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  1. Good point Ebrahim. I get the idea that extreme flat 'picture profiles' (like Cinestyle, heavily modified Cine-D) fall apart much faster when grading compared to 'real' LOG profiles (LOG files sometimes look almost black and white because they are so flat. Still, with a LUT applied, the same footage can be extremely vibrant). Like the LOG profile actually contains more 'hidden' information. That's just an assumption though, not sure if possible at all...




  2. If you're planning on using it for stills too, the A7 is definitely worth it. If you have some nice Leica glass it is by far the cheapest option to let those lenses shine. For stills, the sensor is way ahead of aps-c or m43.

    I can't imagine video will be worse than the NEX-7 or 600D. If you do a lot of shots with small depth of field, you won't notice moire/aliasing or lack of sharpness. Deep dof shots / landscapes with a lot of detail will show the problems of such cameras though.

    If you can get one for €800, you'd probably sell it easily for the same price if it turns out you don't like it. Waiting for something else makes no sense, it's very unlikely there will be a cheaper fullframe camera anytime soon.





  3. Because tax evasion is illegal... You could buy it in the US and declare it at customs in Europe and pay tax of course. If the price difference is really extreme like your example, that'd be still worth it. But in general, that is not the case.

    In general it might be true that we pay more for hardware in Europe, because of the higher tax. But on the other hand, US prices are always listed without sales tax (because it depends on the state).

    Actually, right now with the dollar almost the same value as the Euro, there is hardly a price difference. In fact, a lot of products are actually cheaper now in Europe.

    Sony A7R costs $1898 at B&H. That's €1699 - without tax.
    The same camera costs €1649 here, 21% tax included...



    About to release a film shot on the Red One MX that through coloring no one will notice if it was shot on the red dragon or alexa or anything - it's just a matter of really figuring out how to color and light and compose - that's the biggest thing.  


  5. Thanks Benjamin!

    It looks like LUT Buddy works the same as Lumetri. Would be nice if there was some sort of option to get a preview of all the available luts in an image overview...  Anyway, that doesn't have anything to do with your package. I'll download it and will posts some more tests later if I find the time :)

    By the way, I wondered what iwltbap is... and I figured it out :D

  6. I have high hopes for the A6100/7000, i think it will be the T3i of the 4k generation. But one thing missing in all the line up is a sub 1000 full frame camera, something that i think alot of people would go to.

    ​The original Sony A7 is sells for $999 nowadays... Video quality is not great, but what can you expect for such a price. For photography it's a steal. The Canon EOS M3 + optional EVF is more expensive... lol :)


  7. You don't need the fastest cards available. 4K @ 100mbps is only 12.5MB/s! 1080p @ 200mbps is 25MB/s. A card that's rated at 30MB/s will be plenty fast.

    Here's a test with cheap Transcend cards: http://suggestionofmotion.com/blog/panasonic-gh4-memory-card-testing/

    Even the high end Transcend cards are really cheap. Transcend SDXC UHS-I U3 Ultimate 64GB costs like €30 here. I've used Transcend cards for years without problems.


  8. I've been looking for a cheap package of LUTS that work well with the GH4 and this seems to tick the box :)

    Just gave the free 8700 LUT a try on some clips I shot last holidays in Indonesia. Original footage (showing at the beginning of each shot) is shot with the Natural profile, don't remember the exact settings. Didn't make any other adjustments, just put the LUT on top at 100% strength.

    Looking forward to give the other LUTS a try. Does anyone know a fast way in Premiere Pro to switch between different luts?


  9. I think it's unlikely because they will probably still want to give rich pros a reason to buy the GH4! There's not many reasons! 10bit HDMI, YAGH compatibility for XLR, erm...!

    ​True. The G7 is hardly crippled in terms of video compared to the GH4. There's no MOV, only MP4 (does that matter anyway?). No Master Pedestal I think? No slow motion and no 200 mbps 1080p (does anyone use that?) But everything else is there... Cine profiles, Zebras, curve adjustments, etc.

  10. ​Huh, does that mean that with the SB the G7 becomes wider than 1.5x at UHD?

    ​Yes! I haven't figured out how to calculate the exact crop, but it does. It also means you can use a cheap 0,71x focal reducer Speed Booster knock off and still get S35 probably. The Speed Booster XL is nice of course, but the $100 alternatives suit the G7 budget shooter better I think :)

    Thanks for checking Andrew! Even though it is not 4K 1:1 pixel crop, it doesn't seem to add moire/aliasing, according to the test by Cameralabs. If that's the case, I wonder if Panasonic could give the GH4 the new processing method by firmware update...

  11. Yay, some love for the G7! :)

    Have you tested the actual crop factor of the G7 Andrew? According to Cameralabs it doesn't crop as much as the GH4 in 4K mode. Kinda weird, because that would mean it's not a 1:1 pixel crop.


    Panasonic Lumix G7 coverage for 4k video
    G7 4k UHD crop indicated by outer edge of red frame. GH4 4k UHD crop indicated by inner edge

    Image: Cameralabs

  12. Very simple wish: a Sigma ART 35-70mm/f1.8 APS-C zoom that complements the existing 18-35mm/f1.8. Those two lenses would cover 98% of all my needs. (The 18-35mm has already obsoleted my Nikon 20mm/24mm/28mm/35mm Ai-s prime kit for video - believe it or not, but the Sigma zoom is optically better than the Nikon primes.)

    ​Nice idea, and in theory not much harder to make than the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 I think. It's also a 2x f/1.8 zoom, with 'normal' focal lengths.

    Would be a nice lens on aps-c dslr's, and it would go well with Speed Boosters on smaller sensors like the GH4 / BMPCC.

  13. Price is not announced yet. Rumoured to be €849, but no idea if that's true... If it's true, it might be a steal if Sigma delivers on their prime-quality claim.

    I agree, a 24-70mm f/2.8 IS with ART quality would be great. But I think it's smart Sigma made something different. The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II is already very good, and so is the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 VC (stabilized!).

    It's probably very difficult to come up with something that is significantly better. Look at Sigma's 24-105mm f/4 OS. It's a good lens, but not miles ahead of the EF 24-105mm. Sigma has said before it's very difficult to make such zoom lenses.

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