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  1. Depends what you are planning to use it for. My preference would be DSLR for reasons to numerous to list.


    A hacked GH2 is a good dslr to start out on, and would leave plenty of money in your budget for a few lenses and accessories.


    Bad lighting, crap sound, lack of stabilization will destroy your production values far more than rolling shutter. Rolling shutting I have not really had huge issues with personally, i've even done swish pans on the GH2.. just have to use rolling shutter correction in post in severe circumstances, worked well for me although im sure it has it's limitations.  

  2. moving the camera back is not the same as using a wider lens. The barrel distortion and more importantly the treatment of depth feels totally different, and the treatment of depth is a tool for artistic expression, it plays a huge part in defining mood. Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson (anamorphic) both use extreme wide angle lenses for specific shots to the point of barrel distortion.


    That said, one of Wes best films, Rushmore was filmed entirely on 40mm anamorphic.


    I agree 58 and 85 are the sweet spot atleast for the poor mans anamorphics i've used,  and its easiest to get a nice looking shot with those. But 35mm anamorphic can be kind of interesting for wide static establishing shots, and also handy when the location is too tight to get what you want on 58.

  3. Chinatown is one of the greatest films ever, and many of my favourite films are from this era. However the reality is that films from this era, along with being amazing almost uniformly have some issues in cinematography and editing (due in my opinion to difficult of the tools at the time), things that you would be crucified for by today's standards. For me I see being able to use a variety of taking lens as a plus, you can get shots, compositions and feelings with a 35mm that you cannot get with a 58mm. More freedom from your tools is a good thing, but I also agree that we should all work with what we have because people have done great things with far far far less.

  4. No interest in 1.5?!


    I have a 2x Kowa and Iscorama 1.5x and find the the 2x is too wide a viewing experience to be labeled anything other than "experimental" (for my tastes atleast). Of course you can crop it but that defeats quite a lot of the purpose of shooting with an anamorphic adapter. 1.5 gets me much closer to cinematic aspect ratios with out destructive trimming. Not to mention being able to stage without having to anticipate a crop later.


    I'm curious what types of application you like 2x for?


    I too am curious about follow focus with the isco, the focus throw is long, but honestly how often do you need pull focus from one end all the way to the other. Anyone else have experience using follow focus on an iscorama?



  5. Zmu, I''m sure it will be worth it once you get your lens back!  I need mine for shooting too much at the moment so I'm just going to do Rich's mod, slap single coat UV filter on the front for protection and maybe try to craft some sort of protective rubber casing for the front and rear lips so it could survive a fall. I have a pelican case for transporting it, but im more worried about when it's action!


    I might bite the bullet and send it to vandeimen eventually.

  6. 6 to 8 months is madness. It's also madness that this can't be done in la of all places. I might have to stick with rich's mod.

    Are there any follow focus' people have used successfully with the 36?

    And are there any good protective measures one can take with the lens? A rubber ring around the lens front and back would absorb the occasional ding....

  7. Yes guys i'm using a MC 36 (i'm not a flare freak), hopefully i can still get enough flare to align the lens. Thanks for the tip!!!




    -John, I use an iscorama 36 and I switch taking lenses often per the shot needs.

  8. Does any one have a tip or process for aligning their anamorphic before shooting.

    I need a fool proof method to make sure it's perfectly aligned on pro shoots. I see

    so much anamorphic footage online that is skewed, so I think just eyeballing it is

    not a great idea on an important shoot.



  9. I beleive the info is on their site, it's 850 pounds and 90 days. What does the vandiemen mod do exactly?

    The time/money would not be worth it if it just improves close focus to a similar degree as rich's mod...



    I'm gathering funds - and guts - to ship it there too. Can you PM me with some more information about time required for the rehousing, and costs? :)

  10. I actually just bought four $5 49mm UV filters, smashed out the glass, then I use those as a collar on the taking lens, somtimes i need 1 or 2 sometimes i need 4, depends on the depth of the front element of the taking lens, then I just screw the other end of my uv collar to the isco (my isco has a 49mm rear thread).  works well, but I imagine most folks are using redstan clamps.


    Hope that helps

  11. I'm pretty happy with the Neway 7" i got, it was only 370 bucks, focus peaking, exposure assist great resoloution.

    I guess if I reeeeaaally had to film in extelly I could just focus using the external then uplug and turn on extelly.


    atleast now I know its a known bug and not just me.



  12. Likewise Ryan. I'm in LA too, hopefully we can find someone local.


    Rich's instructions do make it sound pretty simple, but Rich has a lot of technical experience tinkering with lenses by the look of it. Easy for him could be a disaster in my hands   :P

  13. Anybody know why extely zoom mode (sensor zoom/crop) and the digital zoom for focus modes are disabled on the GH2 when using a hdmi external monitor?


    it's kind of a bummer as I use those modes quite a bit. Any work arounds?




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