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  1. Funny, let me put it even more blunt, NO DSLR holds a candle to GH3 right now, let alone a future GH4, the image is so soft it's almost embarrassing for 2013, dynamic range is lost because of codec and image processing.

    I tested in weddings d600,5d 2 and 3 (from colleagues )compared to gh3, except the full frame look wich is gorgeus for details, DSLR's are dead to me.

    Once you put a metabones speedboster  with fast primes you can forget about ever using a DSLR for video.

    Also, DSLR's are dead to professionals, you can have c100,c300,fs100,fs700, they are way better than any dslr or mirrorless, but for the strictly for family/travel stuff you hardly beat the exceptional video quality of gh3, the small size,easy of use and decent picture quality.

    Of course we are not talking about shooting raw, even serious shooters who do 20 events or more a year don't ever bother shooting raw with Magic lantern.


    I think the 5dmkIII raw very much holds a candle to the gh3, and i'm a gh3 owner. Filmmaking and event shooting are different horses. I would use a cheesy camcorder to shoot a film over my dead body, more sharpness is the least of my concerns.

  2. 5 and half months till NAB. I wonder if BM production cam will come out by then?

    I'm big GH lover, but it seems like it would be a no brainer, for an extra $700 the bmpc would give you raw, global shutter and super 35mm sensor.

    In addition digital bolex will be out by then, Raw, global shutter, 1080p at $3299 (same price point).

    Going to be a pretty competitive segment, I'm really over cmos sensors and honestly would pick either of these cams over the gh4 based on the current specs. I'm sure it will be a reliable workhorse though.

  3. I would consider a different more expensive adapter but I'm hoping metabones will make one for pentax k mount and minolta, though I suppose I shouldn't hold my breath.

    agreed, I kept re-buying fotodiox as the alternatives were worse or too expensive. Their newest version of the m43 to m42 mount seems to have much better build quality, I haven't had any trouble with this one.

  4. I'm sure its a lot of work for van deimen to do, but it's hard to justify $1400 on an already very expensive adapter. I wish there were a cheaper way to protect it atleast.


    Whats the min focus after the mod?


    Yeah I have trouble with mir10a 28mm, it vignettes a fair bit on the gh2, I thought I could get down to 25mm but nope. Even the 35mm vignettes under some conditions.

  5. Be aware the Kowa is dual focus, meaning you have to focus both the taking lens and the anamorphic.

    I owned one and they create beautiful images, great minimum focus but the dual focus was totally impractical

    on set, it slows things down too much and time is money on set. If it's for personal use i'd say go with a kowa

    but if you making films or any sort of professional application you may want to look at the new SLR magic,

    century optics, or if you have the cash an iscorama.

  6. Somebody else want to sell an Iscorama pre36, 36 or 54 that doesn't cost a fortune.
    For a lens in good condition I could offer 2000€


    I think you are highly unlikely to find one at that price these days. You may want to look at slr magic or a different anamorphic soloution. Or if it's just to shoot a short, you could rent the iscorama.

  7. All this talk of 4K hardly different to the eye than 1080p, load of nonsense in my experience.

    I used a GoPro today and did a shot with the 4k option for a laugh, then I did the same shot in 1080p and put it on a 1080p timeline....... The difference was easy to see. The image in 4 k was miles better.... And this was just from a GoPro on an iMac screen.

    Do we need 4k? Definitely not for most of us. Many consumers are happy watching pixelated streamed movies off dodgy websites. But as a serious filmmaking tool, it could be very useful and very beautiful.

    I don't need 4k. But I sure want to film in 4k. I want to say wow again!

    How bad is the performance burden in editing and composting compared to dealing with 1080p footage?

  8. Not really. You can already crop really if the aspect ratio is all you are after. Anamorphic is much more than that.

    As resolution increases on sensors, the need for anamorphic is somewhat diminished though, no? As long as you can get a good crop, without loss of res.  I

  9. It may help if you state your budget range and application. If you think the Tascam dr60 sounds as bad as the h4n then you have broken ears. The tascam dr40 is a voice recorder and not of high enough quality for fillmmaking.


    If you are getting a ngt2 mic, which is a great but budget mic, probably no point running it through a roles royce mixer, audio quality will only be as good as the weakest link. NGT2 compliments DR60 level recorder+preamp or similar IMO.


    Otherwise, If you have the $$ and legitimate need, get a better mic and the roland or some other field recorder!!

  10. I agree the h4n is crapola due to the shit pre-amps. Tascam d60 is comparable in function to the h4n but a considerable step up in quality.


    I did my last short with a tascam and ntg2. I rented a h4n initially but wasn't happy with the quality at all. Of course there are much better more expensive options but the d60 does quite decent sound when paired with a good mic, for only about 100 bucks more than the h4n, the quality difference is night and day. h4n is unusable in my opinion. 


    Good luck!


    I'm looking forward to something from them in the wide end too but there's just not really anything that's a wide equivalent (below 35mm) to the Helios to use as a base lens that has its unique qualities of ubiquitousness, cheapness, quality and quantity.  


    Have you tried the Mir10a 28mm? not a lot wider I know but a little. I just got one, pretty nice lens, very solid and definitely has some of that russian magic. Not quite as plentiful and cheap as the helios though. I got a set of russians 25, 35, 58, 85, 115. I would LOVE to give them all the DSO treatment!

  12. But that's missing a bit the point of what I was saying, I was saying that even having competitors you won't be getting some feats people are saying that without it they won't buy - like built-in ND, slow-motion, etc.


    And Digital Bolex is not a 4K camera to start with, it's 2K and it has 1" CCD, 60p only in 720p, etc. It's more like BMCC 2.5K or Pocket Camera 1080p competitor than this GH4 or BM Production Camera.


    My point is that people are complaining too much for something that they have no equal for theses feats and at this price point. You can say that you wish it had this or that but to say you wouldn't buy, this just shows that you would never buy to start with.

    If resolution is your only point of comparison, sure. Couldn't give a toss about 4k personally.


    What are the competitors in the same price range that offers similar feats? You don't really have one. BM Production Camera will be a competitor but it will be a matter of choice, not exactly feats likes 60p or ND. Both with 4K up to 30fps, one has Panasonic's codec and the other can shoot RAW and global shutter - but it also require the whole set of accessories to really work well. The "GH4" won't be aimed at production consumers the same way the BM one. You have pros and cons so you'll choose between them based on your priorities or go buy something way more expensive that has all you need.


    Digital Bolex. $3299 Global shutter, raw, XLR, hdmi out, SSD, interchangeable lens mount. That said I own the gh2 and gh3, and will probably buy this too, it sounds great.

  14. Honestly I'm really not a colorspace or color grading expert, just googled enough to get what I need done, so I suggest doing your own research. rec 709 is a hdtv color space I believe, and sRGB is the colorspace used by most browsers. If you want to properly calibrate your monitor you will need dedicated hardware, I beleive xrite color munkey or a spyder are affordable options. Yes Dells come pre-calibrated and way too bright.

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