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  1. While I have far to little knowledge to comment on leagues II to V, I would definitivly choose an other order for league I. The RED Monochrome is a pure b/w camera so it maybe shouldn't be on the list. My downgrade of the ARRI Alexa cameras isn't because I think that ARRI makes inferiour cameras. But both the Sony F65 and F55 as well as the RED Dragon have new generation sensors, so it's not surpising that they surpase the Alexas. I don't think that the RED Dragon much surpases the F65, but it's way smaller and cheaper. The Canon 1D C is not a professional camera, especially given the terrible compression. League 1 Red Dragon Sony F65 Sony F55 Alexa Studio Alexa / Amira Canon C500 (4K with external recorder) Sony F5 Red MX Canon 1D C (4K internal – lightly graded only)
  2. Sorry for more or less spamming here, but it's really important to me: I've been posting my new short-film "Partner" on sites everywhere, and I need your support with one. I'd like to get it featured on "Short of the Week", so if you liked "Partner" and don't mind going to the site and voting for it, that will help. And please forward the message to anyone who might like the film. Those votes will allow me to shoot my next film! http://shortoftheweek.uservoice.com/forums/134313-submit-a-film/suggestions/3769241-partner You need to register first for the votes to count, so you'll need to give an email address and then click on the verification email.You can also log-in using your facebook or google account. Then, you can give the video 3!!! votes. If we can get it featured on Short of the Week, that often gets it featured on i09 and Film School Rejects too, all of which really bump up view counts. That again will make sure I get the money to shoot my next film, a web mini-series western/fantasy/neo-noir crossover Cheers David
  3. My short film, which I produced and directed for Red 5 Studios and Continuum Films, got published yesterday. The film's executive producers are Mark Kern and Cindi Rice. Mark posted some months ago on reduser about his ambitious project of funding short films (check out the thread). Only request for getting the funds was that the film has to be interesting for gamers (and of course the script and the showreels of the director and DoP had to be approved). Nowadays, views on youtube are a currency. I do have a great new film project which I want to shoot for stage5, but to get the funds, this first film has to be successful. So please have a look at my film "Partner" and, if you like it, share it with your friends. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrG8Y3N4_Qs&feature=share&list=PLlfX4F00N7cuTA3E5Ew33yE_DInODzztN   We shot the film on a RED Scarlet with Nikon AIs lenses. Colorgrading was done in Resolve.   If you have any questions about the production, filming in Berlin, what gear we used or the post production process, go ahead and ask :)   Cheers David
  4. I use v-mount batteries and a Switronix adapter [url=http://www.switronix.com/news/204-switronix-releases-xp-cable-for-panasonic-lumix-gh2]http://www.switronix.com/news/204-switronix-releases-xp-cable-for-panasonic-lumix-gh2[/url] I added sensor connectors (similar to LEMO, not as good but cheaper) and it works really well.
  5. [quote author=sicovdplas link=topic=813.msg5900#msg5900 date=1339093031] [b]REMINDER! The BMD camera does NOT take 16mm lenses, the senser is slightly BIGGER, S16 primes/zooms won't cover the sensor[/b] [/quote] I don't think that's an issue... there are a lot of s16 lenses which will cover the BMC sensor... also you could do a little crop in the worst case.
  6. [quote author=markm link=topic=813.msg5897#msg5897 date=1339075439] Being able to use m4/3 lenses. I'd be interested. [/quote] Not sure if you could use m4/3 lenses on the BMC, even if you chop of the mount. My adapter is meant to be attached at a m4/3 cam, Sony E cam or at a BMC, giving them the simple "four screws" RED mount (see [url=http://www.red.com/store/products/scarlet-x-brain-only]http://www.red.com/store/products/scarlet-x-brain-only[/url])where you can attach different mounts, not giving the BMC a m4/3 mount. There are already some mounts available: http://www.red.com/store/products/dsmc-ai-canon-mount http://www.red.com/store/products/dsmc-al-leica-m-mount http://redmodz.com/optitek-prolock-nikon-mount-for-red-epic/ and so on... My main concern with normal Canon and Nikon mounts isn't so much the availability of lenses, but the lack of being able to adjust easily the back focus and the lack of stability.
  7. Would there be interest in an adapter to the RED Epic lens mount system, so that you can use the mounts developed for EPIC / Scarlet on the BMC? Adjustment of the back focus distance would be possible (so now more wrong infinity focus). I'm making one for myself (for m4/3), but it would be easy to adopt it to other cameras (well on the BMC you would maybe loose your warranty, if you have to remove to much from the camera to remove the existing mount). Prize would be probably somewhere around €900 (or €600 for m4/3 / Sony E).
