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  1. James Miller demonstrates that this is an codec problem that disappears when an external recorder is used, suggesting that the 400mps upgrade will help or elimaite this occasional problem. https://we.tl/wC2RIj8TjI
  2. The only thing that really concerns me is the suggestion made by several people and threads spread throughout the web that the 10 bit information is produced by dithering an eight bit internal signal. There is absolutely no evidence that this is true, but it is being reported as a possible explanation for this and other phenomenal reported in GH5 testing. Again There is absolutely no evidence that this is true, they suggest the dithering arises in the compression to 150mbs.
  3. C5D trashed the Cannon XC10, tanking sales for a year until Andrew published tests that restored its reputation as brilliant camera under the right conditions.
  4. http://www.cinema5d.com/panasonic-gh...-free-gh5-lut/ V Log is flawed according to them
  5. Since you like 16mm shooting, use the 4K ETC crop mode on the GH5 to get a 4K to 3.6k S16 window for your S16 lenses
  6. This is not good example. Look at the same shot done at a lower NR setting. http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/panasonic-gh5/GH5hSLI06400NR1.HTM
  7. https://www.ephotozine.com/article/leica-dg-vario-elmarit-12-60mm-f-2-8-4-0-asph-review-30597
  8. Better autofocus requires a better sensor, since dual pixel autofocus technology is sensor-based, which Sony refuses to sell them. Perhaps that is why Panasonic has announced that the GH6 will be with a Panasonic developed sensor.
  9. There is an ETC crop mode that takes a 4K pixel crop of the sensor. It is a 2.7 to 2.8 (different reports) compared to the 2x crop of the full Sensor 5k downsized to 4K mode. The 4K ETC mode uses the same 9x9 pixel debayering pattern as the full sensor mode
  10. I don't know why people are so stressed about their metabones Columbus veering the gh5 sensor, just use the 4K crop mode if your adapter doesn't cover the full sensor.
  11. https://youtu.be/T81cdoYJyEw really nice 4K 60p (so I assume 4:2:0 given the current firmware) adventure film. Very entertaining look at gorge tightrope waliking. https://youtu.be/T81cdoYJyEw
  12. His sin is making videography seem like fun, and the act of filming being its own reward. We all know that the only real purpose of filming is to get positive comments on the video blogs.
  13. The SLR Magic lenses do not have a great reputation with my friends who have used them. I have not. So they complain that Vedya dropped their plans for an anamorphic set when the GH4 sensor aspect ratio changed. I really hope the revive those plans.
  14. Lenses, not resolution, are the problem with GH5 Anamorphic
  15. look at loss of fatal highlight detail as ISO increases. Not great test as it was not under low light, so highlight loss could be simple blowout or NR.
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