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  1. Selling my complete anamorphic lens kit which took my three years of research and lens modifications to complete - Asking $4400US + Shipping Kit includes: - Original Iscorama 1.5x (also known as pre-36 version) made by Isco Gottingen and Cine-Mod by Duclos. At the start of the year it was serviced by Bernie O'Doherty from Super 16 Inc in New York giving it smoother focus pulling. Note the rear glass or the Iscorama has a scratch by the rim but doesn't not effect the images it takes - see photo with white arrow pointing at scratch - Iscorama de luxe vari adapter super duper from Redstan - Ba
  2. Hope this doesn't break the rulz... but If anyone has got an Iscorama they want to sell pls PM me. Thanks
  3. Does anyone have a quality iscorama 36 they want to sell? Needs to be in good condition and ready to shoot with. Thanks  
  4. DOES ANYONE HAVE THE EMAIL OR WEBSITE FOR NIPPON PHOTO CLINIC SERVICE???? Nippon Photo Clinic Service (New York) - They are listed in the Wikipedia article on Iscorama as being a repair show that can service Iscoramas. They can probably service Kowa and Bell & Howell as well. I need to give them a call to confirm (they are closed for the weekend).
  5. Has anyone got a Iscorama 36 (or similar) they want to sell? Please hit me up here or email me info(a)bluesteel.tv Thanks :ph34r:
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