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  1. Couldn't you just use the Atomos external recorder to bypass the CF cards- you'll be recording to solid state? Oh, wait, doesn't Atomos Ninja record to either ProRess or DNxHD- there has to be a way to bypass those codecs and record RAW?
  2. Hi Andrew, Before doing all this, did you first install Canon's firmware update?
  3. Once Magic Lantern works out the kinks with shooting RAW one would not need to use CF cards. With the latest firmware couldn't we record to an external recorder via solid state drive? The only Sandisk CF card I could find online has for 128g at 100mbs - it cost $700.00! Which leads to my next question: should we do the firmware update despite sound issues (haven't installed yet) and get the new picture style in preparation for Magic Lanterns impending release?
  4. I have the same camera owning the Kowa 8Z. You have to do your own research and be both patient and diligent at the same time. It's true everybody is an expert and they really know nothing! So who do you believe? I feel fortunate to discover Andrew's site. I am no expert but I like many on this forum want to learn and grow. With that said I highly recommend buying Andrew's anamorphic guide. It really is invaluable. This is why it is worth it: when I first read it I was skeptical about some of the information pertaining to buying. I kept reading and rereading the guide, constantly searching ebay. I saw a glass that was interesting and most importantly cheap- I referenced it with Andrew's guide and the book labeled the glass I saw as don't buy. Initially this was hard because I was desperate to get started shooting anamorphic. It took couple of months of constantly searching and referring back to the guide before I finally came across the Kowa that I have. My point: the guide is invaluable because it PROVES invaluable. The amount of research in the guide saved me from making costly mistakes. Also, you are at the best forum because the folks here respond quickly and their advice is sound and I appreciate that they explain the reason behind their advice. So here's my advice: buy the guide, constantly search ebay, be patient, and continue to ask questions,like you are doing now. This is what has worked for me. Glad to see another mark 3 user!!!
  5. Hey Guys,   Testing Kowa 8Z with 90mm Leica R prime on a Canon 5dm3 body. Noticing an uncorrectable (via stretching or disqueezing) warp to the frame.   See image below, see how to the left of talent the window cabinet is slightly askew. See the door in the background off to the right of the frame is on a slight angle. See image below:   Any ideas on the cause of this and what to do? All lines should be straight - images within frame on same plane and leveled.    
  6. Sweet! only 1/2 stop. thx!
  7. Does anyone know exactly how many stops of light is loss when Kowa 8z is attached to a prime? Is it 1/2 stop, 1 stop, 2 stop? Funny story: I contacted Kowa asking them this question. I described to her twice the lens I had. She replied they discontinued making that lens in the late '70's and no one there would know that answer. She took my name and number and,said she'll get back to me as she checks around and sees if anyone knows anything. lol. Never heard from her.
  8. apkates


    Like everyone has said - be patient. It is hard I would know. I ordered from him and it took nearly 3 weeks to get it but when it arrived - wow! No exaggeration. I started off with the v-clamp because it came with my lens. Nothing against vid-atlantic- super nice folk but the redstan clamp is the way to go. He does customize the fit - I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed!! Self created deadlines! Deadlines! We are all in too much of a hurry!!! Quality craftsmanship and perfect fit are well worth the wait.
  9. Much obliged.   So it does not matter which was is up so to speak with the Kowa so long as the flare is horizontal?   I'll do what you suggested.
  10. I have Canon 5dm3. My prime is Leica 90mm. Using Kowa 8Z with redstan clamp.   1. When attaching the Kowa what is the proper way to align it to the prime? Should both the focus rings turn in the same direction? Do I align the infinity symbol of both the Kowa and Leica? If so, I noticed that when doing so the Kowa turns in opposite direction of Leica when focusing.   2. Since they both need to focus at "same time" when beginning initial focusing should I try to focus the prime first and then the Kowa or start with the Kowa?   Thank you
  11. Thanks Bioskop, Brucker, Caleb and Goatnyc for your valued advice!!   Definitely, when the project is completed I'll post a teaser from it. Thanks Caleb for the video for this is exactly what I have in mind to do but was concerned whether it would work or not. You know how that goes stuff in your head sometimes does not translate so well in reality. A friend showed me the trailer for Timecode. Don't know if you all remember that film with the multiple stories running simultaneously the screen divided into fourths. When I decided to shoot anamorphic and came across the Kowa glass that format presented interesting challenge because I did not want to crop; instead I wanted to exploit that aspect ratio in way beneficial to the story- so in my head I saw stacked images i.e. horizontal split screen but until I had the lenses and could test I wasn't sure it would work. After seeing your short Caleb brings sigh of relief and excitement!   It will be a minute before I post footage because once again we are without snow and have had warm weather for this time of year :(   I ordered the redstan clamp so I'm waiting for it's arrival.   Thanks again!
  12. Hello All, I am new to this forum. I have been following for awhile but waited to make my first post until I finally owned an anamorphic lens. I'm making a short film. Was planning on going in one direction until I discovered is site. All,I have to say I wish I never found this place because I am hooked on shooting anamorphic. :) I know most of you use the GH2,3 cameras so I'm also hoping to encounter folks who use the Canon 5dm3. I own the Canon 5dm3, I have the Kowa 8-Z, and until I find the right primes a friend is lending me their Leica 90mm. Since I am a novice to this process but determined to learn if you all don't mind sharing your technical experiences using the Kowa 8-Z. Any tips on focusing the prime and the anamorphic together. Why the redstan clamp over the vid-Atlantic clamp? I noticed when looking at camera's monitor the squeeze wasn't that significant, should it be or did I error in mounting? Prior to shooting anamorphic, my standard footage was transcoded into ProRess using Apple compressor but when I went to transcode the anamorphic footage it did not do anything- why? I am using Final Cut 6 is this the reason? To have less stress in post is it time to upgrade editing software? In that case I'm considering switching to Premiere Pro. When it comes to filters do a lot of of you use filter rings or 4x4 filters with matte box? Why one over the other? My project will be shot outdoors during winter with snow. Will the Kowa fog up? Any additional tech tips you don't mind sharing that I have not thought of yet is greatly appreciated. I am both nervous and excited to shoot anamorphic! Lastly, I have read Andrew's book many times which has gotten to this point thus far.
  13. Howdy! I'm located in the US-Chicago actually. Do you still have anamorphic for sale?
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