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  1. [quote author=Andrew Reid link=topic=938.msg6823#msg6823 date=1341490572] [quote author=bradleyg5 link=topic=938.msg6814#msg6814 date=1341466727] The Canon 40mm F2.8 in Canada is 229$ (sharper wide open, shallower depth of field) The Panasonic 20mm F1.7 is 499$ What a complete joke, everybody talks about what a good deal the GH2 is and then fails to mention how monstrously over priced micro 4/3 lens are. It's not just priced like premium system it's priced ABOVE all other dslr systems when you take lens into consideration.  How sad is it that it's cheaper to build a full frame system than a micro four thirds system. [/quote] Elephant in the room to your argument - 1000's of adaptable lenses. You can build a Micro 4/3rd's system with Canon FD lenses far more cheaply than the same glass on full frame. [/quote] Not when you consider M43 system are cropped anyway but lens with an equivelent DOF to a FF are a lot more expensive. Yes you can use the EF 40mm f2.8 with an adapter to the GH2 but you wont get the same focal and DOF range if it is on a FF Canon.
  2. You see I was right earlier on. 1DX is no better than the 5DIII after post. While the 1DX is indeed sharper out of the box it has smaller bitrate than 5DIII. Unlike Canon higher bitrate on the D800 HDMI out apart from minor improvement in colour space has virtually no impact on bringing out details in post because of line skipping so basically Nikon optmised  their video out of the box but with aliasing issue.
  3. Sp the Pentacpn lens is soft and gives the Gh2 a cinematic softness over sharpenes electronic look yet 5DIII is criticised for delivering cinematic softness and not sharpness. Make up your mind ???
  4. The 5DIII has higher bitrate and renders sharpness better in post than the 1Dx so all in all they are similar given both cameras uses similar codec.
  5. So contarary to your previous report, Andrew, were you claim there is zero reasons to get the 650D because Canon you claimed made no improvement. Do you think you have to back track on your earlier statements? We have yet to see how well the 650D can grade and if it is anything as good as 5DIII in sharpening. Why did Canon not mention clean HDMI? Maybe they don't consider it such a big deal given the small difference it made to colour space while Nikon trumped about it and some people were clearly duped.
  6. GH2 is rubbish for bright daylight. It really is prone to highlight clipping and the DR is just rubbish giving its a very consumer look. Sure it renders details very well but if you only shoot in low light and indoors it would excel but definate no no for sunny outdoors. The Rebel line dead for video? Don't make me laugh :D Canon has just included in the 650D its first hybrid AF combining both phase and contrast detect for video to make it work with the new video optimised lens. Remember these lens arent like the ones you take stills with so they are pretty clever a lot better than the video lens from Lumix and GH2 video AF combo. I believe dSLR prices are 90% geared towards taking stills hence the price.
  7. [quote author=HurtinMinorKey link=topic=835.msg6034#msg6034 date=1339603900] As far as video goes, Sony holds Nikon's leash because they supply them with sensors, and i bet that means that Sony is the one that determines what Nikon video can do so as not to interfere with Sony's v-cams. In other words, there is no reason to expect that Nikon will ever do anything great with their video. [/quote] Spot on. Said this all along. There is patent agreement for Nikon to use Sony sensors. I bet that is why the D800 and D4 when using 1080p video they have to crop the sensor to 1.1  and not full frame. Nothing to do with down scaling.
  8. Any fool would know having an articulated screen would compromise the physical build structure prone to having it broken off if dropped, leaned on heavily, etc, so I'm glad Canon did not move it up to their pro line. If you want an articulated screen just buy a  cheap mini monitor that fit into your hot shoe. Just use Magic Lantern hack if you want peaking.
  9. And what does a AA filter do to the D800 video? Answer? It causes the video to look all mushy. Can you then bring out the details using grading sharpening? Err, no, not like what you can do with the 5DIII. Then how about using an external recording device via HDMI, can you then grade/sharpen it to make the resolution look better? Err, no. D800 HDMI out only allows colour space improvement for grading  and even here it is very marginal so in another word this feature is a gimmick.
  10. Andrew, I'm pretty sure your review of the 5DIII has influenced Dpreview giving the camera worst score than the D800 for video. When you consider nearly all reputable reviews put the 5DIII video ahead of the D800. A dSLR IQ for stills is mostly based on its RAW abilities because most people will be using RAW to fine tune their images. Like RAW videographers shooting videos on dSLRs will fine tune their videos in post. What we have is a 5DIII when fine tune through post put it in another league above D800 certainly match it in resolution but exceed it with moire & aliasing handling which is critical to filmmakers. And I we havent even mention lowlight ability. The negativity you gave saying its only a slight improvement over the 5DII while everyone knows that the D800 video was a quantum leap over D3s really put paid to Dpreview niavely gave the 5DIII lower score than it really deserve. >:(
  11. I agree a lot of dSLR users have very mainstream taste that why there are so many of the samey boring crappy arty farty on youtube and vimeo being flaunted as a masterpiece.
  12. Well we don't know how much sharpening has been applied to this D800E sample. Here is a 5DIII sample, the second part of the video shows sharpened sample from post [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F3dOAnmai_8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=F3dOAnmai_8[/url]
  13. I'm more impress with this sample than I have with D800. If this is truley repesentative of a D800E and not some suped up sample then Canon 5DIII has lost its video crown to its Nikon rival at the £3k price point. What is keeping me from selling my Canon gears is ironically the BMD Cinema because it uses Canon EF lens with full aperture control means jumping ship to Nikon neither economically viable or make pactical sense.
  14. CVP has dropped the price of the BM [url=http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/index.php?t=product/blackmagic_cinema_camera]http://www.creativevideo.co.uk/index.php?t=product/blackmagic_cinema_camera[/url] Interest is going through the roof so no reason why a price cut already and like there is strong competition elsewhere.
  15. Simco123

