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  1. [quote name='Axel' timestamp='1347648593' post='18037'] Did they only invite Philip Bloom? Or could you lay hands on the GH3 as well, but had to sign a non-disclosure-contract? Because I think you deserved most to be involved in this, keeping in mind how many bought a GH2 on your recommendation. However, I can't wait to read and see what PB and you have to say. Let the review be of the same bluntness as PBs review of the BMCC. [/quote] Philip Bloom is "the face" of videography technology demonstrator, like the man from Del Monte they need him to say "Yes" because all the lemmings need to be told what is good and what is not by someone with an English accent. Quite frankly I find him condescendinig on his reviews and actually rather rude. Thats said he is pretty good at what he does as a filmmaker. Does Andrew feel the hurt of not being invited? If I was Panny I probably won't extend my invite to Andrew because he is too opinionated and goes off on a tangent like a drunkard on a pup crawl, not the sort of PR guy a manufacturer look for to promote their gears :o
  2. They improved DR on this and that makes it useable outdoors over the GH2 which suffered terribly. From that video it still has that electronic look. 1080p 60fps is a plus. It certainly looks promising and it now depend on how it takes gradings. It will be an ideal B camera for the BMC.
  3. More good news for MFT owners :D [url="http://***URL not allowed***/news/?p=12879"]http://***URL not allowed***/news/?p=12879[/url]
  4. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347148942' post='17623'] The parts are coming in slower than expected. To ship a grand total of 8 cameras to the USA after over a month of production at the factory has me a little worried at [i]how[/i] slow! Yes I agree that [i]part[/i] of the reason for the mount change is to shift some pre-orders and expectations to 2013. Notice that 31st of December is mentioned as the earliest possible shipping date - so essentially it is a 2013 camera now for the MTF version, and I'm expecting demand to outstrip supply of the EF version until the end of 2012. They are like gold dust! [/quote] BMD mistake was using EF mount because they thought they would capitalise on the 5DII market but overlooked the advantages of MFT. The part shortage story I don't believe, more likely they want to commit to MFT and the delay is a way of weaning customers away from the EF version by offering the chance to switch. Since the MFT version was announced there are plenty of buyers remorse from those who ordered the EF version. Don't kid yourself by sticking to EF by being an early adopter while being handicapped by lens limitation and early firmware only to regret it later. Many will be dumping their EF once MFT arrives. Even those who decide to stick with the EF admit that if they had a choice between MFT and EF when they place their pre orders the majority would have chose MFT. I understand you have deep pockets and are not bothered about buying another BMC with MFT mount, not many would have forked out a 5DIII just to shoot video and disassemble the filter? The irony is for you and others who stays with BMC EF pre orders is it is you guys who will ended up waiting upto 6 months to get your MFT version and don't expect to make any profit when selling your BMC EF because plenty of second hand ones will be on the market and new customers will only want MFT.
  5. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347148535' post='17621'] Is it still 'a marketing concept' Jeff or did I miss something? When I get mine and you are still shooting your upscaled 720p H.264 mush at 8bit do feel free to join the 6 month long waiting list. :) [/quote] Not if he goes for the MFT version and then it will free up pre orders for the EF version.
  6. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347119858' post='17604'] No. There IS a pre-order allocation program. [/quote] Well aware of that and people are switching, some will stay because they want to get their hands on the BMC earlier regardless of lens limitation. As soon as the MFT version arrives people will be ditching their EF version at a discount in droves and it will be in less of a demand.
  7. BMC might well be commmiting to MFT mount version hence their hesitence and delay in producing EF mount. The delay may help facilitate those who pre-ordered time to switch their orders to MFT. Rather the delay than risking so many EF mount BMC sitting on the shelves.
  8. All BMD has to do now is give us 60fps as a firmware update and I will not bother with the GH3.
  9. [quote name='EOSHD' timestamp='1347035777' post='17544'] There's a pre-order re-allocation program. However you'd be well advised to keep hold of the EF until the MTF ships, and sell it in my view. You might even make 150% of your money back since demand far outstrips supply. [/quote] Unlikely. This is because people will be less willing to buy the EF mount version and you be lucky to get your money back, most likely at a lost. The MFT announcement changed the whole landscape.
  10. With MFT no more worries about fast wide lens limitation stopping you getting that S35 look.
  11. The reason why it is around $5k-$6k and not $15k as in the EOS Cinema 1C is because it doesnt have 1DX capability for stills included. As a bonifed semi high end video camera the price correctly reflect what the camera actually capable of. On the other thread Andrew wrongly trying to compare the video ability of a $3k dSLR in the 5DIII with a bonifide video camera in the BMC and felt short changed when much of the $3k cost in the 5DIII is actually devoted to stills. It is like complaining that a kettel doesnt make as good a toast as a toaster even though this toaster cannot boil water for a cuppa it did'nt matter to Andrew because he only bought the kettel for its ability to cook toast :rolleyes:
  12. Canon do produce very good if not the best FF video dSLR but just that it is out of your price range.
  13. I'm aware you are on EOSHD but shouldnt you be promoting Canon EOS rather than slating it in all your negative comments? The 5DIII costing £2.5k is largely for its ability to take stills. For argument sake if 90% time people buy it for stills that leaves only 10% of the time people bought it for video purpose and that is around £250 most people would have spent for its video ability. Only a few people daft enough to spend £2.5k for a stills camera exclusively to shoot video. The VG100 is primarily a video camera so it better be good but I doubt it will be in the same ball park as BMC. This is what I'm saying!
