a better chance at success. But you can't just make a blanket statement as if it were fact. There have been a lot of "successful" people that have negative thoughts, mental disorders, etc. I'm extremely happy with my life. If I weren't I'd change it. But not just by "thinking positive thoughts." That's woo woo. Of course people who work together will probably get more done than people who fight each other. But in the same token people who work together might then start fighting each other. I take things on a case by case basis. There's a lot nuance involved here. You can't just make general claims or beliefs and try to pass them off as fact without evidence.

    I practice yoga and meditation regularly. I believe it helps me physically, mentally, and emotionally and helps me to lead a better life and be a better person. But I wouldn't go and make a blanket statement like "Practicing yoga will make you a better person" or "Practicing yoga will improve your life" because for some people it wouldn't! 

    Can you prove that the Poseidon, god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features, is not at the bottom of the ocean right now? Right, you can't. Can you prove that negative thoughts don't result in success? When are you ever called upon to prove a negative? It's a fallacy. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, jcs said:

    OK let's play the ego game. I have a degree in Cognitive Science from UCSD with a specialization in artificial intelligence (and have written neural networks from scratch, worked on projects with GPU neural networks as well as machine vision). I've written complex real-time simulators including flight simulators using fluid dynamics to model airflow, custom energy-accurate integrators, and 100% custom from scratch impulse-based rigid-body physics. For the driving simulator I modeled the ground using cubic polynomials with a Newton gradient solver to intersect rays to compute tire-surface interaction with C1 continuity, allowing for very high speed accurate collision modeling (including physical bump mapping to simulate roughness when needed). The tire simulation is completely custom (a very hard problem to model realistically due to the nonlinear behavior of the elastic rotating tire), the network protocol is a custom UDP design which incorporates TCP design elements (reliable) with UDP elements (non-retransmitted elements such as position) for optimal network bandwidth utilization (used in the first XBox Live! game). Additionally, the physics simulation hid visible lag well over 500ms, including collisions. AI is used to drive the cars around the track and avoid collisions (the flight simulator also used AI to fly the aircraft, which could also perform post-stall maneuvers, long before real aircraft could do this in real life. The model uses a generalized rigid body moving through a fluid, which wasn't replicated by other developers until many years later). I wrote the first stereoscopic head-tracking multiplayer games for the PC (virtual reality), including 3D sound modeling, and showed John Carmack (now CTO of Oculus) how to do proper stereoscopic 3D when my company ported Quake to stereo3D for H3D Entertainment.

    I'm an expert in real-time simulations and accurate modeling of real-world systems. I'm very familiar with the scientific method, as well as how to conduct single and double blind studies for psychology.

    When I proved that the full frame look is a myth, people still argued and didn't believe it (some still don't believe it). I did the math, did the experiment, and showed the results for others to replicate. http://brightland.com/w/the-full-frame-look-is-a-myth-heres-how-to-prove-it-for-yourself/


    There's another thread where someone created excellent 3D renderings, taking the lens out of the equation, and some folks still argued. So the point is even with the scientific method, math, real-world examples and simulations, people still argue because of their ego, just like you are doing right now. You are using ad hominem, which is an instant fail in debate. You've got to focus on the topic at hand, instead of attacking the other party, otherwise it becomes clear you have no valid argument in the debate.

    From my background in mathematics, physical simulators, networked simulations, and artificial intelligence, I can see patterns in systems such as quantum physics when combined with concepts from psychology (as well as life experience) that make a good case for concepts like "thoughts make things", that working together and not fighting is more efficient in terms of energy, and am confident that a simulator which replicates large systems such as what is going on in the world today would coincide with economist Mark Blyth's analysis on the effects of Predatory Capitalism. The quantum experiments show that the universe reacts to perceivers in irrational ways. Einstein thought quantum entanglement was bunk, calling it 'spooky action at a distance'. He was wrong. These simple concepts should give one a powerful idea as to what the universe really is on a large scale. Due to the quantized nature of quantum physics (hence the name), some theorists believe the universe is a simulation running in a computer (and are creating tests to check the theory). Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen believe the universe and everything in it is God (which makes all of us elements of God). Alan Watts does a good job describing it (YouTube). And that there's a 'peek-a-boo' with the our consciousnesses and the universe/God which correlates well with what we are learning about quantum physics.

