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  1. Cool, thanks a lot.   My Iscorama is made of plastic - are the .36'ers the same - or are these with metal-housing?   And another thing - what kind of adaptor to choose - from Nikon to Canon EF? The one that came with it, is a kipton - feels a little cheap - and not totally tight. I see that most recommend the Novoflex, but are there any others I could look for.
  2. Hi there. I'm pretty new (as in totally new) to anamorph video - but i really love the panoramic/filmic look. I have an Iscorama 1.5x with an original 50mm f/2.8 lense with a Nikon mount.   Any tips for what other lenses that could be used on it? 35mm - 100mm? I'm primarily shooting on a 5D mkIII, and sometimes on APS-C sized sensors.   Mine has a minor issue - it's somewhat hard to get to f/2.8. All other stops works perfectly, but you have to use a little bit more force to get it in f/2.8 - is that fixable - anyone tried something like that.   And finally. How much is an Iscorama like mine worth - estimated price -  If auctioned of on ebay or similar?   [attachment=407:isco-front.jpg][attachment=408:isco-side.jpg][attachment=409:isco_rear.jpg][attachment=410:isco-filter.jpg]  
  3. It's almost the day after tomorrow now :) - I'm curios as hell to see what it is, and since my 7D was killed by the humidity in Florida, i'm eager to find a new camera.
  4. Hi Andrew. Nice work - thumbs up. What about the bokeh. Is it decent enough?
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