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  1. I have been in fractional diopter Ebay and google hell. I'm looking for a +0.25 diopter or close up lens in either 72mm, 77mm or 82mm for my Baby Hypergonar.

    ​Why you need a large size diopter for the baby hypergonar?
    You drink milk from a bottle-feeding or what?:D

    These are the only know ones to me and all are hidden deep within the Earth. Any body have any leads to getting one? Is there one off my list?


    Voigtlander 347/41 40.5mm PL 4-2m 13-6.5 feet




  2. CGhZB3uUQAA1hBF.jpg

    "The SLR MAGIC-RANGEFINDER CINE Adapter is highly recommended for users wanting to have single focus capability on the SLR Magic Anamorphot adapters"


    SLR MAGIC-RANGEFINDER CINE Adapter ($599 US) will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers by end of Q3 2015.


    Type: Rangefinder Adapter
    Size: 77 mm (Step down rings may be used to adapt to smaller taking
    lenses-not included)
    Front Filter Thread Size: 82mm
    Operating range: 3’6 ft to ∞
    Surface Finish: Black anodized
    Largest diameter: approx. 97.00mm (approx. 3.82in)
    Length: approx. 24.30mm (approx. 0.96in)
    Weight: approx. 340g (approx. 11.99oz)

  3. yeah, but 1.3x and dual focus? its not clear if it is single focus 

    "Made by Lomo for Luma Tech, this adapter has been designed specifically for use with the Luma Tech S35 cine lens range (35mm focal length and above). The anamorphic adapter does not require any other special attachments, so removes the need to have a specific set of lenses just for anamorphic use."


  4. Thanks solo! Weird stuff, I don't trust prisms...

    Did you check this seller's other listings? the guy is a total vampire indeed.

    ​I've just seen his profile...

    "SINGLE focus anamorphic lens anamorphot iscorama kowa 8z iscomorphot cinemascope" for $115,500.00


    IMO $1000 dollars for the focus-pocus-module is too much and now this guy asks $130,000 for WHAT? a positive and a negative lens? seriously?

    In his words: wow realllyy WOOOOOW !!!

    Like someone said in another post: the spirit of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" round here!

    "I know what gold does to men's souls."


  5. "This listing is for: Schneider-Kreuznach Variable Compression Anamorphic lens 1.0x-1.5x modified to be useable on hdslr/camera 

    I'm not responsible for your results and other cameras, lenses. You need to do a research for your own camera system/lenses to get similar results."


    $970.00 eur ??? prrrrtttt! 

    This seller is a vampire ... another one :D

    The real name of this lens is Schneider Kreuznach Letterphot-Super-Modivar, is too small and I think it is unusable.


    Oct/2014 $90 eu: 


    "Schneider Kreuznach Letterphot Super Modivar lens, originally for the Letterphot phototypesetting machine. The machines were made by Diversum-Letterphot Vertrieb.

    The lens consists of an adjustable anamorphic prism pair and a front diopter for close focus for printing text. 

    The lens has 3 rings (in order from back to front)
    1. Variable anamorphic prism control from 1.0x (spherical) to 1.5x horizontal squeeze factor
    2. Rotation (0°-180°) for aligning the anamorphic element.
    3. Focus"






  6. Hi solo, could you please introduce some negative 72mm diopter lens? :) thanks.

    I got a Kodak VII, the biggest one, still smaller then 52mm.


    Apart from Kodak telek and Zeiss distar etc there is no a negative version of a close-up filter  :( 


    You can find some negative lenses here: http://www.ebay.de/usr/logoxxl-gmbh


    Achromat 75mm -3.5 Diopter







    Why not start with this kit for experimenting?


    Six 75mm lenses: 3 positive (+2, +3, +5) and 3 negative (-2, -3, -5) for us $16.00 !!!






  7. I bought the Leica  elpro achromat 55mm +0.75 and the Tamaron 72mm +0,5 from japan.

    Is the Tamaron 72mm +0,5 achromat? just wondering.

    Thank you so much for your advice.