    Science can't explain everything (not even close), it's just a tool, and said tool has limitations. The human filter on reality also hides the true nature of reality, and the only way you can see this is through meditation and/or through compounds such as DMT (which shuts off the human filter 'software', especially 5MeO-DMT).

    This post is intended to open your mind to possibilities beyond close-minded thinking. If you disagree and choose not to look deeper into what reality really is, that's cool. Many people enjoy living in illusion, The Matrix was a good example of this concept.

    Listen, that's great. Congratulations on all of your achievements. Honestly. But none of those qualify you as a quantum physicist. Just because you're smart doesn't mean you understand quantum mechanics or are qualified to use terms and theories based in quantum physics. Especially in the wrong context. You can not prove that anything you say on the topic of quantum physics is applicable on the macro level as it pertains to our everyday lives. You can postulate, sure, but you can't prove it. 

    You claim I'm arguing because of my ego. I'm arguing because I don't feel you can be so sure about what you preach on your YouTube channel and here on this forum. You can't even prove it. It's dishonest at best, and charlatanry at worst. Area 51? UFOs? Bigfoot? Offering prosperity in a minute using meditation with echo and reverb vocal effects? "Money will flow to you.." How deceiving and dishonest! Luckily your Cosmic Flow channel doesn't have many subscribers or views. 

    You also accuse me of ad hominem. Where did I ever attack your character or you as a person? I didn't and I would love for you to point out where I have so I could apologize. I've always stuck to the substance of the argument, which is: "You can not make such extraordinary claims about the nature of our life, planet, universe without extraordinary evidence." Everything I've said is based around that argument. You've provided me with all of your scholarly accolades but they have nothing to do with the argument. 

    “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.”

    “The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent.” - Carl Sagan


  5. 14 hours ago, jcs said:

    The Cosmic Flow videos we produce are based on psychology and quantum physics:

    The latest experiments show that the universe reacts to how we interact with it in bizarre ways, like it's a reactive computer, even intelligent. Crazy but true. Positive, constructive thought results in better outcomes than negative thought. That's both physics and psychology. Fighting with each other reduces our power to get work done and oppose negative forces. Think of the immune system in your body- if it fights itself (autoimmune) it can't fight off disease or cancer. Negative thoughts reduce immune function. The same applies to society at large, and there are people that know this and are unfortunately using it as a tool to do very bad things.

    Did you watch the video Juxx989 posted (about Predatory Capitalism)? It's based on economics, and explains clearly what has happened and what will happen- science is a useful tool to make predictions.

    Where's the pseudoscience and woo-woo?

    Not true. I see experiments (the double slit experiment, the quantum eraser experiment) on the super micro level with particles, atoms, photons, etc. No where do I see any experiments or even facts or truth that shows this working on a broader, macro level in our every day lives. You're taking something you know nothing about, but think you know about, and using it to explain events that affect our lives. You can't prove it with the scientific method. THAT is pseudoscience. You're using words and terms and theories used in quantum mechanics and quantum theory and completely misusing them. THAT is woo woo. Please, watch this: 

    Specifically toward the end when an ACTUAL quantum physicist puts Deepak in his place. 

    Are you an active quantum physicist conducting experiments and research in this field? No, you're not. So why are you making claims that are based off of Quantum physics? Your YouTube channel is filled with it.

    "If you think you understand quantum mechanics then you don't understand quantum mechanics." - Richard Feynman (look him up)

  6. 8 hours ago, jcs said:

    Thanks for the post Juxx989. Everyone who wants to know the truth can find it if they're willing to look for it. For the first time in history there is a chance to radically change the world, without violence. Learn the truth. Think of constructive ways to help. Be part of the solution.

