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  1. Meh, I don't know. This seems too.. easy; like cheating. Wouldn't this take away from what-would-be the fun aspects of film making? "Never miss focus.." etc. Where's the fun in that? I understand and agree that the technology is awesome and useful in some situations, but it takes away from the problem solving aspects. "Now you don't have to use your brain!" Great! I didn't want to use it, anyway...

  2. Quick question. Seeing as how you have to remove the battery for a short time then re-insert it, how would the vertical battery grip affect this? Should I be able to remove the grip to load the bitrate hack, then re-attach it? Thanks in advance.

  3. 5 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    thank you ! Im really impresed with the camera with these new settings. Next ill try to shoot without the diffusion filtration and see what happens 

    What are your custom settings? I've pretty much come to the conclusion that you can get results out of this camera in standard, gamma c, or gamma dr. It has such great color out of the box.

  4. Hey man I love your LUTS and the Gamma35mm app. I tried saving a full-res photo on the app and it seemed to have crashed. Is there a size or resolution limit? I ended up saving a 4k frame grab in-camera (NX1), transferring the 2mp jpg to my phone through the camera's wi-fi, and the app worked great!

    Here's the original (NX1, Gamma C, Green x0.94, Sharpness -10, Hue -3°, Tiffen Black Pro-Mist 1/4, Genus Eclipse ND Fader)


    Here's after with the BRISTS 800 filter applied in GAMMA35mm app:


  5. 8 hours ago, Dean said:

    Have you had success with this?

    I've tried the Canon LOG with the EOSHD LOG for NX1 footage and never had any luck making it look decent.

    The Red Gamma profiles seem to work a lot better with the NX1 flat footage IMO.

    Also, I reckon FC looks better on the NX1 using the Arri Rec 709 profile but not with the EOSHD LUT ... i.e. using just Gamma DR settings at default. 


    I thought Andrew's LOG LUT worked best with the Sony A7S Slog 2 - S Gamut + 1 profile?

    From here: http://www.eoshd.com/samsung-nx1-video-settings-guide-tutorial/

    "It also makes the NX1 compatible with Film Convert on the Sony A7S S-LOG+1 Profile."

  6. I'm always torn between using the battery grip with my NX1. When I first held the NX1 without the battery grip I loved how it felt in my medium-large sized hands, though there was a part of my hand (the pinky side) that wasn't touching the camera. When I bought battery grip my entire hand was on the grip and it felt perfect. It also added some weight and stability (also, easy portrait mode). I thought, "I'm never taking the battery grip off." I just couldn't see myself using the camera comfortably without it. After a while I started wondering if maybe there are times when I should be shooting without the battery grip attached (want to be unnoticed, street shots, traveling, etc.). I wondered if people are actually affected by seeing a big camera (with the grip attached) as apposed to without it in public. To be honest I'm still not sure! There are trade-offs. Weight, portability, stealth vs. stability, double battery life, more comfortable grip. 



  7. 14 hours ago, kidzrevil said:

    I've been shooting gamma c at default contrast -10 sharpness and -1 / -2 saturation and wow. Blown away. These were shot with 16-235 but Today i am experimenting with 16-255 as I've read technicolor cinestyle used that range to optimize the image for the encoder. 16-235 remapped to 0-255 automatically in premiere and I assume the same would apply to the 16-255 footage ! for this look I did NOT use LUT's aS I noticed LUT's were exaggerating compression artifacts in the image even when denoising before applying the lut. I went old school and just installed my own toe and shoulder using curves and kept the curve in the midtone region linear. Using the zeiss milvus lenses it looks my theory is true. You can beat the in camera sharpening if you use a high contrast lens that can resolve up to 6k. I assume the noise reduction and sharpening algorithim sees the areas of the image are true detail and leaves those areas filled with fine detail alone. This camera deserves the moniker "baby red" because the image quality is stunning WHEN TREATED CORRECTLY.










    Absolutely beautiful! I hate color grading (or, I am not good at it and end up wasting time and getting frustrated). I've been using Andrew's LOG LUT combined with FilmConvert. It's simple and I like the results.  However, it is still 8-bit and you can tell. Here is a recent example all shot with the Rokinon 85mm 1.4 in 1080p 120fps using the FJ AST 100 (I thought it fit the mood of down town Baltimore the best) with a tiny bit of sharpening added in FCPX: 

    I'm going to give your Gamma C settings a try next time I go out and shoot. Did you touch the MBL at all?

  8. I never use a LUT, I'll check when I come home today if that might be the reason for the not working downscaling.

    It is the Input LUT that is doing it. Without it the resolution changes fine. With the Input LUT enabled the resolution change does not work. Bummer! Should I post the bug on the RMMC sourceforge site? In the meantime I guess I'll just have to transcode the footage twice. Once with the LUT then that transcoded file again to 1440 or 1080.

  9. I use Rocky Mountain, too, along with Andrews LOG LUT as the input LUT and I've been getting fantastic results. The only thing that doesn't seem to work is transcoding UHD or 4k files down to 1080p or 1440p. It keeps the original resolution regardless of what I set it to for transcode, which is a bummer because my machine runs super slow with 4k files (late 2011 macbook pro 15" 16GB RAM and SSD) even in a 1080p timeline. I always finish in 1080p so it would be nice to knock the resolution down during transcode with Rocky Mountain. 

  10. Make sure you download the newest version, it was only implemented recently. It's at the bottom of the applications window.

    Ahhh, thanks! I didn't realize there was a newer version.

  11. Nope, not at all - RockyMountain lets you choose a lut as well. There's plenty of good setup advice for the $20 or whatever - most of it is covered around here, but it's all in one place. 

    How do I choose a lut with RockyMountain?

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