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  1. I got a message from smallHD today, where they informed me, that within a weeks time - they would send out an update for the DP7 that gave support for custom 3D luts...
  2. Hmmm. Fun lens, but unless the also launch an app - I can't see the idea. Then you would upload stretched 16:9 - unless you edit on a computer, which makes it kinda of not mobile. EDIT: Which they did... Get it to work with the 120fps mode. And you have a buyer....
  3. A little off topic maybe - i'm also looking for a monitor for anamorphic video - but is there a monitor that supports luts? Im getting a little tired of watching everything in cinestyle/filmmode etc.
  4. Well, both are amazing shots. Loved the Salton Sea video - especially the scenes with the old battered tube-tv and the last one - with the Heron? The isco's are also fine, not as sharp as you mention. The one with the door is really great.
  5. Above the rehoused Iscorama. The new rear filter thread is now 58mm - aligned/levelled with the end of the metal housing - and i think that is whats giving my trouble. On the original Iscorama, the Iscoramas rear element was nested inside the taking lens - and much closer to the "glass". Maybe a pancake 50mm-ish would be the solution?   Tony Wilson - have you had any vignetting on 50mm on your rehoused Iscos?
  6. Weird - my DSO 58mm has hard vignetting at f/8-16 - and softer ones from f/2.8 to 8
  7. If you're using the original taking lens, I guess that it would work without vignetting, but when you start using other lenses - then you might run into a lot of issues.
  8. I bought an Iscorama back in february, and didn't have much time to fiddle around with it before I send it for a rehousing at Van Dieme. Now its back - I ripped it out of the box - and tried it with a bunch of lenses and the 5DmkIII. And to my surprise, the Iscorama is pretty picky when it comes to taking lenses...   I've tried it on:   Canon 50mm f/1.8: Not usable, Vignettes on all apertures. Helios 44-2 58mm f/2: Somewhat usable. f/2 to f/2.8 vignettes a little, but can be used. Canon 24-70mm f/2.8: Somewhat usable. f/2.8 to f/13-ish is fine @70mm Samyang 85mm f/1.4: Somewhat usable. f/1.4 to f/2.4 is fine - after that vignetting gets worse for each step   Canon 90mm TS-E f/2.8: Works perfekt Jupiter 37A 135mm f/3.5: Works perfekt. Tair11 135mm f/3.5: Works perfekt Jupiter 21 200mm f/4: Works perfekt   I guess that lens build, front diameter, adaptor use etc, has a great say - but does anyone know of lenses around 45mm - 70mm that works perfect - preferably through all or most apertures? Filter thread close to 58mm (back thread on rehoused Isco) being a huge bonus.
  9. Fun fact. I actually bought the Iscorama that was used for the vimeo video posted - "Streets of Copenhagen".
  10. I'm parting with my "baby iscorama". Not because I don't like it - but I never use it. I got an Iscorama shortly after I bought this one - which put this baby in the corner.   I originally bought it from another user in here. Jorge De Silva - he has used it somewhat more than me, and made these videos with it. (I never got around to use 'em for video)   http://vimeo.com/51675836 http://vimeo.com/58756888   Here is his sales thread: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?301543-quot-Baby-Iscorama-quot-Iscomorphot-8-1-5x-anamorphic-lens!-Redstan-Clamp!   Its old. So obviously there is some wear. I looks great, works great, focus is great. There is a few specs of dust, but I haven't noticed them on pictures. Overall in great condition.   With the ridiculously danish import taxes, I ended up paying 700 USD. So I guess that will be the price. Is it fair? - i don't know. It's not the 2000 USD "buy now" like on eBay. I was hoping to sell it without loss. Free shipping in the EU.          
  11. Yeah, but the problem was, that you told me 3 weeks after I shipped the lens out :) Before I picked Van Diemen Lenses to do the rehousing, I Google'd around, and couldn't find any negative remarks, reviews etc. All was, they're super cool, nice work and so on. Mostly on Cooke and Leica things, and the few things I could find on the ISCO was looking real good, and people talked well about their work - so I couldn't see any arguments against sending the lens for a rehousing. I hope more people would write about experiences with companies like Van Diemen, camerashops etc - so that you have an idea about what to expect.
  12. Mine is at Van Diemen at the moment - and I wouldn't advise on sending it to them - unless you can do without it for at really loooong period. I was quoted 60 days, and that time frame was exceeded 90 days ago. So they have had it for 150+ days now. I've contacted them several times, and everytime there is a new issue - metalwork, anodising, not enough parts etc. The last time I checked, I was told it would be done on the 12th this month. Now they're a part short, and because of holidays - that will mean a further delay. So if im lucky - I will have it back sometime in August. Unless the only guy who can assemble it breaks his arms - and with my luck... Who knows? I know it will probably return super über cool, and function a lot better than before, checked from a to z, but it's the huge delay that nags me, and not knowing when it will return. So be warned - updates, deadlines and customer care - doesn't seem to be among their forces.