    Spreading pseudoscience and woo-woo and trying to pass it off as truth and actual science certainly won't help. Proper education in science, arts, economics, history, logic, critical thinking, skepticism, etc. and in how our universe/world actually works would be a great start. But who has time to actually educate themselves properly? Schools aren't doing it, adults don't have the time with having to work work work all the time just to make ends meet. Thankfully we have books, which are the closest things we have to a time machine; and also the Internet, which puts vast amounts of information at our finger tips. However, human beings are extremely fallible and we try to seek and find patterns when they aren't really there. We also are unable to change our deeply held beliefs, regardless of how much evidence points to the contrary. http://www.nature.com/articles/srep39589

  7. On 12/25/2016 at 3:35 PM, SMGJohn said:

    This looks like an issue that can rarely occur when sensor has been hit by a green laser or something equally strong, please note that it may not be your case but I read about people who had this issue after having their camera being hit by a green laser accidentally and killed their R and B channels or damaged them.

    Please try this without the auto white balance to see if it may be an issue with the white balance going haywire which can also be the case.
    It can also be sensor manufacturing faults, it can happen if they did not properly construct the sensor damaging the R and B channels specially if they are not connected properly they just randomly turn on and off. 

    If this were the case (laser hitting the sensor), wouldn't it be green all of the time instead of just sporadically? 

  8. 1 hour ago, fletch murray said:

    Hi BopBill,

    Thanks for the suggestion.  On the shot three nights ago, I was on Auto White balance.  The sensor went green 4 seconds into the shot.  On the next shot, it went green 4 seconds in...but no changes in settings.  Both were shot at 120 fps.  The rest of the night the camera worked fine even at 120 fps.

    NX1 turns green during video.png

    What was your ISO? I know 120fps on the nx1 needs a lot of light and lower ISO for best results

  9. As far as aesthetics go the video looks great. I agree with @Jonesy Jones that the video could have used some more color/saturation. As far as substance and execution I also agree with him that it is desperately trying too hard. Presidential parody is an over-done subject so to pull it off requires a perfect combination of humor and intellect. This video failed at that. The acting was a little bland and the dialogue cut-offs didn't help, either. A for effort, though. Who wrote the script? 

    If the video was meant to appeal to low hanging fruit then I'm sure you'll accomplish that.

  10. 2 hours ago, tugela said:

    The reason they can't add high quality video to a MILC is because their processors get too hot, and the software solution used in DSLRs is not viable with the storage media used in M cameras. It has nothing to do with protecting the C line (which have fans inside them to keep the processor heat under control).

    People keep on with this "protecting" nonsense when it has nothing to do with that. It is because the limitations of the hardware inside the camera. Nothing more. Canon are not out to screw everyone.

    Why can't it be both? They're processors get too hot and they also want people to buy separate cameras for photo and video? As a business why would they offer high quality specs on a lower-level camera? What would give people incentive to buy the more expensive c-line cams?

    @Lintelfilm didn't say anything about canon screwing everyone. He made a perfectly valid point that obviously canon don't want to alienate their customers who have already bought in to the c-line cameras by releasing a non-c camera with competing specs. 

  11. 50 minutes ago, dvcrn said:

    Hi guys! 

    I own 2 Amaran hr672 lights (one wide, one spot) and love them! But even with the gels, I found them a little too harsh. 

    I am looking for a good softbox that I can put on top of them to diffuse the light a little. I saw the Aputure EX-box kit but didn't read good things about it, plus the size of the box seems like it won't really do much. 

    Is anyone using HR672's here? If yes, how do you diffuse the lights? 

    Look up the D-Fuse softbox solution. I believe they make an aputure-specific softbox

    edit: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1258826-REG/d_fuse_df_amaran_d_fuse_collapsable_softbox_for.html

  12. This was from a recent trip to Scotland and Iceland.

    NX1 with vasile's hack. 160mbps for 4k 25p and 1080p 25p/50p/100p. 4k downscaled to 1080p during Rocky Mountains conversion to ProRes HQ.

    Rokinon 12mm f2, Canon FD 24mm f2, Canon FD 50mm f1.4

    Gamma C with sharpness -10, all other settings default. 16-235 color space. Actually, Master Pedestal may have been +15, can't remember

    OSIRIS M31 Rec709 LUT at 50%-75% depending on the clip. No Sharpness added in post.

    Rendered as a 2048 X 1080 ProRes LT file.


    Screengrab from 2048 x 1080p timeline, upscaled to 4096 X 2160 in Mac Preview app just to see how it held up to the upscale. Looks pretty good on my 1080p monitor. Anyone have a 4k monitor?

