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  1.  I cant tell exactly what you have unless you show the front, someone else here probably can. My guess is a Nikon mount as it looks a little different to mine.


    Iscoramas are special in that as far non cine anamorphics go, they are probably the best balance of function, features and quality of optics.


    Congrats on acquiring one. They are quite rare.

  2. I would say 70% of the test footage looks soft to me, but it may be operator error.


    I'm excited people are pushing to make new anamorphics, I can see this depreciating LA7200 and Century Optics.

    Doubtful it will have any affect on the prices of kowa's, iscos, lomos and other squeezier adapters.


    Looking forward to Andrew's footage since he knows what he is doing.

  3. Forget raw it will just slow you down if you are wanting to learn. Buy a gh2, they are well documented workhorses. Save some money buy 1 tota ligt (100 usd) and 3 light softbox kit (150usd). Then you have everything you need to get going!

  4. I can't see myself ditching anything for a this unless they make a 1.5 or 2x and completely fix the flares which look like  90's computer graphics at the moment. I love the concept of an affordable, functional anamorphic, but images from the previous test didn't do it for me. That said it's very exciting they are making so much progress, I really hope they make 1.5 or 2x in the future.

  5. Depends what you are shooting. I have access to a bunch of arri lights through work and often loan them for personal work, then once on set reflectors, diffusion and a cheapo set of daylight softboxes I got from amazon end up doing all the work.


    Full disclosure, I havn't used LEDs and hear they are great. one Arri7 led light costs nearly 3k though....

  6. Yes you can get oval bokeh with close up shots. this specific composition in the above examples has been re-created a million times, and these ones look really nice, but all the above have focus issues even in stills. Try getting your actors to stay in focus when in motion with dof this shallow. Not very practical for my tastes.



    I agree it's a matter of taste. My preference would be for a 2x, single focus, no flares or super subtle.

  7. Rich, my experience is the opposite, the longer I've had my 36 the more I use it, total workhorse. 1.5x is a nice sweet spot, some bokeh without massive cropping on 16:9 sensors, on my gh2/gh3 I'm shooting as low as 25mm and up to 115mm, giving me a full range of shots  all with rack/single focus and clean optics. And with your mod I'm focusing down to 3.5 feet without diopters so I rarely need them.


    The only lens in this bracket I can think of that compares/exceeds in terms of quality and versatility for real world narrative use is the centavision. (or a full range range of dso when they're ready)


    sure 1.3 with 16:9 will result in a perfect 2.35, but so will just cropping your footage... whats the point of anamorphic if you are not getting the bokeh/burnt in stretch?  


    Coming from someone who has slowly gone off their Iscorama 36 over the last few months, I almost feel the anamorphic bubble may have burst already (at least for me).  Though this sample shows promise, I hoped for a bit better.  


    I think one of the fundamental flaws in the design is the 1.33x.  though really good for using the whole of the sensor and delivering 2.35:1, added to this I think since it is a m4/3 lens i think this is also a critical error.  


    I'd rather see an integrated lens designed for aps-c (or ideally full frame) with the sole intention to allow use of a speed booster on m4/3.  it would mean their selected taking lens could be a 50mm (which would equate to a similar fov as their current 35mm choice.).  the longer focal length combined with the speed booster will equate to a much more pronounced oval bokeh distortion and might help out the 1.33x to be more obvious.  


    From looking at the video I also think the lens they were testing may not have had its curved elements properly aligned rotationally - the multitude of horizontals which are not all parallel would suggest this to me.  In particular in the first flare shot there is one short flare line which is particularly off from the rest.  Considering this, and the low light it appears they have created a rather good front mounted anamorphot.  Certainly a century and la7200 killer.  I imagine if the optics were tweeked this lens would be a lot sharper than we're seeing here.


    I think people shouldnt be worried about doing the dreaded vertical crop to take a 2.66:1 down to 2.35.  Since the gh2 and gh3 and the m43 bmcc have very good resolution i dont think it is a problem to make the crop on the sides, and a 1.5x would help out the anamorphic look no end.  


    A matching achromat would be good too - allowing those lovely portrait shots to be even more obviously anamorphic. 

  8. Hi,


    Wondering if anyone can recommend a workflow for smoother editing of hacked gh2 footage in premiere.

    Bringing the files straight in is pretty cumbersome, is there a way to automate lower res proxies or something? 

    image quality while slapping together a rough edit is not paramount. Setting the preview to half or a quarter doesn't do much...



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