  13. "Lone Ranger" Director Gore Verbinski talks about the Hollywood Meltdown on /FILM   /FILM: "Steven Spielberg and George Lucas recently talked about an “imminent implosion of Hollywood,” related to blockbusters. Do you think 200 million dollar movies are the end of Hollywood?"   Gore Verbinski: "I think it’s way more complex than that. I mean, I can’t give you the sound bite version. I have a thirty minute talking-point on that… I do think, sadly, if something isn’t done radically, it’s going the way of the record industry. I think there’s so much good television that it’s hard to get people to go to theaters without making it some kind of event. I think studios are working backwards since they lost their DVD sales, they are working backwards from “How do we get a theme park and a ride and a this and a that…”   ...   "So if you’re not making Harry Potter or you’re not making something that you can synergize and advertise across all of these huge platforms… It’s easier for me to get 150 million dollars to make a movie if I’ve got giant robots in it than it is to make a 40 million dollar drama. I mean that’s the wasteland."   ...   "I can go make the movie for 10 or 150, but you can’t make Lawrence of Arabia. You couldn’t get it made. Steven couldn’t get it made. You couldn’t try to get The English Patient made today. It’s true, everything they are saying is true. I’m not sure about the Broadway part of that. I don’t necessarily agree with that, but I think it’s sad. I don’t know how you convince people to get up and go to see a movie I would love from the ’70s, when I did go to the theater and see "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" or whatever. Now that’s an episode of Breaking Bad and everybody’s got a widescreen TV. So there’s something… “No good will come of this.” (Laughs) We are on a crazy road to extinction."
  14. Stumbled upon this little video from FilmmakerIQ on Fstoppers, although not totally about anamorphs, it's still a nice explanatory piece on aspect ratios - and how they ended up beeing 1.33 or 2.20 etc. - and hey... Henri Chretien is mentioned.   https://vimeo.com/68830569  
  15. 72? - I mostly see 77mm on L-lenses.   Edit: Ahh, see that the zooms are mostly 77mm and the primes 72 :)
  16. Van Dieme will send the taking lens back to me in about two weeks time - when they are finished with the conversion. I'll check up on the condition, and post here in the forum. As I remember it, its also a little stiff at f/2.8.
  17. From Wiki: "2K represents the horizontal resolution because there are numerous aspect ratios used in film. So while the horizontal resolution is kept constant, the vertical depends on the aspect ratio with the principal decides to work.
  18. Hi Rob. Mine was nikon mount before I shipped it to Van Dieme for rehousing - if they haven't thrown it out - i'm sure we could arrange something.
  19. I don't see how i'm missing the point - It sounded like an argument for choosing GH2 over Canon?   "....all these formats work on GH2 but NOT Canon EOS" ... "but you cannot use any of the following on a Canon EF mount as they all have a smaller flange focal distance"   I use a lot of old lenses on my 5DmkIII, so I just wanted to clarify, that lens options isn't a huge problem - if any at all. You can use most of the same lenses. I don't spend oceans of time adapting or working out quirky solutions - they work without much hassle. So Luke shouldn't bother spending brain capacity on that part of his problem.   The GH2 is without a doubt a beast - outguns any other cam when it comes to detail. But I still think there is something aesthetically nice about the fullframes - and with the Magic Lantern installed - there is a lot of nice features as well.   My advice is to check every option out, eyes and hands on - I checked out the GH2, and liked it - a lot - but ended up with a 5DmkIII in the end. Choice solely based on looks.
  20. "but you cannot use any of the following on a Canon EF mount as they all have a smaller flange focal distance Minolta Bayonet , Fujinon B4 ENG , Konica Bayonet , Fujica X Bayonet , C mount , pentax 110 , Pentacon Bayonet."   Thats not completly right. You can use several of them, some with simple adapters without glass - but you risk losing "infinity" - but it if you do not need "infinity" - its not a problem. Major problem for Iscorama users of course, but i'm also shooting other things than anamorphic, and there I seldom need to have "infinity". If you're shooting interviews, macro, pack shots, close focus scenes whatever - you wouldn't need it - and if you wan't a cheaper f/1.2 lens or a special look - it works.   "So I dont use FD lenses on my EF cameras for that reason it is introducing another lens into the equation degrading the image But yes you can if you really want to use them on your EF but most people dont bother for this reason"   It wouldn't "degrade" images more than introducing lenses/glass in form of teleconverters, an item most professional photographers have in their camera backs, or the Metabones Speedbooster, which is receiving great reviews.   C-mount to Canon EF (No Glass inside, Limited to close focus and macro)   FD to EF mount (Glass for infinity, but it can be removed to be used for close focus and macro)   Konica AR to Canon EF (Glass for infinity, but it can be removed to be used for close focus and macro)   Minolta MD/MC/SR to Canon EF (Glass for infinity, but it can be removed to be used for close focus and macro)   Pentacon to Canon EF (No glass inside)   Pentax K to Canon EF (No glass inside - won't work on 1Ds and fullframes unless you remove or cut mirror)   Pentax 110 to Canon EF (Homemade adapter, but it shows that it could be done)   X Fujinon to Canon EF (Homemade adapter, but it shows that it could be done)
  21.   I use Canon FD on my EF... and i've seen adaptors for several of the others to Canon EF-mount - and rebuild Canon houses, removed mirrors etc. Haven't tried them all - but many of them would work.
  22. I thought it had the same sensor as the "old" BMC - the S16 bums me out :(
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