    Revolve Dolly

    Does anyone know were they sell this? [url=http://www.revolvecamera.com/]http://www.revolvecamera.com/[/url]
  16. Does anyone know the price for the Nucoda Film Master?
  17. [quote author=Axel link=topic=596.msg4925#msg4925 date=1335900138] "Story is all that matters ... " ;D ;D ;D I don't like to see this idiot every time a new camera system comes out, but this time the texts are really top-notch. [/quote] He probably go and shoot himself if they told him for $3k the BM also includes Resolve 9 and Ultrascope :D
  18. Here it is ;) [url=http://***URL not allowed***/news/?p=10998#more-10998]http://***URL not allowed***/news/?p=10998#more-10998[/url]
  19. I'm getting the BM with Resolve 9. Does anyone have experience with both Film Master and Resolve with pros and cons of either?
  20. Simco123

    Dynamic Range

    [quote author=FilmMan link=topic=660.msg4881#msg4881 date=1335746689] The DSLR's supposedly are closer to 10 stops?  So the BM with 13 stops is awesome.  I'm curious how much better the calibrated sensor will be.  I wonder if they'll be able to push 14 stops?  or perhaps close in on 15 stops? [/quote] Yes dSLR such as the 5D2 has high DR that is why you see highlight roll off unlike the GH2 were it clips highlights. Had a hard time convincing some on here to accept that ::) The low bitrate put it at a disadvantage for grading plus other negative like downsampling and not RAW.
  21. Get a GH2, use the more reliable hack and a Samyang 35mm f1.4 plus variable ND filter.
  22. Simco123

    FS700 Footage

    [quote author=Axel link=topic=654.msg4859#msg4859 date=1335689687] ● The 320p size on YouTube and the 1080p size don't have different quality. They have different size. Same with 4k. Full stop. [/quote] So it is the same shit just bigger? 4K does have at least one advantage, you can crop. This helps hand held shot and crop to 1080p for stability.
  23. Simco123

    FS700 Footage

    The FS700 video shown on the first post did'nt have great DR :o
  24. Simco123

    FS700 Footage

    [quote author=cameraboy link=topic=654.msg4854#msg4854 date=1335685311] lets wait for 4k raw samples ... [/quote] Would that be the same shit just bigger :D
  25. I'm curious about the author's comments [i]"The maximum frame rate of 30fps is said to be limited by the speed of recording CinemaDNG files to SSD. There was no discussion of faster frame rates for lower-data-rate ProRes or DNxHD; it might be the case that 30fps is as fast as the data can be read off the sensor and/or processed for recording."[/i] And he went on [i]"Rolling shutter? Yeah, it’s there. Serious? Not really; I had to try pretty hard to provoke it. It’s probably on the order of the rolling shutter in the RED ONE, a PMW-EX1, or the like; much better than on a Canon DSLR or the GH2." [/i] I might be misunderstanding what the author meant but if rolling shutter handling is much better on the BM over Canon dSLR then the data reading off the sensor and processed for recording would have been more efficient. This would not be a limiting factor in why the BM is stuck at max 30fps when you consider Canon dSLRs with poor rolling shutter can manage 60fps. About the screen resolution the author says [i]"The 5” touchscreen is only 800x480, which may prove to be frustrating for fine focus-finding"[/i] For me screen size is more critical than resolution (unless it is absolutely useless)  for focussing. I use a 7" external screen that does 720p for my GH2 and I might be tempted to get an updated 7" 1080p screen for the BM so I guess it will be via the thunderbolt port to a HDMI converter to do that?
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