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  1. Recently upgraded from a kowa to 36 and interested in hearing peoples experiences using the 36 with zoom lenses. I have heard its not a good idea, but I have some seen some footage of wes anderson/hal ashby

    snap zooms being done with the 36 and am curious how.


    Currently i shoot with all vintage russian primes and have had no issues asside from setting the taking lens to infinite being a bit dicey. Also the Kowa definitely has an edge on the 36 for close focus. I'd consider rich's close focus mod but am to scared to open the lens up!


    Any advice appreciated.

  2. When setting the taking lens to infinite, has anyone else noticed the sweet spot is actually hitting infinite then coming back a bit? Infinite is a blurry mess for me using a Helios 42.

  3. Redstan aka Alan, or on this forum known as Tony wilson is a great place/person to buy stuff from. Many of us on the forum got our clamps and achromats from him. Not sure if Tony is still in buisness with those items, but you should ask him.


    If you can't get a red stan clamp, next best thing is the Vid atlantic clamp. The tokina achromats pop up occasionaly on ebay, I am going to be selling one myself next week.

  4. Julien, you have a great lens there.


    the EOS HD anamorphic guide covers a lot of what you are asking. But some quick answers:


    Yes you will need a diopter for close focus, the tokina 0.4 (rare, goes for about $420 on ebay) is the gold standard, you can also pickup

    a cheapy set like hoyas +1 +2 to complement it, but the tokina is an proper achromat and actually improves the IQ too.


    Simple prime lenses work best as the taking lens. Commonly used are vintage russian glass, I use Mir 24, helios, jupiter 9, and the tair. this group gives you a 35mm, a 58mm, 85mm and a 135mm...pretty good coverage :) simple and relatively cheap lenses that work great with your anamorphic adapter.



  5. Yep. I dunno if its the same guy but I had another person get in touch today via phone trying to sell an isco

    by wire transfer only. Yeah right.


    I think regulars should be able to post their wares on a members only thread. But the current ebay auctions

    thread should really go or be at least made private. It is attracting unsavory characters and driving up prices.

  6. You asked me to send the money on Wednesday. It wasn't until i posted on here it was sold (I asked you to post sold, which you said you would but didn't... i wonder why) that two people contacted me to say they had wire transferred you money over the past few days. Trying to take money from 3 people for an item (even if it exists) is fraud. It's not something that happens accidentally.

  7. I would call accepting wire transfers from 2 people and soliciting one from a 3rd over the course of a week a scam, not an "auction".  There was no response, admission of guilt or offers of refunds from ralf until his contact details and being reported for fraud came up. Up until I called him out he had promised me the lens, I have rcorrel's email transcripts and he was leading him to believe the same at the same time, and clearly you too. He was not too busy, he was trying to scam. This guy is just trying to weasel his way out now he is busted.


    Have some principle,  get your money back if you can and file a report.

  8. Don't believe this horseshit for a second. I've seen the email transcripts he was trying to solicit as much money via western union from as many people as possible. He is just back pedaling now because he realizes I have his phone number and location from the dvx forum.


    If you sent him money via western union, go to the police, submit a fraud report with WU, get your money back that way and get this guy charged with wire fraud as he deserves it.


    "Ralf": once you post the package this morning, why not put the tracking number up here so we can see it moving from Germany to Italy?

    you cant because you are located in GA, in the states and there is no Italian buyer. Prove me wrong.


    I'll PM those who were fleeced his phone details tonight, i have them on a post it at home.

  9. Stan: yes it was a scam.



    If this is the same guy as on the dvx forums, he was so pissed i got his listings shut down he made the mistake of calling to try and harass me and I actually spoke to him. I also wrote down his number at home (i'll hand it over tonight), should be pretty easy for the police to get his info. He's in GA.

  10. Yep quite an elaborate effort, what a time waster.  I was due to pay in a day or so but had agreed only to use a secure method with buyer protection, so I'm not sure why he would bother...


    Two for two scams on attempted iscorama purchases for me. Luckily dodged both.



    Ryan, I really hope you can get your wire transfer back,  Western Union is scammers delight unfortunately.


    *update* another user messaged me to say they paid this goon for the lens.

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