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  1. Thanks Shane! If that was Los Ãngeles, Spain I would be knocking your door now, but I suspect it is the one in America...
  2. Got myself the kinor 10-100 zoom on ebay! Will have to wait for the pocket to try it though... and the adapter too.
  3. yeah mate, after hours checking forums and ebay the only thing i get is headache! And that is just to save a few euros. I can't help it... i'm always looking for the cheap, i always will! your 12-120 looks clear enough at 12mm. Could you please check if it vignettes when you focus to say 1,5m? (btw.. what is the minimun focus distance?). the 12-120 is a bit faster than the 10-100 too, that's a bonus there. Do you think is sharp enough full open?
  4. They say it wont cover super 16 on short focuses distances. I have a Russian meteor 5-1 zoom and it has the same problem: vignetting appears on my nikon v1 when you focus closer than 3 meters at the widest zoom end (17mm). Also the official super 16 size (7.41mm x 12.52mm) its a bit bigger than the bmpcc sensor (7.02mm x 12.48mm) so... it might be OK?? The problem is that the only kinor16-m43 adapter costs 300$, which is more than the lens itself. If there were just a cheap chinese kinor-micro 4/3 I would be keen to buy and test...
  5. Any info about the kinor 10-100? I spent 4 hours reading forums and couldn't find anyone confirming that this zoom covers super 16. Somebody has to have this lens!
  6. Terrific work Emanuel! Pretty crazy colours and dynamic range too!
  7. http://www.dropbox.com/sh/fct1j4gvkfr09jc/AzveP5tkAN Burst mode working with non Nikon lens..... it took 2 kit lenses, but now 4k 60p raw can be shot on a jupiter 9! WHAT THE HELL MAN!!!
  8. Another video I shot yesterday: This time in youtube so you can watch it in 3k online. Javi.
  9. Just finished another video using the burst mode: vimeo.com/62412527 Tried to test the dynamic range limits here. Highlights clipped on a few shots but this is still a very good sensor. If you are coming from the compressed video world as I do, these 11 stops are amazing. Some say the V2 has between 10.5 and 10.8 stops... yes, less than the V1. That's one of the main reasons I didn't get it. The other reason is that I don't have $800 in my pocket right now. We are not talking about its video mode here (I mean, real video mode). It looks damn good to me! I know it doesn't have 24p or 25p, but you could do the convertion in post, or... shoot in 30p, what the hell. Also the rolling shutter artifacts are almost gone! I'm getting a pistol grip and trying to find a good fast c-mount lens and this could be the perfect run and gun device. What do you think? Javi
  10. I downloaded your video last week and I was blown away by the quality of it. I got my V1 on the same day and decided to shoot the video that opens the post. Totally agree with the limitations you said. If you guys are about to get the camera you should think twice about this. It is not easy to shoot this way. For instance, if you are not happy with the 1sec clip, you will have to wait for a whole 1:30 min until the camera transfer it to the SD card. Once it's finished you cannot play it either, you just see the single raw pics there. The auto mode is also quite annoying, specially the shutter speed, which is not easy to keep at at 1/60 (the slowest possible) and if it happens to shoot at that speed chances are that the iso is at 400 or more. But as Galileo said, "and yet, it moves!" Yes, still really cool. Javi.
  11. Do you know if by covering the pins with foil you could break the camera? I have the V1 with me here and REALLY want to try this with c-mount lenses. Cheers, Javi. BTW, I shot the Madrid video.
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