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  1. 3 hours ago, omega1978 said:

    Thanks Mattias, for explain it.

    For me film weedings are the base of my work and i like to capture emotions and all what happens ( sometimes i have to gather up to not cry in some situations )

    But i understand completely, that is not for everyone  ;)

    Just don't cry more than your client. ;)

    Also not for me to do, but I appreciate seeing this work since it is about as "high-stakes" for a videographer as it gets.

    So @omega1978, could you say a bit about how it performs for you? Are you using manual focus or autofocus and how is the latter working in these changing situations? Is the camera limiting you and how? How do you have it set up (are you doing photo and video or strictly video)? etc. All this could be helpful for event shooters in general, which I am from time to time.

    Also, on the current topic, have you noticed moire in your filming? 

  2. 9 hours ago, Cliff Totten said:

    HA!,...its funny that you say that as I'm holding my S1 with the MC21 adapter and the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 right now as I type this. It REALLY looks great. I can tell you also that ramping iris open and close is pretty smooth too. AF in video is very accurate with "AF-ON" one push AF.

    Don't worry about Super35 mode. It looks just as beautiful as FF in terms of VLog, dynamic range and signal to noise ratio.

    This image sensor in VLog is blowing my mind.


    Really glad to hear this impression re. Super35. I've been selling of a tone of un-/ under-used kit to streamline and fund this transition to the S1. The 18-35 almost went, but considering that 4k/60 is an APS-C crop, I decided to keep it to preserve the option.

    Haven't grabbed an MC21 yet since I would only do it for this combo. Perhaps imminent. 

    Willing to post a little footage? Some 4k/24 as well? Thanks.

  3. 8 hours ago, Walter H said:

    Is the S1 able to "decouple" shutter speed, ISO, etc. settings when switching between photo and video modes ala the X-T3 or Nikon Z's? I've been searching the menus & online but I'm not finding any mention. 

    Really hoping there is a selection to be made that when I turn to video on the mode dial, it reverts to the previous video settings rather than the last photo settings.


    (keeping the Vlog image thread about the Vlog image.)


    edit: more or less answering my own question. Seems there is no way to de-couple settings as I hoped. Will rely upon setting up the custom modes for video as needed. 

  4. Is the S1 able to "decouple" shutter speed, ISO, etc. settings when switching between photo and video modes ala the X-T3 or Nikon Z's? I've been searching the menus & online but I'm not finding any mention. 

    Really hoping there is a selection to be made that when I turn to video on the mode dial, it reverts to the previous video settings rather than the last photo settings.


    (keeping the Vlog image thread about the Vlog image.)


  5. I am also picking up my S1 later today. Glad and nervous - big shift. (And a return to Panasonic after a bunch of years away with Canon and Fuji.)

    Looking around for VLog exposure guides (other than what is available for the GH5/-s) and happened upon this - https://na.panasonic.com/ns/253602_V-Log_Excerpt.pdf - which may not be anything new for many on this thread, but might be helpful for others. It was for me - some good reminders.

    Curious about sharpening Vlog shots vs. the same shots in CineD or Flat - needed?

  6. @Sage As a very new Panasonic S1 owner and being extremely impressed by the image you have created, I'm piling on with others who have said they would be very interested in applying this to the S1. 

    Thanks, and I will follow this thread. 

  7. @Skip77 You are not trying to help. You are jerking your ego with an argument, soapboxing, being disparaging to others, and dragging all of us thru it. That's my experience of your presence and intention anyway.

    So how about F*CK OFF this thread and give users who either own or are genuinely interested in the camera the opportunity to share and work with one another to get the most out of the tool. 

    Minimally, I will ignore you and I suggest others not reply or quote you unless you are posting something constructive. 


  8. 9 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Yeah but they are going to Have to do something with AF a lot better than they are doing now. That is pretty unacceptable in this day and age.,

    Everybody knows about the AF compromises already. This sort of comment has been made hundreds and hundreds of times throughout the internet including this site. That's not what we are talking about here. 

  9. What are people's experiences with fw 1.2? (I've seen the one youtube review.)

    How's C-AF performance? Also particularly interested in the near/far prioritization and if that helps hold a subject and lessen pulsing...

  10. 39 minutes ago, Parker said:

    How/where did you do this exactly? I thought it wasn't being released until July 31? 

    If you are asking about the firmware update, the link has already been posted up thread. If you have an activated software key, the V-Log, etc. will be unlocked as a part of fw 1.2.

  11. 2 hours ago, Geoff CB said:

    Great specs and impressive viewfinder and video.

