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  1. Yeah I'm curious also about the aperture. Obviously many anamorphics are not sharp wide open, so having an extra stop will be redundant unless the point at which the adaptor becomes sharp is also shifted back a stop.


    I will probably pick one up when they release an m42 version and do some tests.

  2. I know simple primes work best, but I have seen some zoom footage done with iscorama's.

    Can anyone speak from experience using zooms with their iscorama on what worked and what didn't?


    I currently use my isco with a gh2 and older m42 mount glass.



    Any info appreciated!

  3. Does any one know what that is being used as a new stopper in Rob's pictures on page two?


    I finally got the ring off mine last night and am going to do the mod myself, but I want to add a stopper for safety.



  4. God, i finally got mine to unscrew, i was pushing for about 5 minutes in rubber dipped gloves and it wouldn't budge and then finally it gave. Didn't have the right size screw driver to finish the job.


    How did you guys work out which stopper to grind off? I would have thought grinding off the stopper at the close focus end would be whats needed, not the infinity....


    I'm also trying to add the stopper as rich did for rob, little afraid of drilling plastic.

  5. Yeh, I'm going to send him the pics of yours and Rich's instructions :)


    He was apprehensive about re-lubing it?  my focus isn't tight (at least it feels fine to me) , but i'll get him to re-lube if he feels up to it.

    Is lubing iscoramas a particularly dicey job or something?

  6. I think the whole thing is redundant. If you want to be a filmmaker write a great script and film it. Back patting in gear forums is completely removed from that, they are not related at all. I love these and other online communities for sharing info and helping us all get more film making done for less. But it's a mistake to think that any of the big camera gear personalities have any sway in film industry, look at their imdb credits folks. I don't see how the two are related at all. Seriously.


    1. Pick your gear

    2. Get on with filmmaking


    All these online gear cronies have their own agendas and that's fair enough, but none of them has made a film of note so far as I know, which should tell you something about where that path will get you.


    Blaze your own trail.

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