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  1. I would think CES is a more appropriate venue for TVs, IBC or NAB for Varicam class cameras.
  2. The gains very very dramatic if using V-Log.
  3. GH4 is competing with A7sII and A7rII, in the sense that they are taking market share that might have gone to the GH4. GH4 got a big boost by being the first on the market with 4K. It doesn't matter that it's half the price, it was the only option, so it was adopted for a lot of higher end uses. Panasonic need to convince video users that it's worth staying with the M4/3 system rather than ponying up the extra cash and switching.
  4. I can see it happening because Panasonic are at a turning point with M43 - Sony's full frame efforts have narrowed the size advantage and present a viable threat in video quality, so they need to do something drastic to stay in the high end ILC game. Without a feature like this, GH5 is going to be an also-ran. There is pressure to put out a product that makes similar waves as the GH4. And as has been said, they have no higher tier product to protect.
  5. You're really doubling down on no 4K 10 bit, huh.
  6. Television only appears to be currently much better than film if you limit what you watch to mainstream American features. The only one of those I'd rate in the top ten of the year it released is Gravity. I'd also disagree with the assessment of Hateful Eight as basically a super hero film - it has much more in common with theatre and slow burn horror (looking at you, The Thing).
  7. The original used the constraints of the budget brilliantly. The DV and b/w 16mm looked so discomfortingly nasty. Blair Witch + a budget just seems to be missing the point.
  8. Ebrahim Saawadi came back firstly to try to throw off suspicion, and then to try to throw people off his back when he started to see some real world ramifications for his crimes. He used this forum in a terrible way. He is not one of us, and he is not our friend.
  9. How many scammers are dumb enough to use an account tied to their real identity? His whole plan was to pretend that the vulnerability of an account used by Sr. and Jr. lead to a third party using the account, but he was entirely unprepared for people not taking him at his word on this. He's only turned around because he knows that Ed and other posters have him by the balls, and even then it took reaching out to his family and friends to bring about this apology.
  10. That Ebrahim Saawadi is bad at lying is clearly a fact. If pointing that out is unacceptably insulting, then the truth has no place here.
  11. The guy is still laughing at you. Look at the final paragraph of his last big post that I quoted above. Ebrahim was so overcome with emotion that he suddenly lost the ability to type. Seriously? He is a shit liar, and he is still playing with you guys. The smugness hasn't gone away. As mercer said, people get banned on forums for much less than building their entire online persona on a lie and using the member base as a fishing pond for international theft.
  12. I like how the narrative shifted from "my grandpa is wealthy and gives me any money I need, so why would I need to scam anyone?", to "I'm just a poor student without a job, $300 is too much!"
  13. I feel like ES should be given a new tag or a message in his signature warning people that the content of his posts may contain fiction, with a link to this thread. A lot of less experienced people visit this site for advice, myself included, and anyone finding a thread here after some Googling would see a highly rated member and assume their opinion to be of value.
  14. Chrad

    New Camera

    How do you find the GX85 battery life, fuzzynormal? I'm considering picking one up and using it as a supplementary camera on a wedding shoot next month.
  15. A super serious sentimental movie by Ebrahim about how he and his grandfather were robbed and scammed, and his resulting depression, would be hilarious. I say go for it.
  16. People thought they knew and could trust him, and they didn't want to believe the alternative. To a shark like Ebrahim, our human compassion and willingness to forgive makes us weak.
  17. Likely they were the details of Jr. There's no evidence that the account was ever used by Sr.
  18. Not as difficult as proving that Sr. as represented on this forum exists.
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