  14. The 5DIII is primarily a stills camera. Comparing videos is like Canon's side feature vs BMC prime feature.
  15. [quote name='Chrad' timestamp='1345987766' post='16502'] [color=#222222][font=Helvetica Neue', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif][size=4][background=rgb(255, 255, 255)]I'm curious as to why so many people think that an affordable larger sensor RAW camera from BMD or anyone else is just around the corner. The BMCC seemed at NAB to be an incredibly disruptive and innovative product. It took BMD a lot longer than they initially anticipated to get the product out the door. Then there's the super 35 sensor Kineraw, which has some of the same limitations as the BMCC (like no overcranking at full resolution, though it does support up to 720p60) but costs twice the price. So why do people talk like it's easy to crank one of these things out and the sub $3K RAW camera we've all been waiting for will be out in a matter of months? Sony and Canon have not shown themselves to be nearly that nimble, and I think it will be a number of years before Blackmagic can put out another camera. [/background][/size][/font][/color] [font=Helvetica Neue]I'm sure in a few years there'll be a great super 35 RAW camera at an accessible price point, with all the features we've been asking for like higher frame rates, but there comes a point where one has to stop waiting and make the most of what's available now. With the inclusion of DaVinci Resolve and Ultrascopes, I think the BMC offers a value proposition that we won't see bettered for a good while to come.[/font] [/quote] Well BMC havent ruled out 60fps in future firmware updates the only issue is overheating but a short spurt can be done without overheating if they really want to give it. You can do over cranking in software [url="http://vimeo.com/48099151#at=0"]http://vimeo.com/48099151#at=0[/url]
  16. Actually Sony is too late with the VG900. Sure it is potentially the best video using a dSLR sensor for under £2.5k and probably arrive in stores early next year. Why? It is because RAW capable video camera already can be had for under £2.5k even though the sensor is small such as the BMC by next year we may well see S35 version for around £3k-£4k be it from BMD or another manufacturer. Canon was'nt smart with their $15k FF EOS cinema standard dSLR and as a great believer of "you pay for what you get" I doubt the VG900 will come anywhere close in video quality. The VG900 will only be a modest improvement over the 5DIII and as a dedicated camcorder for the price even with FF sensor it will have a hard time challenging BMC and Digital Bolex and may prove a disaster for Sony.
  17. A load of BS marketing. I don't for one moment get taken in by the claims that videographers were involved in designing a new dSLR. Didn't we hear that before from Nikon and their D4/D800. Yes maybe input but that doesnt mean we will get a high end cinema camera. Over the last few years Sony have off loaded a bunch of video related features on their dSLRs all turned out to be gimmicks, its no different this time round. Blackmagic Design already gave us a clue about what can and cant in a $3k camera that means no thrills Super 16 size sensor video camera with great DR RAW, any larger sensor like a S35 will cost a lot more. Do you expect for one moment Sony will release a FF camera with video that rivals the big boys in DR, resolution, bitrates, etc and also a professional stills camera. Seriously take a chill pill, don't expect too much. These marketing hype we see often.
  18. [quote name='Shian Storm' timestamp='1343231245' post='14491'] I graded this, and I can assure you photoshop was not used. This was graded using ColorGHear Toolkit for After Effects. The skin smoothing effect is a feature in ColorGHear called GHrain Killer which can be used to reduce noise and/or smooth out skin detail depending on how you adjust the settings. In this case, because they were stills, I chose not to do any power windows or masks that would normally require a lot of tracking - just to kinda keep the grade honest and simple. As a result you can actually see the GHrain Killer reducing some of the detail on her jacket as well. Normally I would have tracked her face, and only applied the GK to her skin. [/quote] The NR and smoothing for me had a negative effect because it actually looks closer to the 5DMkII video. For stills I can understand a temptation to glam up a photo of a lady but for moving images noise and skin blemish is less of an issue than if it were stills. The human eye has a natural NR filter when viewing moving images there is no need to add any more smoothing otherwise the video looks flat.
  19. Simco123


    I wish for the GH3 they can improve the DR.
  20. Looks like someone has photoshopped it with a skin smoother filter :o [img]http://www.eoshd.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/bmc-small.jpg[/img]
  21. Interesting how Kipon decide to announce this when clearly still incomplete with wiring exposed right after Canon announced their EOS-M. Could their be some revearse engineering using the EOS-M to EF mount as a basis? It will most likely be cheaper than the Metabones and less than the EOS-M to EF adapter.
  22. [url="http://www.dl-kipon.com/en/articledetail.asp?id=56"]http://www.dl-kipon.com/en/articledetail.asp?id=56[/url]
  23. I did'nt know Nikon has a FF dSLR back in the 1970s :lol: The 50mm E series lens from Nikon were cheap and probably doesnt have a motor. Vintage lens are usually smaller than modern lens for good reasons they are not jam packed with motors, mirrors, etc. While I'm at it Nikon has been using the same 12mp sensor on their FF cameras since 2007 and only did something about it in 2012.
  24. Some people who was featured in that video were average DP you probably might not have heard of had they not got famous because of video dSLRs. They were given the opportunity to play with a prototype or early production models by the manufacturer and released an early clip. It almost seems like each manufacturer when releasing something new would designate someone for fame, they released a footage benefited by the fact the camera will do well anyway. Vincent Laforet is a photographer but he epitomise someone who became a respected film director due to the publicity surrounding his few minute video clip made from the 5DII. Now we have John Brawley who is a DP whose name we would not have heard of 4 months ago but his name is going be sealed in the videographers Hall of Fame and no doubt soon rubbing shoulders with the likes of Coppola, Lucas, Tarantino, etc because he was given a BMC prototype to play with. We have manufactured popstars, celebrities and reality TV shows, I suppose manufactured celebrity DP has made it present known in the last few years because of affordable video capable dSLR and the likes that is more accessable to the masses.
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