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  1. [quote name='TC' timestamp='1346253524' post='16833'] Yeah, I suspect the 4:2:2 is a mistake. As cameraboy points out, it is not part of the AVCHD 2.0 standard. [/quote] [quote name='cameraboy' timestamp='1346248322' post='16816'] avchd 422? looks like a new flavor of H264 ... if thats true and i own c300 ... o boy ... [/quote] canon Pro Support says its the exact same codec as in the XA10. Boo!
  2. Why choose over BMCC? To avoid costs of SSDs, graphic cards for post, rig, monitor, audio xlr rig, and HUGE storge costs. The BMCC has ver very limited low light and is not suited for event or doc work, and that is according to them. Also, the C100 has XLRs I handle, allowing for a much more compact setup than a c300. Have to see of color banding is an issue with the AVCHD codec.
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