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  1. OP is very wrong, aps-c and m43 aren't going anywhere in the next few years. True, the 35mm bodies are getting cheaper and smaller but it's a different story with lenses, which are still expensive and humonguos especially compared to mft. How come there are no pancakes for Sony A7. We all know that S35 is a standard for cinema and it gives plenty of depth of field control. I really dig shallow depth of field for photography but excessively thin dof doesn't make a film more cinematic, for me it can give the opposite effect. Often it gives a cheap student film/youtube look. Dynamic range, colors, compositions and the set design are what result in cinematic bliss. Many of the best classic cinema feature fuck all of thin dof. I felt that Upstream Color which was praised for beautiful imagery often featured too shallow dof for my taste and it was shot with a GH2. So very wrong about m43 being garbage for photography. A talented photographer should have no issues with m43, the system can truly shine with certain lenses and will prove limiting only in the most extreme situations.
  2. I'd get the Voigtländer or Lumix Summilux 25mm 1.4 if you need autofocus. Sigma is nice and all but it will be probably a hassle due to it's rather large size and hefty weight. If compabilty with other system is a concern id get a speedbooster and some legacy manual glass. Lens turbo plus for example Canon FD 35mm F2 (any version be it SSC or NFD) would make roughly a 25mm 1.4 and you have some spare cash to add more lenses to the speedbooster. For a single price of a Voigtländer you'd get the booster, 35mm f2, 50mm 1.4 and 135mm F2 in FD mount. If money doesn't pose a issue id suggest to get the real Metabones speedbooster, i believe there is a difference compared to the knockoffs, but it's not huge.
  3. Thanks, will check the making of asap, should be interesting. Saw the film yesterday. Id give it a solid 8, but i did go in with sky high expectations after witnessing all these ten out of ten reviews. The film is certainly much better than Age of Ultron or Furious 7 and probably will be the best action blockbuster of 2015. Feel it's slightly overrated but not as much as the first Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy. Id rate it equal to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. I was floored at the beginning of the movie and especially at the first carchase setpiece but the latter half of the movie failed to sustain or outdo the assault on the senses i got in the first hour. The second half was really good but it definitely peaked early for me. The last setpiece was more of the same and the sense of danger was somewhat lost sadly. The baddies could have easily won in the end if they had put some thought to their actions. But i guess logic doesn't apply anyway to film such as this. One nitpick - the high shutter speed in action scenes was way overdone and made the movements too jerky and less realistic. Overall the design and the world itself was simply amazing and quite mad indeed, if a bit comic book alike compared to earlier films. Tom Hardy was good but he doesn't quite have that fierce look in the eyes like Mel Gibson. Gibson could have still pulled it off imo. Theron was awesome if underdeveloped as a character, but we all now the drama isn't the main attraction in a film like this, so it's all good. Soundtack was nothing special, fitted nicely on action but not as much during the quiter scenes, overly pathetic. Big respect for Miller to pulling it off, Fury Road is a stunning action movie with incredible visuals and style but not quite a flawless masterpiece. Look forward to seeing it again. Id like to add that i secretly hoped for a cameo of Bruce Spence. I don't know if it's just me, but the film seemed to aim for PG13 like Prometheus.
  4. Not sure if the megapixel label on the lens is necessary, but 100% agree on the T-Stop. I used to wonder why the Samyang cine versions are slightly darker, but they have the accurate T-Stop instead of F-Stop listed, of course the cine versions let in the same light as the standard versions. T-Stop for videography is absolutely crucial. I'd be furious if i had bought the Canon F2.8 L for video work and later found out that the T-Stop is actually close to 4!!! Wonder how my Zuiko OM 35-80 F2.8 compares.
  5. How exciting! Im crossing my fingers for a BMPCC update with the same form factor with a 2x mft sensor with the ability to select lossless 16mm crop, so that the 16mm lenses would be still usable. I also wish that Ursa mini had a possibilty to for a micro four thirds mount version, like the JVC s35 mft camera.
  6. ​Yikes! Surely, the person who is responsible for the Olympus video department must be trolling. This is getting ridiculous.
  7. Is it possible to get this review shown on 43rumors.com, this may increase the chance to let Olympus know that it's customers wont accept this. Oly needs to act now. I was ready to sell my A7 system to get back in M43 (solely because E-M5 II, really glad i waited for this review). Panasonic and Sony must be relieved.
  8. Umm, no 25/50fps? Othervise the specs look good, same viewfinder as the E-M1. Seems like a nice upgrade for the videographers, but for photography it's a bit underwhelming these days.
  9. Thanks for the list! Surprised to see A6000, h.264 5D Mark III and Nikon D5300 above Lumix GX7. I thought the A6000 is inferior compared to the Lumix.
  10. 48fps looks really unnatural and disorienting to me (glad im not the only one), i think the fps needs to be much higher than that for life like movement native to the eye. Anyway immersion isn't really that much affected by higher frame rate, Hobbit films are bad either way. Leave virtual reality immersion for future video games, cinema should stay 24 fps. That said reading a book or playing Silent Hill on psone can be just as immersive as watching Avatar in 3D or any PS4 game.
  11. It's really hard to take him seriously after what he said about 5D Mark II trashing GH4.
  12. GM1 with the right lens (lumix 14mm F2.5, Lumix 12-32, Lumix 20mm F1.7) is easily pocketable, unless you like to hold your camera in tight jeans pocket.