    Poor AF, expensive lenses, and a large body turned me away from it.

    Appreciate that choice, and I hope this thread can remain focused upon people's current experiences, what's working for them (us since I plan to purchase one in the next few weeks), how they have been able to work around limits, what feels/feeds creativity.

  12. 20 minutes ago, currensheldon said:

    Love this. I love my Contax lenses, but for compact, lightweight, and fast lenses (f1.4 or faster), there aren't many options. The 50mm f1.4 is a beauty, but the comparable lenses that have the same size and filter thread (both very important to me for gimbal work and filters) are all 2.8.

    But I have definitely been eyeing all of the f1.2 variants of the Voigtlander M-Mount lenses. Might have to make the switch soon. Plus that 21mm f1.8 is very tempting. 

    Anyone have any comparisons of the Contax Zeiss and Voigtlanders? 

    I also love the tiny adapters needed for M-Mount. The Sigma MC-21 adapter adds a good 150-grams of bulk on every lens, which isn't ideal. 

    Yeah, this really gets me going. @Simon Young How well does the 40 perform wide open? What about fringing and CA?

    I had the m-mount CV 35/1.2 for quite a while: first on an M3, then a NEX-7, and I sold it around GH-3 time. The CA wide open on the digital sensor was strong and only really mitigated by f2.8 or so. I am, however, thinking of a Minolta Rokkor 40/2 as a walk-around lens. The CLE version.

  13. 1 hour ago, currensheldon said:



    Image quality feels on par with the EVA-1 or C300 that are often my A-Cam already when they are all set to a Rec709 image. 

    What profiles have you been shooting with? Prefer to shoot with?

    I really hope Panasonic or Sigma get some native f2 primes out for it fast, because I'm not on board with the giant f1.4 lenses most manufacturers seem to be creating now.



  14. Cool. 

    I've spent time (well over an hour) with it in my hands and capturing images in two different shops. Having never owned a full-frame DSLR, the size is an adjustment but what I think about more is what it will be like to point it at people relative to my X-T3. It is so much more conspicuous. 

    But I am sooo impressed with the build of the camera and the color is exceptional, the possibility of high-quality audio (the pre-amps on the X-T3 are reasonable but the Z6 is deplorable), no record limits for 24/25/30p 4k make it viable for interviews (and my C100mkII can be a b-cam), stills far exceed the the flexibility of the X-T3 for event shooting (high-DR & high-ISO scenarios), etc. I've rarely relied on C-AF for video (wait - lying... C100mkII all the time - but those cameras can fill different niches.)

    5 minutes ago, Parker said:

    I've only had an S1 available to me for about two weeks now. I've shot more stills than video — raw files hold detail really well even at 12800 iso — though I haven't quite gotten the hang of how the sensor fully works, recoverable detail almost seems split between shadows and highlights and will just take some practice and getting used to. Pretty robust sensor though! 

    For video, the HLG profile is holding dynamic range very well, definitely a leg-up on the GH5 and NX1 that I'm coming from. Color seems fantastic. I've used the 24-105 kit lens for a couple quick, close-up b-roll shots and autofocus worked surprisingly well. Manual focus, even by wire, is surprisingly good too, lots of options and is repeatable. 

    Ergonomically I like the camera — nice and beefy grip — some of the buttons are a bit spongy for my taste though. I shot a quick interview handheld the other day just using the video enhance IS (similar to the GH5's IS Lock) and I was definitely feeling the weight of the camera by the end of it, especially with the vertical grip. I'm very excited to see the big new VLOG update though, 14 stops of DR and V-gamut, this is going to be a beast of a camera. 

    Interesting. I would be purchasing this as a true hybrid stills/high-end video camera. 

    I've shot (in shops) and downloads raw files that I can find. I've had a notion that the files respond "differently" while I worked them in Capture One relative to the Fuji. Without question, tho, is the ability to recover shadows cleanly relative to the Fuji - such an improvement.

  15. I know folks are pretty peaked about Panny's forthcoming S1H, but is anyone here shooting with the S1 and looking forward to the firmware update with VLOG, etc.? 

    Curious about current experiences, what systems you have come from previously, and anything else. The S1 will likely bring me back to Panasonic (from Fujifilm) since the GH2/3/4 for a hybrid camera.

  16. 1 hour ago, Márcio Kabke Pinheiro said:

    The Fstoppers review says that the gimbal is very good - but you need to balance it very well, or it behaves poorly.


    also from four days ago on Fstoppers -- Moza Air 2 raving:


    Need a proper comparison. 

