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  1. And look at the ISO 3200 and 6400 shots! They're done in vLogL which previously fell apart at high ISO.
  2. The old me is listed by its Mega OIS system, and the new one has a Power OIS system
  3. http://www.hdwarrior.co.uk/2017/01/04/the-gh5-everything-you-need-to-know/
  4. The f1.2 will have a firmware update late in 2017 to make it Dual IS 2 compatible.
  5. DXO tests RAW stills, until we have RAW video these results are meaningless for video DR. DXO texts sensor potential, not codec implementation in video.
  6. I wrote this before I got to posts that said the same thing. Cannot delete so I apologize, Mod delete please. On one video they say that the anamorphic mode will be H265 6K.
  7. Everyone assumes that the XC15 fixes this issue, but that is based on a single camera. Hardware issues may not show up in every sample. Remember that some people reported that they did not have a ghosting issue with their XC10s. Therefore it is dangerous to assume that all XC15s do not have this issue. We need more tests.
  8. The C100 mkii has a larger dual pixel focus area than mki. Worth the added cost
  9. It was a buy it now deal. I just missed it
  10. Unless Canon has completely changed their numbering scheme the XC15 is exactly the same image as the XC15.
  11. It was universal. In every shot. Even when his hair is in focus. The same processing error that plagued the DVX200, even down to bands of discoloration on the face. Not that evident in the G80/81/85
  12. The G85 review was shot on a FZ2500. Is it me or does the FZ2500 makes faces chalky, obscuring detail, and did it once create banding on the face as the original iteration of the DVX200 did?
  13. DJI website says the Osmo Mobile works with iPhone Plus models.
  14. i tested the new firmware with high ISO HD. was not not happy with results.
  15. As someone pointed out earlier in this thread, when Canon adds a "5" to the end of a X series model number it means only the addition of a SDI output, and sometimes timecode. This happened with the XA10/15, XA20/25.XA30/35. XF100/105, and XF300/305. I would be shocked if it was any different with the XC10/15.
  16. [quote name='lexicon' timestamp='1346269089' post='16878'] So, basically "Wide DR Gamma" means just an intermediate gamma between REC709 and Canon Log. It's reported by Canon to measure 800%, which as I explained before, means that it adds [b]three more stops[/b] of dynamic range compared to REC709. It is a less extreme gamma than Canon Log, making it somehow usable without -or with little- grading in post, not a bad idea indeed. Canon website: [b]Canon Log Gamma and Wide DR Gamma[/b] Canon Log Gamma preserves shadow and highlight detail for
  17. canon support told me it supported one button AF for all EOS AF lenses but it supported continuous AF on STM lenses via an upgrade next year
  18. canon support are the ones saying 4:2:0 output
  19. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1346256352' post='16841'] Press release price said $7999, the street price is likely to be closer $6500. Surprised B&H haven't put their pre-orders up yet. UK dealers seem to be first for a change. [/quote] Canon Pro EOS cams rarely sell less than list. the C300 still sells for $16k
  20. [quote name='TC' timestamp='1346253524' post='16833'] Yeah, I suspect the 4:2:2 is a mistake. As cameraboy points out, it is not part of the AVCHD 2.0 standard. [/quote] canon support now says that the HDMI output is 4:2:0 8 bit.
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