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  1. ok thanks for the pointer. I just want fusion for animated title openers, and 3d tracking text, animated split screen. nothing too fancy
  2. ok thanks for the responses. Yup, I guess as it's free why not, give Resolve/Fusion a go. I'm just worried about spending a long time learning it only to ditch it. Would rather simply commit early on. Will try and keep it simple and see how it manages on my system. thanks!
  3. So, I've never used any proper video editing software but want to start in a big way. Given that I'm starting from fresh does it make more sense to go straight to Blackmagic software given it's free and apparently industry leading instead of the classic Adobe combo? Adobe CC is pricey and I don't want to use any of the other creative apps. I have PC laptop with - 16gb of ram, - i7 8th gen processor, 4 core - 256gb SSD, - Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX150 with 2GB of GDDR5 VRAM There are a few in depth training videos for Fusion on Udemy so I think I can get hold of all the training I need for either combo. My understanding is that the Blackmagic software is quicker (eg in rendering) but looks kinda weird with the "node" based approach in Fusion. Let me know! thanks!
  4. @Geoff CB am in the UK. I work in London while I live to the east of London (Essex/Suffolk). @Zak Forsman yup I know the me looking over an editor's shoulder can seem like a creative no-no, but you need to keep in mind A LOT has gone into to shooting the spot so far. Concept, script, music etc.. my vision is going to be instrumental in making this happen. For the audio I went into a studio and spent a couple of hours or so in sorting out the track (VO + music) that we will use and the collaborative aspect of things worked really well. So I know working closely as a team can bear fruit. @Policar yup good idea - will at least triage the footage I've got to save some time.
  5. Have a load of footage and need it edited for a spot. Have a "vision" more or less what I want, but ultimately want it professionally edited. So my idea is to find a good editor, and literally sit with them and work on the edit collaboratively together. Any idea how I should go about finding someone local(ish) to me? thanks
  6. hmmm yeah: " Frame rates up to 17,791 fps (resolution dependant) "   1280*1024 = 500fps 1024*720 = 700fps 640*480 = 1850fps 320*240 = 5725fps 192*96 = 17791fps   yeah renting sounds like a good option.  Just had a quick look at renting (in the UK) and it looks like I'd get a Phantom for a day or so for same price as buying this camera outright..  ouch
  7. looking into getting a super slow motion camera for some research I might be doing and came across a new kickstarter backed camera: http://edgertronic.com   at $5500 is this a bargain or is there anything else out there for similar or less money?  Problem is I don't know how slow I need to go down to..
  8. very slick - which vendor is this from? was previously vBulletin if I remember right
  9. 5d3 finally gets a good AF system and with the lack of FF competition out there, it'll will by default earn a best buy award despite the hefty price tag, and rightly so. Canon simply knows it can get away with it while competition lags behind it.  makes perfect business sense to screw over consumers, who are price elastic, with limited new features in this new model.  HOWEVER, by pissing off your client base, you are conversely making it easier for future competition to jump in and steal your customer base - enter the scene BMD cinema camera. I'm a Canon 5D owner, but not a proud one.  The day a more friendly competitor emerges with a full frame offering, who doesn't want to screw me over, and who has good lens compatibility/options, I'll be leaving Canon with a massive sigh of relief
  10. I'm shooting in 3 hour blocks (in 45min intervals) and swapping batteries from my GH2, but having been connected to a tripod is proving a total b!tch.  So I'm looking for options which would be either an extended battery pack OR a much easier way to QUICKLY swap out batteries while being connected to a tripod Any ideas?  I've found this [url=http://dolgin.net/zen_dolgin/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=18&products_id=99][b][i]extended GH2 battery plate[/i][/b][/url] but it's not particularly cheap + I'll have to think about where to mount it(and so opens the door to more problems)
  11. I bought my GH2 a little while back, new, with the 14-140 OIS lens for £800 (about $1200), new with 1yr guarantee. I can resell the lens, no problem for £400 ($600) given by ebay completed sale levels.  That leaves me $600 for the body only, for a brand new camera with 1yr warranty.  bar-gain!! now, the best bit is as I'm VAT registered (ie a registered business), I can reclaim 20% back from the tax man I did have to wait a while on ebay till something came up that matched my criteria, but came up it did
