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  1. Thank you for the info and the colourful metaphor.


    I may try it myself at some point if I come across a reasonably priced switar or try a friends. The 26mm 1.1 is pretty legendary, I imagine you could pair it with an isco without vignetting on the Digital bolex as it has a smaller sensor than m3/4rds. I take it sharpness would not be happening at such low fstops.



    i did years ago with a real bolex also with the gh1.

    a lot of the variables are to do with lens condition abuse,budget optics.

    the top line switar where used by bbc type natural history cameramen some where treated well others abused from a life spent in jungle or ice.


    i always found the original olympus pen lens more interesting with iscorama back in the day just a case of trying matching.

    some of the most expensive optics i had did not match well with iscorama.most stuff works.

     like making love to a fat girl it works but you get the feeling while you are doing it that it kind of isn't as good as it could be.

  2. Agreed, I feel like even if his style is not to your tastes, it's refreshing that he has his own aesthetic and you can tell its his film within 10 seconds of watching, and any character from any of his films could walk into any other film without feeling out of place. Not many filmmakers I can say that about.

  3. He is definitely inspired aesthetically and thematically by the films of Hal Ashby (Harold and Maude, The Last Detail, Being There ), Mike Nichols (The Graduate) and François Truffaut (400 Blows). So much so he has been known to lift shot compositions directly. I'm a fan of Wes and all these guys.

  4. I saw an interview after Moonrise Kingdom where he mentioned he may have to go digital soon due to lack of a place to get film managed and developed on this scale. I can't imagine a digital Anderson film.

  5. Yep I was shocked, at first I started looking for a different version of the trailer as I thought some chump had messed up the upload. Interestingly they originally thought about shooting tennenbaums this way because of the vertical nature of the house.


    Can't wait for the film, must say at first I found the aspect ratio a bit jarring but it will be interesting to see what feeling switching them up across time periods has.

  6. I think the concern with the 36 being plastic is the lack of protection, at least that's what worries me, I do love the light weight practicality though. The Kowa B&H I had was a massive dong that needed constant propping up.

  7. No I mean are you paying cash as you are suggesting we do.


    It's not a troll comment. You've thrown quite a lot of vitriol towards other gear blogs like PB for this exact thing, it only seems fair if you are specifically inciting your reader base to purchase this thing, that you disclose if you are doing the same. S'all i'm sayin.



    If you mean the 1300 I could make in the extensive time I'm investing in test shooting, blog coverage and even R&D with SLR Magic, then yes I am paying... And then some.


    Enough with the troll comments now, take them to DVXUser or somewhere.

  8. It's because it's 1.3 stretch. Not worth the price of admission for me, i'd letterbox for a similar effect and spend the money elsewhere. That said I'm sure its a suitable solution for some, certainly sounds functional and would be an upgrade from a LA7200.


    is it just me or is there something very unanamorphic about that anamorphic video?


    looks like they just cropped a regular spherical.


    at any rate, looks like it'd be fun to play with :)

  9. Hello,


    I was wondering about the viability of pairing the iscorama 36 with older cmount lenses.

    I'm particularly interested in acquiring and using some Kern Pailard switar lenses from the 50's and 60's, any

    one tried these with an isco?


    Any info appreciated!

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