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  1. im staying AWAY from the Kelvin white balance and I am sticking to a grey card for custom white balance. If I am doing run & gun I will use the preset white balance and adjust them with the color shift. I had two different temperature light sources going and the kelvin white balance was jumping between a huge green tint and back to magenta it was weird.


    About the look you can either use diffusion filters like the black pro mist or raise your black levels in post  

    I had the same problem with using Kelvin WB. Unfortunately the tint still changes like on Auto WB. I use the Daylight, Cloudy, etc. now and change the hue myself to suite the scene. As for Gamma DR I've actually been ADDING contrast to get a closer in-camera look. I will try leaving the contrast alone and keeping everything else the same (Sharpness all the way down, saturation -2 or -3) and see what happens.

    Also, your framegrabs look awesome!

  2. Downloaded the 1.40 firmware. The camera seems to focus faster which is a good thing. The most notable feature is the new Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) which adds in body stabilization in video mode only. I haven't checked the quality yet, but hell I'll take it. Non-stabilized lenses and handheld work will no doubt benefit from this feature. 

    Oddly, my 120p mode is grayed out and I can't figure out how to re-enable it. 

    DIS does not work in 120fps mode. Make sure DIS is OFF and check if 120fps is still greyed out.

  3. You still do not understand. Everyone is fully aware that placing a 4K video on a 1080 timeline does not soften the image, it just loses resolution, which is irrelevant if delivering in FullHD. Great. And 4K video allows lots of interesting options for HD delivered video; well known. However, this is not relevant to the fact that uniquely the NX500 has a big crop of the image in 4K, so it acts like a teleconverter without any resolution loss, which was your point and the topic of this thread (look again).

    The point is the softness I was referring to and questioning was due to your shooting with sharpness at -10 (You said: "I had the sharpness at -10"), which does soften the image whatever the delivery resolution. And, indeed, your posted video is conspicuously soft. And you still refuse to explain why you softened the image so radically. You posted a video purporting to demonstrate the advantage of the 4K crop (good!), but you decided to shoot it with sharpness turned all the way down. I posted a 4K crop that did not reduce sharpness lest people think that the NX500 delivered soft video because of the crop (how would they be able to know that with your softened image?). My point was and is your soft image is not a useful, and is perhaps a misleading, example of the 4K crop, because you also radically softened it. You could very well have a good reason for this even though I cannot think of one.

    So, now I hope you understand, and the question still remains why did you deliberately soften the image? What possible advantage is there? And what does it have to do with the technique of taking advantage of cropped 4K? Btw, when you shot your fashion show video (which I liked), did you shoot it with sharpness set at -10?

    I can't speak for anyone else. However, I reduce sharpness so that I can sharpen to my taste (if need be) in post. I would much rather have my powerful computer and NLE sharpen the image then having it baked on the image in-camera. 

  4. I wouldn't say ''NO'' to the camera or that it isn't impressive. Buyers just must be aware it's a s16 4K pocket camera, not a large format one. It's for example a strong competetion for the BM pocket camera, it's a similar size image but 4k, way sharper, less aliasing, way better lowlight (the BM shoots prores&raw but the nx500 is still way better in most image characters because of the sensor, BM advantage will be less banding and maybe finer grain), it shoots s35 28mp stills, AF, IS, slowmotion, better screen, much better battery, etc in short it's the only interchangeable-lens s16 4K camera and in that it's quite a camera for that alone, plus it's miniature & cheap unlike the other options (Pocket, D bolex, Ikonoskope,)

    Where all my disappointment comes from is that I thought it was s35, and what frustrates even more is that the camera CAN be s35, at 2.5k, but for some reason samsung didn't want it to be at the last minute. 

    I do know a great number of DPs who admire the s16 aesthetic and having one with this quality, at this price, with interchangeable lenses, makes it a stellar for these shooters.

    My point is, if this was expected and marketed as a s16 4K cinema camera, it would have had a much better reputation now. Choose your format, if you liked s16 you'll love this, the image is truly remarkable, if you were expecting s35 and dislike the s16 look, like me, sorry... Unless Samy brings back the 2560x1440 s35 mode! 


    Right! I'm planning on selling my FZ1000 to get the nx500 (I traded in a 60D and some ef glass for the FZ). I'm already used to the cropped 4k on the FZ and I'm planning on getting the rokinon 12mm f2 to help with the crop and also for astro photography so I'll be killing two birds with one stone. I like s16 look on the fz1000 but I'm really missing the low light (for video and photo), aps-c sensor for stills, and the ability to change and adapt lenses. Viewfinder is not an issue as I'll just use my lcdvf left over from the 60D. And the nx500 is smaller than the FZ, one of the main reasons I got rid of the 60d and lenses. 

    I'm hoping they add the 2.5k s35 mode and focus peaking via firmware but it's not a deal breaker if they don't. 

  5. This isn't a GH4 competitor! Not even close. At best will be a FZ1000 competitor. 
    Canon is disappointing again.

    ​I was thinking the same thing, Possibly an FZ1000 competitor. But let's wait to see what the price is...

  6. I get Check the lens when ever the Rokinon or my adapter is on the camera and i try to shoot a photo or record video. I have tried everything and they will not work.

    But they work 100% on the NX1



    Well this is disconcerting. I was planning on getting an NX500 and samyang/rokinon 12mm 2.0. I was also planning on adapting some fd glass. I hope this gets worked out. 