    I handled the Weebill Lab, Air 2, and the Crane 3 at B&H a bit more than a week ago. I loved the feeling of the Lab and it's compactness in hand. The Crane 3 was  heavier in-the-hand but the ergo's were even better, I thought. Worth an additional $300 over the Air 2 -- I'm doubtful. 

  17. Interesting. Yeah, the BH reviews seem to be all over the place. Makes me wonder if the Crane 3 would be the way to go, but then significantly more money.

    The Moza Air 2 lists several Fujifilm cameras, including the X-T2 but not yet the X-T3, as "supported". I've reached out to see what exactly is supported and if X-T3 firmware is on the way. 

    With such app-dependent interfaces, how can both of these companies produce such terrible apps?!

  18. @mojo43 Thanks for this review. Really appreciate how straightforward and "non-hype" you are. As you mentioned, most youtube "review" content is pretty unbearable. 

    I am interested in this gimbal for my X-T3 and Fuji primes for a project in the next few months. Seems ideal for size/weight (although the Moza Air 2, etc. would also be effective obviously). This would be my first serious use of a gimbal in video production. Mostly panning and crane shots, not a lot of following thru spaces. 

    Curious if you have used the subject tracking at all? Whether a person of a static object that you are moving around? Panning/tilting?


  19. On 11/28/2018 at 3:37 AM, sandro said:

    I saw a comparison between a73 and z6 and noticed the sony wins hands down in low light performance. I wonder what sony does differently considering they're both full frame and have the same MP.

    Can you link to this? Curious.

  20. 17 hours ago, Robin said:

    Update for you. One green pixel per camera. (Xh1,XT3)

    How does that compare to what you would normally expect? 

    That's MUCH better than what I have experienced after extended recording with my X-T2. Thanks much!

    I'd suggest to everyone to keep an eye on it but hopefully the X-T3's new processor, etc is more efficient and keeps the sensor cooler. Good start.

    34 minutes ago, Ken Ross said:

    Relative to Sonys and Panasonics it’s pretty bad. Shooting the same scenes the same way, the difference are very obvious. Whether I run n gun or have the time to be more careful, I still care about quality. For me, run n gunning should not preclude getting quality shots. 

    My only frame of reference is this short video. Seems rather smooth to me as he is moving throughout spaces but I do notice the stepping when he does the slider work. Is this inline with what you are seeing? 

    I'd be pleased but I'm coming from an X-T2 which for me was so bad, I did not use Auto-ISO in video at all. But you are coming from systems which you describe as performing much better. 


  21. 3 hours ago, Robin said:

    I thought it may be useful info especially if anyone is filming in a hot climate.

    I have not noticed any hot pixels or any image issues at all, but I have not been looking for them. 

    If I let the cameras run for a bit and then get some raw stills what is best to shoot? A flat colour wall or something like that ?

    I understand and appreciate your intentions. 

    I'd say any dark surface. Even better would be to put the lens cap on and take a photo at a normal shutter speed, i.e. not in Aperture Priority which might result in a three-minute exposure. 

    Thanks much! Appreciate it.

  22. On 10/22/2018 at 1:07 PM, Robin said:

    I just did a little overheating test on my Xh1 and XT3.

    What triggered this was my Xh1 freezing after 10 minutes filming in direct sunlight in Cairo. (So not unexpected)

    Back at home with a room temperature of 31c...

    The xh1 recorded 15min 4k(max rec length) but upon hitting record again froze. Took battery out and straight back in and got another 15 minutes..... Same thing happened 3 times in a row, got the full 15 minutes but then a freeze upon hitting record again. It did not freeze while recording like it did out in the sun.

    The X-T3......... No problems at all. Did 3 30 minute recordings back to back. No freeze's. Was hot to touch but less than the xh1.

    Next time I'll try taking the X-T3 out in the sun, just the lack of ibis is why I used the xh1 in this case.

    All recording at 4k in 25p

    Thanks for mentioning this.

    Question: have you noticed any hot pixels in the footage? Specifically, could you shoot several RAW images after some longer session recording video and see if any are showing up in the stills? 

    This became so bad with my X-T2 that I had the sensor replaced (under warranty) which yielded some improvement. I've read of others needing to do the same - Zed Pro Media documented their issue, for example.

    Curious. Thanks.

  23. 32 minutes ago, androidlad said:

    I personally find that floaty ultra smooth movement kind of offputting.

    @Emanuel I would be very interested in your review if you touched upon the ability to lessen/strengthen the stabilization effect, if that is a possibility and how effective it is. 

    Often when I stabilize in post, I knock the effect down to between 20-30% to "take the edge off" w/o creating that floating feel.

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