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  1. I have a voitlander 75mm f/1.8 that works very well with an anamorphic, specifically Kowa C-35. On full frame Sony A7 series there was no vignetting. The one big catch is this lens was meant for rangefinder cameras I believe, so slapping it on a foal reducer on a crop sensor effectively turns it into a macro lens, and quite unusable. Haven't yet tried on Canon, or any other body yet. All I know is it needs to get pretty close to the sensor. Great photo lens nonetheless.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cine-NIKKOR-25mm-F-1-8-Nippon-Kogaku-C-Mount-Wide-Angle-lens-ADAPTER-Included/112964898960 Great condition lens + micro four thirds adapter. Used it on my blackmagic micro cinema camera. Lens is made for 16mm sensor. $315.00 USD.
  3. Nippon Kogaku Japan Cine-NIKKOR 25mm F/1.8 wide angle lens. Close focus up to 2 feet / .6 meter. Nippon Kogaku Japan Cine-NIKKOR 10mm F/1.8 wide angle lens. Close focus up to 1 foot / .3 meter. Bought on eBay, used with C-Mount to Micro Four Thirds lens mount on Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. Optically in excellent condition. Inside no specks of dust, haze, oil scratches that I can detect. Clicks work as expected. Focus is smooth. Cosmetically clean on outside. Very good for its age. Close focus up to 2 feet / .6 meter. Very light weight, and tiny size. Smallest lens I've ev
  4. Selling my Micro camera, with a few additional goodies: SmallRig cage, 128GB Sandisk SD, External Battery solution. Condition of everything is good as new. Equipment has been cared for very well. Also selling 3 lenses used specifically with this camera. 10mm, 25mm, Cine-Nikkor, 40mm All C-Mount. With a MFT to C-mount adapter. Asking $1100 OBO. Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera - Excellent condition. No signs of wear. Records raw / prores flawlessly. Everything in box. Tested couple times. Super 16 sensor quite small, and hell of a crop. After reading all over the internet I pu
  5. Takumar, Helios, vintage Nikon, Voigtlander owner here at one time. I would say that voigtlander and takumar give the cleanest look if you can call it that. Takumar you can generally find for cheap. Voigtlander is expensive but sells expensive so it's a wise investment. Helios you can find for dirt cheap, but the look is definitely subjective. The low contrast look combined with odd bokeh can be irritating, however the investment is usually low thanks to so many versions of this mass produced lens out there. Having owned a few of vintage lenses and anamorphics myself you really are going
  6. I have this camera, and am wondering the dummy external battery - what have you power this with? I bought the Juicebox battery sold on Amazon, advertised for the BMCC, BMPCC, and BMMCC. They told me it needs to be powered through the side expansion port with all the loose cables. BUT I was wondering if I could just plug it into and power through the dummy battery. Would certainly look less messy. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks Mercer, this is all very helpful. It's good you know all of this, because it has been hell trying to find any information on it myself. I'm basically attempting to track down compatible [and decently regarded] lenses on eBay using this list as a reference: I started my research for lenses on Alan's site. The Kiev or Krasnogorsk mount lenses seem the most economical (aside from the fact that according to his articles mounts can be tricky and/or expensive in addition) as a kit. The widest lens of the kit the Mir-11mm some say vignettes too much, or is too soft/blurry/etc. Mos
  8. Thanks Mercer for your valuable opinion. Looking into vintage lenses for the BMMCC, which are few and far between, as well as a whole new ballgame as I'm new to 16mm, Super 16, and C-mount lenses.
  9. How did you like this lens? Reviews online are few.
  10. How does the HCDNA stay fixed to the Kowa? I assume held with tension screws as well?
  11. eBay Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112426545385?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Selling my universal DSLR half cage. Height adjusts to fit many styles of DSLR, or Mirrorless camera. Any camera with a 1/4" female screw thread in the bottom and a hot shoe mount on top. Sturdy metal German construction, never felt loose or flimsy. Very happy with compatibility to multiple cameras. Used on my a7 series cameras. Included sliding plate is sized to standard Manfrotto 501 series. The cage offsets the center of the lens from the center of the Manfrotto plate
  12. eBay Listing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/112426475899?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Superb close focus lens filter / diopter. Size 72mm filter thread. Increases minimum focus distance in front of lens. Same result as a macro lens or macro extension tube. Purchased 2, selling 2. Both in excellent condition. No scratches or dings. Threads perfectly in tact. These are the non-bayonet A9FB version, that come in 72mm filter size. I sought this filter out specifically for shooting video on modified anamorphic lens adapters. Vintage anamorphic lenses typically a
  13. Sorry, dumb question I have the Kowa 35 1.5x. How do you attach the HardcoreDNA to the Kowa? Does it clamp down with screws?
  14. From my own tests a cropped sensor + 40mm + anamorphic adapter should not show vignetting.
  15. Hi, I'm interested in purchasing this but I don't quite understand how it connects to an anamorphic lens? How does that gold slip ring stay secure? Is it customized fit for every vintage lens ?
  16. Honestly I don't have enough information to make that recommendation. I am unfamiliar with the Bolex 16/32. I'm not sure what sensor size your camera is. If it's an APS-C then you might be able to get away with 40mm.
  17. Hello, I have this exact Voigtlander 40mm Ultron, and have used it with anamorphic adapters. First, the lens is amazing by itself. One of my favorites. With anamorphics, in my experience, I haven't found it vignette free, if you're shooting on a full frame sensor. Anything smaller and you have a bit more flexibility but I've used SLR Magic Anamorphot and Kowa adapters and they both showed obvious corner darkness.
  18. Hi, Never owned this, but did own the smaller 8/16/1.5x for a short time and based on that and owning a couple different ones tooI can say with reasonable certainty that: Since you're already getting vignetting at 50mm on a full frame sensor, I doubt very highly you can go wider and not see more vignetting. Unless you figure out a way to mash the back of the Bolex to the very front of the taking lens in your clamp configuration, then it's possible, but I seriously doubt it. All of these vintage lenses increase the minimum focusing distance. Just the nature of it. Some ways to ge
  19. Toss in my .02 if external recording is not a necessity for you iKan makes a 5" model that is just a monitor for $400. It's 1080x1920 and surprisingly sharp, light, and runs on either sony or canon batteries. I also have used the Aputure VS-2 FineHD 7" and like that as well for $279. Personally I would probably get the VS-1 b/c they're both 1080x1920 HD however the included accessories in the VS-2 are really not worth it. The sony battery doesn't last very long, and I have found the screen slightly less sharp than the ikan, or harder to nail focus using the screen itself and Aputure focus assi
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