  12. admittedly the easiest thing to do is just stick on a good video mic (like the Rode video mic pro that I have), and shoot away.  the problem is that the "pro" tag just doesn't live up to its hyped up name - it will sound amateurish even so (for the stuff that I shoot - music).  Yes, you might & at some point will forget to hit record on the audio device.  But I've forgotten to switch on the video mic as well and got no sound at all.  Either way you'll screw up somewhere no matter what you do audio & video files do not need to match in length. Re organisation, if you're shooting a music session like me, it will be simple, just record one massively long audio file, and the video clips will just arrange themselves automatically with the plugin.  If you're shooting something over the course of several days, sporadically throughout the day, you'll need to figure out a way of labelling the video clips & audio files otherwise I can imagine it will get messy & sync in batches Yes it's one more thing to carry, set up, worry about & has an extra step in post.  BUT, it WILL sound SO MUCH better.  For music video, this makes or breaks the recording.  For interviews, not as important.  If you are doing interviews then you might want to consider getting a lavalier mic.  Either way, you'll want a mic close to your subject I'm leaning towards the Roland R26 - two different types of mics built in, allowing you to pick & choose, or mix, what sounds best in post + has XLR & 3.5mm jack inputs giving you lots of options.  Not cheap, but I've saved on getting a GH2 some examples of using the R26 in a video context - there is simply no way you could shoot this with a single mic slapped onto the top of your camera, given how far back you are from the subject & the poor sound recording quality of the GH2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJEsfmGEwwo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUeVI1LgzoI
  13. syncing in post is actually very straight forward by the looks of things (haven't tried it yet myself).  You just need to get a plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro or FC Pro, and the software will automatically sync & match up the GH2's on-board sound with the externally recorded sound.  The best bit is imagine a set up where you have multiple cams & separate sound recording devices.  You'd think it'd take you forever to sync?  Wrong.  Literally a few clicks and the plugin takes ALL the files, and sync's away.  Come back in a couple of minute after having made yourself a cup of tea and you're good to go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYbAdTkP7FU think there are other plugins you can use You will get the best audio if recorded separately, close to source. and it will sound WAY better. Last off, put it this way - right now by the sounds of things, being a noob, you probably will be happy recording on board with an ok mic.  But eventually you'll move over to recording separately, so I'd just do it now and get over the issue of a few clicks
  14. not a stupid question I'm thinking of ditching on-board recording altogether, to using a separate H4n with additional mics, closer to where the sound source, and syncing in post.  I've been using the Sennheiser video mic pro straight into the camera, and audio is still rubbish (although obviously better than the camera's mic) Of course it all depends on what kind of sound you'll be recording & where you'll be positioned from the source
  15. yeah there are big similarities with Apple.  I had been thinking about "what would I design as the next generation video camera" - better than HD resolution, raw, large touch screen interface, break-away design, EF lens compatible etc..  and then boom - Blackmagic beats me to it! [email protected]  Honestly guys, it isn't rocket science what we wanted Blackmagic have delivered this obvious vision of the future (from the spec sheet anyhow), given it an Apple-like touch screen interface experience + the solid block of aluminium construction thing (which looks uber cool, but will be rubbish to hold, just like the iphone 4..), AND... the real icing on the cake - the beginning of the ecosystem which is how Apple have managed to hold onto it's zillions of customers - ie packaged software that we might actually use & like!  Camera hardware specs aside, keep an eye out on what they do with the software - that's where things might get real interesting.. Don't worry, BMD will turn nasty just like Apple has done too - it's the evil corporate way free market economics works..
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