  7. Good stuff. :)

    Gotta love the way the FZ1000 resolves detail in some of these shots without looking like some sort of digital sharpening is going on. Leaves (freeze frame at 1:35, look at all those leaves, it's not all mushy mushy like a Canon would do), stone/rocks (3:26)... Slowmo is pretty great too (like the shot starting around 0:16).

    Some of the dolly like shots you were trying to pull of worked quite well (1:29 looked like something from Jurassic Park! 3:15: Nailed it!). Also integrated some nice depth layering, making sure most of the time there's object throughout the depth of the frame; creates a more immersive experience. Even over distance, with added motion, like 1:23. The monkey on 4:16 turning his head and then cover the monkey turning his head in the next shot is greatly done (although there's a bit of inconsistency in color, first a contrasty magenta, then a somewhat flat green). Overall there's hardly any moments for me to go 'ai, there's that 1 inch sensor'. FZ1000 really is an awesome travel companion. Lots of flexibility and nice results without weighing down/too much fuss.

    There's not much to critique, pretty good job, I'd say. Keep it up. Maybe just try to nail levelling that horizon from time to time a bit more. Perhaps could've cut it a bit shorter and leave some footage out. You know people these days, it's hard to keep people's attention for five minutes. :lol: But as a personal travel vid, pretty awesome to have and look back on.

    ​Hey, thanks! I'm loving the way the FZ1000 resolves detail. I actually traded in my Canon 60D and some EF glass for the FZ1000 and I have absolutely no regrets. It's so much easier to just pull out the camera and start shooting! I used the Natural profile with contrast and saturation down a little and sharpening all the way down! Only a touch of sharpening added in post. 

    I know the color in some places could have been more consistent. I'll take more time with coloring in the future. Also re: the horizon. I've always seemed to have a problem with keeping a level horizon, even with the built in level! I guess I just need to be more aware of it while I'm filming. 

    I thought I would miss the big APS-C sized sensor in the 60D but for the most part I don't! I do plan on buying a second camera within the year if I can save up enough $$. I was thinking something along the lines of an a6000 or nx500. Something small but with an APS-C sized sensor (for better low-light and thin depth of field when I really want it.)

    Thank you for the honest feedback. It means a lot!

  8. Here's an edit I put together from a trip I took in January to Cambodia. I'm not a colorist, it was done in a hurry. Anyway, it was super fun shooting with the FZ1000. Everything was shot handheld with OIS on and some stabilization in post. I was really trying to push the OIS with fake dolly and slider moves. Everything was 4k 24p except for slow motion (120fps 1080p). Edited in FCPX on a 1080p timeline. I did punch in and reframe some of the 4k shots, which was nice to have. Let me know what you think! All criticisms welcome.



  9. Criticism is fine when it makes sense. Otherwise it's just annoying.


    I don't know how many blogs or forums you run iamoui, but until you have that perspective you have no idea.


    The number of blogs or forums I run is irrelevant. However, if I did have a blog or forum I would act as respectful and professional as possible.


    Who says criticism has to make sense? Couldn't all criticism be "annoying" depending on the individual? What makes sense to one person might not make sense to another. It's how you respond to it. You obviously responded negatively and with profanity. Good luck with your blogs and forums that you run.

  10. Your summary of my reportage is fucking shit. You've taken my points, simplified them, stupefied them and taken them out of context.


    Speed Booster makes a soft crappy full frame H.264 feed redundant when you can put one on a Super 35mm 4K raw cinema camera. That's what I was saying.


    The 5D3 was soft. Things change. Magic Lantern raw came out.


    It is OK to dismiss something once, then accept it again when it is in dramatically improved form.


    You're a fucking idiot.

    Wow, looks like someone can't take a little criticism. 


    Bruno in no way sounded malicious toward you yet you come back at him like a middle-schooler. He was simply pointing things out. 


    EOSHD I don't know how old you are but you come across as very immature, at least when someone else points something out about you. Good grief!

  11. I don't think Blackmagic got cash advances from dealers from the preorder stash. Some dealers didn't charge a deposit. But I'm 100% with you on the sentiment. I can't support what Blackmagic are doing here and I'm seeing some very concerning cracks open up in the lines we've been fed. To deliver 12 months late is one thing. To look for all the world that they might do so for the 2nd year running on 2 more products is even worse. Delivering below spec is absolutely the cherry on top of my dissatisfaction with the way they are doing business. If you are holding out for a raw firmware update on the Pocket which you have paid for, just bear in mind that the BMCC has had no significant features added since it was announced, not even audio meters.


    You can't support what BlackMagic are doing? Lines we've been fed? Blackmagic is clearly trying to put high quality motion picture capture devices in to the hands of those that can't afford higher-end cameras. Would Blackmagic purposefully try to sully their own name by not shipping on time? I think not. What it comes down to for me is that they're TRYING. They're TRYING to get cheaper, high quality cameras out there. They succeeded with the 2.5k, albeit with some heavy downfalls but, hey, that's part of the process! They were never a camera manufacturer. Now, they're trying. I can not fault them for that. There will always be shortcomings, that's part of life. I like AaronChicago's question, and to go along with that I sure am glad BlackMagic is trying to make cameras. No ONE is perfect and no THING is perfect. Let's just all take a step back and be glad that there is someone out there trying to put high quality imagery in our hands at an affordable price.  

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