  13. 4 hours ago, SR said:

    Hi, guys. Any vloggers here? I'm considering the new Canon M5 as a dedicated BTS/vlog camera. While not exactly a game-changer for filmmakers, it looks to be a sweet spot for vloggers. Duel pixel AF, 5-axis stabilization,  and waaay lighter than their 80D.



    There's an entire thread on the EOS M5 here: 


  14. 14 hours ago, jcs said:

    We need to focus on loving ourselves, those around us, and everyone else around the planet, and holding those accountable who are promoting division and hate, replacing them with more enlightened leaders.

    The problem with this is that people have different definitions of "love." Some people show their "love" for their significant others by abusing them, physically or mentally. Some people show their "love" for God by blowing themselves, and others, up in order to live for eternity in paradise. It's like when John Lennon sang, "All you need is love." What a ridiculous and substance-less statement. It's woo woo.

    What we need is proper education in how the world really works, how the universe works, how the laws of nature work, how our minds really work, how to think critically, and how to apply logic and reason.

    Also, where are all of these "enlightened leaders" you speak of? We don't need leaders, we need to become the leaders. We can only achieve this by educating ourselves. With technology and the internet it's easier than ever to do so.


    3 hours ago, jcs said:

    In this piece it means both ways. This is more clear when you study all the content from both sides. The unconscious mind doesn't do well with negatives. A better form is #wepromotelove and leave out the other party, which is unfortunately a negative implication in today's politics.


    2 hours ago, majoraxis said:

    @iamoui Thanks for pointing out trump being used as a verb.  Clever.  Kind of like "Hillaried" from the Urban Dictionary:


    To fail spectacularly at something where success was all but assured. From the resounding defeat Hillary Clinton took in the Iowa caucus.

    Dude 1: I thought I was going to ace that math exam but I totally hillaried it. 
    Dude 2: That's your problem, you were so confident, you didn't study. So of course you were hillaried.

    Actually, it's not like "Hillaried" at all. The verb "Hillaried" is derived from Hilary Clinton, a proper noun. The verb "trump" has been used long before Donald Trump was even born.

  16. 15 minutes ago, jcs said:

    Looks great David!

    Promoting hate, however, causes suffering. Hating someone is like taking poison and expecting to hurt the other person. The only person hurt is the hater, mentally and physically: stress hormones damage healthy tissue, reduce immune function, etc.

    Additionally, look at all the information about what is going on, from both sides, and from other countries around the world if you'd like to get a better understanding of what is really happening. Do you want to be a leader helping to heal yourself, your community, and the planet, or do you want to be a slave-pawn in someone else's selfish game?

    We need to focus on loving ourselves, those around us, and everyone else around the planet, and holding those accountable who are promoting division and hate, replacing them with more enlightened leaders.

    I think you're confused. The hashtag isn't #wehatetrump it's #wetrumphate. Meaning, we are better than hate. Using the word "trump" as a verb as it's actually defined is using a play on words with Donald Trump. I think..

  17. On 9/12/2016 at 9:34 AM, lucabutera said:

    First comment from that article:

    "Your Samsung prototype picture is a Nikon mirrorless rendering from an old Nikon Rumors article
    You are being ruthlessly ridiculed on most other websites for this type of reporting... !!!
    Is this really the kind of reputation you want ???
    In fact you are still being ridiculed for your Samsung / Nikon conspiracy theory."

  18. 32 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Canon Rumors posted a possible price leak. It's a low level rumor, but if true, I'll be pre ordering a body.

    Body - $899

    With 15-45mm - $1098

    With 18-150mm - $1198

    The interesting part is the rumor that the body only and the kit with 15-45mm will get a $100 discount during preorder.




    If you follow the link in the rumor to the website you will find the original post. After google translate you get this:

    "Just go back to sleep a sleep , dream saw EOS M5 empty body price is $ 899 magnesium , magnesium sale price is $ 799 . $ 199 with 15-45 lens plus magnesium , so pricing is $ 1098 magnesium , magnesium sale price is $ 998 . If the match is 18-150 lens, pricing and pre-sale price is $ 1198 magnesium.
    Dreamed this price , I cried in a dream after a while decided to buy the A6300 ."

    This rumor comes from nothing more than a dream, literally. 

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