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  1. For sale is a practically new Sennheiser MKH 60 Short Shotgun Microphone. This mic is fantastic for capturing interviews as well as ambient sounds thanks to its excellent off axis rejection. The sound is great. Perfect for documentary filmmakers. This microphone is supercardioid and phantom powered. It's normally $1500 new. I just don't have any use for it currently. Comes with a shockmount and mic stand holder.

    I'd be willing to sell to forum members for $900. It's basically brand new. Or willing to trade for some gear as well. Possibly an Atomos Shogun + small cash on my end or M43 lenses. Wouldn't mind shipping but if you're local to the San Francisco Bay Area that would be awesome. Thanks!


  2. We carry the Second Shooter where I work and I've used it a handful of times. It's very easy to set your points and adjust your speeds based on what you need. It's a very strong system and the menus are very straight forward. It's solid.

    Granted I haven't used it extensively, but this is from testing and slight use in the field.

  3. 27 minutes ago, Ebrahim Saadawi said:

    It simply doesn't have a ''nice'' image. Going with a used Sony FS100 (main compititor) will give you a much nicer image with much better lowlight performance, An F3+Ninja2 will be above and beyond both... But depends on budget. 

    No today I would not buy or shoot an AF100. If I need a camcorder for cheap, FS100, F3, C100 MKI, GH4+YAGH (all used) are all better options. 

    FS100 lacking NDs is a little annoying for me personally. Trying to avoid that. Image is nice though. Another reason I'm looking into the AF100 is because I'm invested in M43 a little bit. C100 doesn't have slo mo options which is something I need, and F3 + lenses would be a little out of budget. Plus media.

    Just gauging to see what people use. Thanks for the input!

  4. 9 minutes ago, fuzzynormal said:

    It's a practical camera with great user egos and is still a good value, IMHO.  Clean, not great, image.  

    Caveats:  It's a larger footprint camera.  For some doc subjects/situations these can be a problem as it "looks" like a pro camera and people behave around it as such...and authority figures react to it as such. Getting a shakedown from some local security guard while traveling is never fun.

    The highlights roll off like a video camera.  It doesn't have that film gamma curve.  You can compensate by manually adjusting your knee settings and that'll help.

    For the type of doc stuff I'm involved in, using consumer mirrorless cameras has been really great and I wouldn't switch back to a "real" camera, (even though I'd really appreciate the XLR/ND/ergos) --but only because my stuff has been and continues to be a rather specific style/technique.

    If I was doing more in-town-corporate stuff right now I think I'd do what you're doing.  Buy a used one of these and work it like crazy.  For only 1K-ish, it's not a risky investment.

    Yeah it's mainly the ergos I'm after. I have a GH3 and GH2 I use if I want to be discrete, but audio is becoming more important for me and not having to carry around another piece of gear is something I'm looking forward to. Also built in NDs.

    I feel like I could bump the image quality in post too. I'd have to mess around with one some more. Thanks!

  5. Hello all,


    I've decided to sell my Kowa Prominar 16-S anamorphic lens with Redstan clamps so I can upgrade some of my other gear. I'd love to keep it, but I'm not shooting anamorphic enough and I have other needs as far as gear. The lens is a 2x stretch and the minimum focus distance is 5 ft. Dual focus.


    Images are sharp. I've used this with a Canon FD 50mm f/1.4 and a Helios 44-2 58mm f/2. The images I've gotten from both lenses are very nice and I like them a lot. You'll have to stop down though to f/4-5.6 to get the images sharp. The back clamp fits this lens like a glove and has a rear thread of 52mm. Front adapter has a filter thread of 72mm and attaches to the lens via included screws.


    There is a little bit of internal dust as well as some markings on one of the front internal elements which has NO EFFECT on the image at all. Purely cosmetic. Pictures can be provided upon PM.

    Here's something I shot with it:


    I have pictures available upon request. This is a great starter lens for anyone who is looking into anamorphic but doesn't want to drop a boat load of cash on anything crazy. $350 shipped for everything. Paypal only. Don't want to deal with eBay. Plus it comes with a sweet snakeskin box. Thanks!

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