  8. [quote author=QuickHitRecord link=topic=790.msg5770#msg5770 date=1338495977] GH2  =>  MFT extension tube  =>  MFT to EF mount adapter  =>  PIXCO Macro Reverse Ring  =>  49mm to 55mm step ring  =>  Redstan clamp  =>  Bell & Howell / Kowa [/quote] You could also just use a m4/3 reverse ring: [url=http://www.rocksphoto.com/category.php?id=164]http://www.rocksphoto.com/category.php?id=164[/url] Also keep in mind that the reverse ring has an outer filter thread. You'll need to reverse that to an inner filter thread. The macro tube should have already an inner filter ring, if you don't use the final ring. So maybe a solution would be: GH2  =>  m4/3 MFT extension tube  =>  m4/3 to Canon Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Adapter with Built-in Aperture iris  =>  Canon extension tube  =>  55mm step up / down ring  =>  Redstan clamp  =>  Bell & Howell / Kowa If this set-up works, it should be quite easy to make a good working all-in-one solution out of solid aluminum with 15mm rod mount.
  9. [quote author=jayrocko link=topic=804.msg5801#msg5801 date=1338659078] Dave, do you have any link to forum posts or resources on how I can build up a working RED Scarlet rig for cheap? I'm willing to rent extra batteries/SSDs if that means lowering the total cost. [/quote] Get an Switronix batteryplate with a RED EPIC power cable: [url=http://www.abelcine.com/store/Switronix-GP-S-EPIC-V-mount-Plate-for-RED-Epic-Scarlet/]http://www.abelcine.com/store/Switronix-GP-S-EPIC-V-mount-Plate-for-RED-Epic-Scarlet/[/url] Since RED Bricks have a V-mount, you'll be able to use all V-mount batteries with enough power. I would get some used RED Bricks from REDuser... even if they have lost some capacities, they are still a good deal (you can get 4 for $500). Get a smallHD DP6 and a Redmote instead of the Touchscreen. If you want to have also a clear output, you can zoom into the frame with a second DP6, since the RED outputs 1080p over HDMI (see smallHD's Canon zoom-in feature on their website). RED will soon sell cheaper 64GB SSDs especially for Scarlet. The videos you posted have all the same problems: missed focus wrong exposure bad grading (or no grading) Scarlet is the same camera as an EPIC, just without the high data rate. If used well, the pictures can easily beat a FS700, F3 or ProRes Alexa. An used RED MX is also a good deal, depending if slow motion capabilities are more important to you than a small camera size.
  10. As far as I know you'll need an extra recorder to capture 4k on the FS700. Also I believe it's only 8bit (huge disadvantage). A RED Scarlet is more expensive, but if you put some effort into it, you can build a good usable system under $14k (using V-mount batteries, redmote and smallHD monitor instead of the touchscreen and so on). But, as Axel wrote, you need to have some grading skills, especially if you want to get the most out of the cam (using red color 3 and red log film). So I would go with the Scarlet (or wait and see how the Kineraw, DigitalBolex and the Blackmagic cam are working out). An Ikonoskop may be also an option.
  11. Really curious to see the results! Good luck :)
  12. hmm maybe something like this? [url=http://www.rocksphoto.com/category.php?id=159]http://www.rocksphoto.com/category.php?id=159[/url]
  13. Maybe it's possible to use an adapter like this to add an iris: [url=http://www.fotodiox.com/product_info.php?products_id=821]http://www.fotodiox.com/product_info.php?products_id=821[/url]
  14. Great test of those anamorphic lenses... the Isco looked surprisingly bad, but I guess there was a glitch in the setup. The LA7200 looked good, but again, you need a diopter to focus closer than 2 or 3 meters... My hope was to find a rehoused Isco 54 where you could leave the focus of the taking lens at infinity and still could focus without diopter as close as 1m to 1,5m.
  15. A friend asked to me to shoot a short he wrote later this year. Because of the film's topic, an anamorphic look (distortion and flares) would help the story. Since it's a no budget short (<EUR5k), rental of Hawks is not an option, and I'm not such a fan of Lomo lenses. I'm sure that there are great Lomo lenses, but most of them just don't look very pleasing to my eye. So right now, my best option is probably to use light streak filters. When reading up on low budget anamorphic solutions, I stumbled upon these: http://www.eoshd.com/content/3492/re...ama-anamorphic http://www.flickr.com/photos/34211301@N00/5959563228/ I have a nice set of Nikon AI-s lenses, so the idea was to add an Iscorama lens, since they allow to leave the focus on the base lens to infinity. There are just two problems left... they are often in a bad shape and they can't focus closer than 2m / 5ft (the Iscorama 42 can, but it gets very soft). So.. does anybody know if there are solutions on the market (under $5k)? Or what happened to RedStan's lenses? Having some kind of Iscorama lens which could be easily swapped between lenses, is reasonably sharp and allows to focus up to 1m would be an amazing option for low budget films.
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