  13. That new Mad Max trailer is way better than trailers of Jurassic World, Terminator Genisys and Star Wars combined. I think Mad Max:Fury Road used many different cams, Olympus OM-D being one of them.
  14. Thanks again for the tips everyone! Based on this thread i decided to order Lumix GX7 body from overseas, but i was unsure if it would arrive by the time of the shoot so i our buddy loaned me a Canon 5D Mark III. Coincidentally the Panasonic arrived the same day of the shoot and i went with the Canon on early morning and used a GX7 later. It was a bit hectic because i have zero experience with either of these cameras. I 100% agree with you guys, if you go on a job, u need to know your tools inside out. Now it's weekend and i have some time to test the best possible settings with the GX7 before we go continue early next week. What i noticed that the sharpness dialed down minus 5 makes the footage a little too soft. So i think minus 2 or 3 might be optimal. I have yet to find any discussions on best possible settings for GX7. Overall i feel that the GX7 is a very nice camera, but i would prefer an EP-5 with the same video quality (mainly for the ibis). I don't undertsand the Olympus reluctance to offer better video capabilities, if the EM-5 II finally gets proper 24/24p with nondestructive codec, i shall buy it.
  15. They don't have much choice do they now. They must to do this, it's 2015.
  16. Thanks for the tips, i will keep these in mind. I will shoot this with my friend who is a pro DOP, and has years of experience behind camera and he definitely knows how to grade. He will shoot with the pocket camera and i will be the b camera guy (im a complete noob). I wonder what might be the best settings to get the most flat picture out of GM1, and if it's better to expose to the right. Im afraid i don't have enough time to test the camera before shoot. I also found out that my brother might not recieve the GM1 he ordered before my shoot. Then i would have to buy myself the G6, but it's not as appealing as GM1 or GX7 from photographers view. Edit: I think im in trouble. There are no spare batteries on sale for the GM1 locally. Surely one battery won't do? Also no chance to get a G6 before the shoot, because they're sold out.
  17. Thanks for the input, i appreciate it! I remembered that my brother wanted to get a light compact camera for travelling and i was a bit selfish and recommended him a GM1 set with 12-32mm plus grip and lumix 20mm f1.7 II for 775€ (local black friday inspired 24h sale). Didn't recommend LX100 because he also wanted the possibilty to use a zoom lens with longer reach. Anyway he said that he will loan the camera for me to use this weekend. I can see that the bmpcc looks more film like, but the GM1 looks also quite nice, although more video look. Probably not an easy match, but will try. I'll surely get GM1 too if i end up loving it, or go with G6/GX7. We will definitely rent two or three led lights for this shoot, specifically for buffet closeups and such.
  18. There is a local deal for a LX100 today 760€ vs 599€ GM1. 4K is a bit overkill for this job. Id sell the 45mm 1.8 but keep Lumix 14mm for bmpcc.
  19. For this job i will be using tripod and a slider, restaurant is also quite badly lit. If only 10%, then i will get G6. GM1 does have focus peaking, which makes the choice harder. Can't go wrong with a G6, but it's probably not a very good as a pocketable picture shooter.
  20. I've read here and there that the GM1 outputs similar quality to GX7 (noise, colours...I. But i don't have any idea does the opinion still stands. G6 is probably the most sensible choice (evf, tilting screen, ergonomics, 60p) but if the iq really is better on the GM1, i would choose the latter. Plus im sort of intrigued by the miniscule size. Dunno. GX7 is over my budget unfortunately.
  21. We will be shooting a restaurant promotional vid next week and need a b cam to bmpcc. Due to limited budget, I've narrowed down the possible cameras down to Lumix G6 (499€ with kit lens), Lumix GM1 (599€ with kit lens) and Sony A6000 (about 600€ for body only). I have lumix 14mm plus wide angle converter (11mm), zuiko 45mm F1.8 and plenty of FD, OM, C-Mount and Lomo lenses plus standard mft adapters and a FD to m43 focal reducer. Im leaning towards Lumix GM1, because i'd love to use it as a tiny walkaround camera. Will try to get my hands on Sony A7 in the future for legacy glass, A7 and GM1 would complement each other. There is also the possibility to rent bm4kcc and a Canon 5D Mark III for this job, but it seems wiser to buy a new camera because i don't have a photo camera of my own any more (sold Oly E-P5 due to poor video). I have a few questions regarding these cameras: Is the screen on GM1 good enough for manual focusing? Is the video quality and low light performance really better on the GM1 (similar to GX7)? Out of those three, which would you preffer? Im putting the A6000 last because there might not be enough time to get proper adapters for this time. But willing to give it a chance, if it's better than a G6 or GM1.
  22. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2756847/Who-goes-Samsung-reveals-robot-sentry-set-eye-North-Korea.html Where is Canonikons equivalent? You have 20 seconds to comply.
  23. I´ve read that the E-M10, although with same 24mb bitrate, has worse video quality than the E-M1. Does anybody know it this is true?
  24. Nice trolling from Northup. Must resist reading those terribly misleading youtube comments.
  25. First, thank you for all this information you have given on this board, this has helped me a lot. I bought Canon Fd 24-35 L and FD 35-100 based on your recommendation. But would you mind me asking, how come you end up selling that nice Yashica set? I thought you loved these. I just got 50mm f2, and it is incredibly sharp with popping colours.
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