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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to Ernesto Mantaras in Live coverage - Blackmagic Production Camera 4K and Pocket Cinema Camera   
    Just more, not better. That's up to the lens.
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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to ScreensPro in Blackmagic Production Camera 4K shocks NAB - 4K for $4k, Compressed Raw, Super 35mm AND global shutter   
    Pre-ordered earlier (4K cam).... Quite a strange feeling, pre-ordering, then waiting for the announcement!
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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to JHines in New Blackmagic Camera   
    Damn, they're stepping it up big time! Super 35 4k for $4,000?? Who the hell is going to buy the original BMC? ha. 
    Wow, I officially am going to buy this one. I love what Blackmagic is doing to the industry and how they are really pushing things forward. Really refreshing to see a company put their best foot forward and not just pump out 1080p cameras left and right that no one cares about.
    What is every other camera manufacturer thinking right now besides what the fuck do we do now? Canon's ridiculously priced 8 bit 4K 1DC is going to be bought by no one when you could buy 3 of these for the same price and it shoots RAW!!! 
    Wow, this is a legit game-changer if this camera is real. 
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    NikolaOvcharski got a reaction from Zach in Phantom Flex 4K revealed - 1000fps at full resolution   
    Holy sh*t
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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to jgharding in BMDCC RAW footage available to download   
    Just playing with these for about 3 minutes, I can see why it's often called "baby Alexa"


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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to ScreensPro in MÅ�VI set to revolutionise filmmaking - Vincent LaForet shows gyro stabiliser by Freefly Systems (with footage from GH3 and 1D C)   
    The taxi shot (watch the BTS) is the one that i just thought "wow".
    The shot would have take some serious doing, with traditional equipment.
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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to Andrew Reid in DaVinci Resolve 10 sighted "on-set color correction and online editor"   

    OK first a disclaimer - I have no idea if this image is real or not - it was just tweeted to me and quite difficult to validate the source of the photo.

    NAB 2013 is being prepared and this appears to be a giant ad board for Blackmagic's next version of Resolve - version 10.

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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to Mondo in E-M5 vs GH3 for Olympus lenses   
    E-M5 has better stills, GH3 has better video. At least that's what consensus is.
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    NikolaOvcharski reacted to nahua in E-M5 vs GH3 for Olympus lenses   
    Olympus lenses work on Panasonic mirrorless, and vice versa.  AF works better for each maker, in other words Olympus 17mm on an Olympus E-M5.  Both cameras do AF in video, but the GH3 has much better video modes.  Olympus is stuck at 30P, GH3 can do 24P, 30P and 60P.  Might not matter if you only do web videos, then either works.  E-M5 is more a stills camera, GH3 is more video.  I suggest trying them both to see which one you like.  They are both in the same price range.
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