    Pls read the description from the old ebay link I posted (I think the seller is Kostas, a user from this forum and he knows what he's talking about):


    "This one is excellent quality. Produced by Tamron in Japan, it has an unquestionable optical quality.

    Note: This is not an achromatic doublet diopter like the infamous (and more expensive) Tokina +0.4, but honestly you will not notice a significant difference in image quality. 
    First picture is the closer focus distance of the Iscorama with a 70mm lens on full frame:
    Second picture is the closer focus distance of the Iscorama with a + (0.5) diopter with the same lens on full frame:
  8. hello guys, could you kindly advice me a good and cheap +0,5  and +1 diopters for this lens?

    I would love to get the tokina but it's to expensive for me at the moment.

    Any advice will be great?



    Try these:


    nikon 52mm +0.7



    62mm +0.5mm



    tamron 72mm +0.5 -2 years ago someone was selling this at 75 euros http://www.ebay.ie/itm/220932585934



    or you can adapt these:


    tamron +0.5 72mm



    Carl Zeiss +0.5



    this is the best:


    Leica elpro ACHROMAT 55mm +0.75 (30 euros shipping included!)






  9. "The new disk formatting feature allows customers to format SSD’s and SD Cards in camera so they don’t need to use a computer to prepare disks for recording. This new disk formatting feature is unique because unlike computers that format disks for general storage use, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Pocket Cinema Camera can format disks optimized for high performance video use. When formatting the camera confirms the brand of disk and other disks parameters and then formats for highest speed video data recording and playback for that specific type of disk."





  10. For the price and from what I've seen I think it's a good lens, but Be careful, some vendors sell earlier versions. 
    Wesley sells the latest (April 2014) in taobao (user wsl888cmj):
    "(12 iris leaf Limited Edition ) black-all metal- Pentax glass + 6 multilayer coating 
    Since August 2013 has improved the quality of the lens, an overall improvement in the backlight, glare problems ...
    The last batch of the lens was manufactured in April 2014"
    There are "other versions" of the same lens:
    35mm 1.6
    Some said this lens its a LINOS MeVis-c 35mm 1.6 copy
  11. Hah-hah, I think you're right.  Or is the disruptive ambiguity here ironically predatory and calculated?  He's conflating two different products of two very different values that will achieve two very different practical results and I'm just curious, to what end?


    LOL I said that was my "last purchase"  :P

  12. Miss 750 dollars? Naaaa! Maybe a nice +0.4 geisha from japan for only 65 dollars plus shipping up the doors of my home  ;)




     if we want kill that "bubble" do not buy at high prices, just take your bike or just walk through the city or nearby towns... I found a Panasonic AG-LA7200 for only 500... pesos! ($40 US) in the flea market on the wild side of my city.



  13. How can you burst the bubble? buy from real sellers! That's it.
    My last purchase from Japan:
    -TWO yashica-scope
    -One Kenko no.05 72mm
    -One old Olympus Pen
    -One mexican Luchador toy
    $110 US (Shipping Included)
  14. @Sean, yes, the +0.4 is MUCH more valuable, but even when the +0.5 single element was available on ebay, it went easily for $100-150, so the guy who snatched those three is still gonna make some profit out of it. It's not so easy to find reliable quality low-powered diopters, and they're still worth some money, even when they're not doublets. :)


    you know what you're talking about ;)  and thanks for "The Diopter Thread". 


    someone said +0.5 single element???
    Well, if you're in Japan or have a friend in Japan and want to make some people happy ... you know, people who like to pay a premium price: buy it at $ 20 and sell on ebay at $150
    Kenko MC close-up No.05 (F2000) 72mm $20.00 each one!
  15. Either the bolded section is correct or the "half the power of +1" is correct.  They aren't both correct.  It's either an ambiguously incorrect  ad because the seller didn't know what exactly they were selling or it's deliberately misleading.  Either way you don't know what you're getting unless you contact the seller directly or you give them your money and wait to see what's in the box.


    And again, that German ad, it's even less descriptive.


    well, someone bought 3 Tokina AT-X MC 72mm for just over 100 euros. :D


    Now wait to see them on ebay for 750 each and then everyone will be happy  ;)



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