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  1. Interestingly, Lynch was first choice to direct Return of the Jedi, but passed to do Dune instead. I'd love to see that version of Jedi and often think about it when the Sarlacc Pit scenes are on :)   As for the comment about whether Nolan enjoys making Batman movies, the answer is in the work, of course he does, that's why they are highly regarded. Like Kubrick before him, he is in a unique position of being able to craft what he wants, and he's earned it by the way he applies himself to his craft, it's like that of an auteur.   Spielberg is no such thing, he was always the guy
  2. Interesting and bang on...   Lynda Obst: Hollywood’s completely broken   When you stopped buying DVDs and started streaming on Netflix, Hollywood's economics changed. So did the movies   I was driving west in a classically horrible L.A. morning commute on my way to Peter Chernin’s new office in Santa Monica, thinking about our regular lunches back when he ran the studio and I worked as a producer there in the nineties. Peter, who is now building his own media empire at Fox and had been president of News Corp. for over a decade, was clearly the perfect person to ask
  3. Gatekeepers are true, film is often described as the hardest club to get into in the world, even all those people at Cannes officially are trying to get in. In the many meetings I have had, you gotta keep going you see, I found myself getting a door open to a very good company, a known company, tradewise that is.   A good old fashioned letter I wrote got me a callback. I went to see them, they loved my short work and said I sounded even better in the flesh, then the reality kicked in. They told me 'great, but we cannot help you', I said 'why' as anyone would, they said, 'we don't know y
  4. Once upon a time is a story told, an alternative would be also 'a long time ago in a galaxy far far'... you get the idea.   However today it's all about ...once upon a dime. There really isn't much difference to what happened with the financial deficit with what is being recycled again but for film, it's the same game play at work. Lucas and Spielberg are just being whistleblowers, pre-empting if you will, what is to come.   The infamous statement is that nobody knows anything in film land, and that is absolutley true, as all creativity is a risk, otherwise every film made would
  5. I didn't make it clear that the buyers I spoke to were from all over the world, they were more than willing to listen. I told them it was an urban thriller, all good, I told them it was set in London, all good, I told them it was about injustice, all good, I told them it was a multi-cultural cast... they were outta there LOL. To be honest I wasn't at all surprised. One thing you do when you come to understand film sales agents is understand the numbers, they now all have a universal processor which not only determines how much they will pay for a film but will also tell them what they are expe
  6. Firstly there is a multitude of problems that were allowed to happen, that has had this announcement made and uncharacteristically these comments are made by the two people often associated with destroying Hollywood in the first place, whilst both Lucas and Spielberg created moments in cinema that yielded the terminology 'blockbuster', they are not to blame entirely.   The studios having let the dreamers of the 70s have their way, in order to stop their film industry falling apart, an industry that no longer knew what to do with the fast changing cultural landscape of the era, decided t
  7. Hey Andrew,   having shot my graduation film on S16 way back when, this may well be the camera I shoot my feature on. It seems to have been totally grounded up for a maker of films to use as opposed to anyone else, ie still photographer who may wish to shoot vieo etc, especially in the ergonomics. Whilsts others boast of this and that I have always felt that whoever took a practical and not technical lead through in their offering would win, this maybe that opportunity, alas still waiting to see if it fulfils a straightforward post workflow, which again is something all offerings should
  8. Outstanding time and effort into this Andrew, but I still can't help but be floored by the GH2 in all the shots. The GH3, given it's a pre-model, looks whack next to it and even the BMCC didn't really stand out, your own cinemascope films shot even on the GH1 were far more gorgeous in their presentation, and that always has to be what this shooting game is only about... about how it makes you feel rather than what's under the hood. At the end of the day that is what only matters, what you craft, how you shape and ultimately, how you you see something, being the image maker, not what makes you
  9. It's all about those islands the Japanese purchased from the owner of them and the Chinese who say they belong to China, but looking at the way the Chinese are behaving and their spiel from the reporters on the street, burning anything Japanese... it's all ridiculous. There is so much anger in the world today, people look for any reason to (forgive the pun) blow up, what's up with all that? Watching Pannys building on fire, could mean another delay to the GH3 then!
  10. Hi, don't know if this is of interest, but my friend Rick Young who runs the Mac Video Expo in London and has always been down with BMD, made this video about the MFT Blackmagic Camera. :) [media]http://vimeo.com/49446586[/media]
  11. [quote name='MaxAperture Films' timestamp='1347759294' post='18185'] Those are not tassles, they are the fan blade overlaps of the vertical bands from the folded parts of the curtains (that were probably intentionally graded to look blown-out). The motion blur of the fan image slightly darkens and picks up the curtain folds in the trails of the blades. It just looks like sloppy grading to me. [/quote] Yes, you are correct. However the blades do have some things hanging off of them to aggrivate the situation. Watch them when they have got past the windows light, a
  12. ok, my genuine points to consider after watching this. 1. Watch the fans blades in the beginning, that was really shocking, unless they are all really furry, as I have seen fan blades with tassles before. 2. There is no demeaning here, the grading really is all over the place and that is not the fault of the camera now is it? 3. I'd like to know what is the budget of this, time frame of schedule and furthermore, look at how many people worked on it? This would negate a few things to consider, the first being if you are going to do this properly, give it all the quality it need
  13. Those who give inspire, those who take retire, small minds discuss people, average minds events, but great minds discuss ideas. Phil's a dude, Andrew's a dude and we are more the better because of them. Thank you to both of you, and keep marching, because the more knowledge we have, the better we can all get at being better, that's an achievement right? And that for me is only one thing, lifes great idea :)
  14. This is the one I wait for :-) They need to send the first one to Vitaly, that way when it gets to the rest of us it will be much more improved!
  15. [i]PhilipBloom.co.uk Think I am already over the raw in the Blackmagic camera. The workflow is so painful. The prores is fantastic though. Super flat![/i] What the word was going to be for most of us anyway right?
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