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  1. Interesting... when the 54 is stepped down to handle 72mm filters, does it vignette earlier than a 36?



    I believe @bootsie is using a +0.4 with his 54, and some stepping rings, but it vignettes, on wider lenses. Safest bet would be bigger filters.

    Also, now that you mentioned, I think mine is, indeed, a bit softer than the 36... But it was never serviced, and this might be the cause too.

  2. Beware of fraudsters isco hunters. Not sure if it was through my post here or on dvx, but i got a private email today from a guy selling one and once we got through to payment he had an excuse for every form of secure payment.




    -update- seems it was through my dvx forum post. Turns out he had a bunch of other bogus listings going. Been shutdown.

  3. I believe I have the MIR 24n, google for differences between  from 1b. I don't have anything wider than 35mm and never looked into it as I only shoot anamorphic and I would get vignetting below that. Maybe someone else can chime in on a good wide angle vintage lens with character.

  4. use the following m42 vintage glass kit. Helios 44 58mm, MIR 35mm, Jupiter 9 85mm,  TAIR 135mm, with a Kowa anamorphic adapter up front. Lots of character but not exactly point and shoot.  havn't noticed any issues with softness, however I don't usually shoot totally wide open because of the anamorphic adapter.

  5. Thanks for the info guys. I did not realize this was the one tony called out for having separation issues, I decided not to bid as I don't want to pull the trigger on the wrong lens. I will keep hunting, you guys rock :)
  6. Can anyone comment on the quality of this lens vs a 36. I'm considering buying one but there is scant info in the guide or wiki. Sounds like they are good for vignette, but wondering if they are too old or hard to mount on m4/3rd can. Thanks in advance.
  7. I assume it must be very difficult to make the lens in general as certain countries do not really respect copyright if there is a market.


    I wish they would just bring the lens back into production, there is quite a lot of demand :)

  8. Looks great! Impressive production quality. I have a Kowa B&H and usually find i get a fair bit of distortion at the edges if I go down to a 35mm lens, I can see you cropped the sides though to get rid of it and also to minimize the 2x stretch. How did you manage to frame/stage things in anticipation of cropping? I'm trying to sort out a system as the 2x is too much for my tastes, maybe putting some tape on the viewfinder...or just buying an iscorama :P

  9. Andrews anamorphic guide is worth reading as it answers a lot of your questions. Esp those regarding what lenses work well with what adapters and what the vignetting range is for the more popular anamorphics. It's well worth the money. An iscorama would give your rack focus and flare (if you get the non multi coated verson) but they are hard to find (i'm searching myself) and price and condition vary pretty wildly, be careful on ebay i have heard there is a lot of re-listing of dodgy iscos. As others have pointed out the LA7200 and Century optics would be cheaper single focus setups. In all cases you will need diopters to focus close.

  10. Anyone care to weigh in on the isco on ebay?


    its cash/bank transfer only, no returns and there is barely any info the listing.I asked a few questions, apparently the focus ring turns smoothly but a little hard,  when asked about fungus he said he didn't know how to check but can't see any. Sounds a bit risky...



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