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  1. I pretty much covered myself fine there. Both legally and ethically. I am discussing acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. i didnt say he punched him or that he committed assault. You need to re-read what I wrote. Considering Andrew's post was chock full of assumptions without covering his arse that you are taking issue with what I wrote when I said "if" and stated the hypothetical nature of what i wrote then I am most perplexed!
  2. I also feel whilst Andrew's point admirable in a way, using this incident as an example is very way off mark. Its also so important when citing real life incidents that they are accurate or the words alleged are use. The way you described the incident is rather different to what has come out as being the actually backstory, allegedly. Also please remember producers aren't rich hollywood type execs on this show. They are there to make sure things happen on location. It's an incredibly demending job. You are first to be shouted out and last to be thanked. So allegedly this is what happened which is somewhat different in tone and feel to what you wrote. Nobody is going to say Clarkson is a quiet, polite mouse of a man but when you are allowed to get away with certain behaviour it's unlikely to make you behave better! Nonr of this has been verified and therefore should be treated as hearsay until proven, I am sharing it as a different version to the story Andrew recounted is his post They had been filming. They had finished around 8ish. They had dinner books at their posh hotel but Clarkson and co decided to drink at the pub for two hours whilst their helicopter waited to take them back. The hotel after waiting two hours past their dinner booking and past kitchen hours sent home chef and staff so when they finally arrived very late back Clarkson was unable to have what he wanted. A steak. So he went berserk. The cold plate of food he was offered was unacceptable. Who gets the abuse? irregardless of whether this is exactly what happened or yet its never acceptable to bully a colleague and it's never acceptable to punch someone!! Not that I am saying anyone did. Just it
  3. I agree. I read a quote that the BBC need to learn how to handle larger than life characters. Nonsense. Punching someone is not larger than life. You can't send out a message that "it's ok...it's clarkson being Clarkson!"
  4. Hey Andrew clearly this bothers you the he thing is you are making statements based not upon facts not assumptions. We don't know the full story here but I can tell you this if the presenter of a show I was working on (allegedly) punched a producer the show would be most likely suspended until this was sorted out. Love him or loathe him he is the show. He is what you see, a loutish, arrogant loudmouth. That's why he is so polarising. I personally grew tired of him a couple of decades ago but my post here is not about my personal feelings towards Mr. Clarkson. He does what he does very well indeed. There clearly is more to this than we have been told but hypothetically if Clarkson punched this producer unprovoked just because there was no catering that is beyond acceptable behaviour. He should be fired. If it was the other way round and producer punched Clarkson would the show be suspended like this? Would the producer still have a job a half million petition to bring him back? If there was a fight between them behind closed doors then maybe, just maybe they could sort it out between them. But in the public? It becomes something more...this is public behaviour. If Clarkson did punch him then it's assault pure and simple. Do we just ignore it and give out the message this is ok to do? No we do not. Last time I checked punching someone was still illegal. Yes, it's a massively successful show and brings in huge amounts of money. I think what the BBC have done is show balls! The cynical amongst us would have expected the Beeb to not want to lose their cash cow and sweep it under the carpet, pay off producer and carry on like nothing happened for danger of losing said cash cow. The BBC have to be beyond reproach. It's part of their remit. They are not a broadcaster like all the others. If they want to do away with the licence fee and make it a commercial station like all the rest then they could get away with the aforementioned cynical behaviour. They are the BBC. They cannot. They have a really bad stigma these days about very serious past incidents that they ignored. We all know what those are. They HAVE to be seen to not protect their stars and brush stuff under the carpet. No company should but especially the BBC given what's happened the past two years or so. so there are my thoughts. if you miss the show watch the movie version. It's more believable. "fast and the furious"
  5. [quote name='QuickHitRecord' timestamp='1347721556' post='18119'] Very nicely done, Philip. Some of your most cinematic work to date! Any chance that you could make the uncompressed file available for download? We are all dying to get a read on the banding/artifacting/macro-blocking situation. I am thrilled how the GH3 is shaping up. I don't feel like I would have been confident bringing the GH2 into several of the shooting situations in this film, but it looks like the GH3 was able to pull it off. It's going to be a tough decision between this and the BlackMagic. [/quote] I only have a very compressed version. It was converted to ProRes HQ I believe for the editing and that is what the master is on...
  6. Why can't we all just have a big hug and get along? :) Anyway here we go: http://philipbloom.net/2012/09/15/genesis/ Enjoy. Sweet camera! :wub:
  7. [quote name='Simco123' timestamp='1347680770' post='18081'] Philip Bloom is "the face" of videography technology demonstrator, like the man from Del Monte they need him to say "Yes" because all the lemmings need to be told what is good and what is not by someone with an English accent. Quite frankly I find him condescendinig on his reviews and actually rather rude. Thats said he is pretty good at what he does as a filmmaker. Does Andrew feel the hurt of not being invited? If I was Panny I probably won't extend my invite to Andrew because he is too opinionated and goes off on a tangent like a drunkard on a pup crawl, not the sort of PR guy a manufacturer look for to promote their gears :o [/quote] You find me condescending in my reviews and rude? Really? First time I have heard that!
  8. [quote name='sanveer' timestamp='1347231516' post='17665'] I think Philip (Bloom) just gave Nigelbb a mild heart attack (or a severe one) ... :P Philip, I felt, that even though, your review of the BMCC was technically interesting, it was a little unfair. I feel, it has helped break the slow pace, of unimaginative camera building, and the slow pace of technological developments, that have been cause by the cartel effect of the big camera makers (Canon, Sony, Arri etc). Even though the BMCC is an over-weight, non-weather sealed, behemoth, and the tranfer methods, data size and speed will be a serious headache (apart from the fixed battery), it still is a very worthy effort, especially considering the price, the image quality, and that, BMCC is one of the last people at the HD party. Its next camera, when it comes, will consider all the feedback (obviously including yours), but, for now, this IS a worthy competitor, to everyone around. Barring none. [/quote] i think it was incredibly balanced. I made it clear i love the camera but made it clear to there are many things to consider. BMD were actually pretty cool about it. I asked them at IBC and they said all fair points. in their own words "it's not bad for a first attempt is it!?"
  9. [quote name='Germy1979' timestamp='1347219447' post='17651'] ..I wonder if Michael Bay ever gets on a forum when he's not blowing shit up, sees somebody bashing the piss out of him, and drops the law... Insert foot. [/quote] The difference being that Michael Bay is not part of this small community that we have...little bit of respect for each other goes a long way! :)
  10. [quote name='nigelbb' timestamp='1347019020' post='17531'] The good thing about Phillip Bloom's work is while he is an excellent camera operator & has a great eye for an image he is no DoP so most all of his work just uses available natural light. Contrast this with the super-slick professional demo piece 'Afterglow' from John Brawley on the the BMCC involving 1.2K HMI lights, reflectors & flags & a even a Steadicam operator all designed to make the image from the camera look as good as possible. Philip's Naked Cinematographer approach is the opposite of the latest Zacuto Shootout where the best DoP wins rather than demonstrating what the camera can do without any outside help. [/quote] sorry that you don't really know my work or consider me a DP. Each to their opinion. Doesn't matter than 99.9% of my work is lit. Often in complicated ways but I guess you my work more than I do! :)
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