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  1. [quote author=FilmMan link=topic=649.msg4830#msg4830 date=1335625905] I'm hoping they'll get clean HDMI out for the 5D2.  It's an incredible camera. I'm still excited about the BM camera.  How good will it be?  The dynamic range is excellent (talk of up to a few extra stops above the 13 could be a possible - doubt, however 13 stops great).  The video posted to date suggest a very filmic image.  The sensor needs to be calibrated properly.  After these tweaks, will the image parallel to an Arri on most of the shots?  I want to play with some footage straight from the BM camera.  [/quote] At the moment the Arri has 14 stops but BM already has 13 stops before fully calibrated. It is felt they can tweak a bit more out of this thing so hopefully it can match the Arri at 14 stops by the time it goes on sale.
  2. | always welcome people trying out different things be it technique that changes how the film look or the style of filmaking. I'm sick of seeing the endless samey arty farty video and other pretentious crap imitated repeatedly on youtube.
  3. Must be the cheapest price in the UK. Not listed on BM website as a recommended stockist. The only thing is if demand exceed supply they may not be the first to get it. Will there be a long waiting list once the first batch sell out? [url=http://www.markertek.co.uk/Blackmagic-Design-BMD-CINECAM26KEF-Large-Sensor-Cinema-Camera]http://www.markertek.co.uk/Blackmagic-Design-BMD-CINECAM26KEF-Large-Sensor-Cinema-Camera[/url]
  4. Anamorphic framing anyone? My only worry is the CEO of BMD looks an aweful lot like comedian Peter Kay. Peter Kay [img]http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/pictures/704x528fitpad[150]/0/6/1/1152061_Grant_Petty_Blackmagic.jpg[/img] Grant Perry [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_UaLWp72nij4/TGyAkiQevYI/AAAAAAAATzs/2ED8NcMvXOQ/s400/peter-kay.jpg[/img] I really hope it is not the same guy. I dread to think that all those who pre-ordered only to find the existence of such a camera is part of a practical joke :o
  5. Blackmagic has confirm their new cinema camera is born out of the 5DMkII. They want feedback with this camera before proceeding what to do next. Interesting to know there are "bunch of things" they can add to this camera, hopefully higher frame rates. Sounds like it is a camera made by geeks for geeks :D [url=http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/techfacils/blackmagic-monitors-reaction/5040986.article]http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/techfacils/blackmagic-monitors-reaction/5040986.article[/url] [url=http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/techfacils/behind-the-blackmagic-camera/5040916.article?blocktitle=PRODUCTION-FEATURE&contentID=1169]http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/techfacils/behind-the-blackmagic-camera/5040916.article?blocktitle=PRODUCTION-FEATURE&contentID=1169[/url]
  6. [quote author=jindrich link=topic=631.msg4621#msg4621 date=1335284468] And the winner is... Arrri Alexa. It's the most demanded camera for Film, TV drama and Commercials by a LOOOOONG mile. While other manufacturers were building hype on specs and promises and whatnot, Arri understood the most important features were: a solid camera for the CURRENT neccesities, a simple and fast workflow and first-class customer support. On the other side of the spectrum: -DSLR: the Nikon D800+Ninja2 as the best option, with Broadcast-approved image quality -Low cost Video: FS700 (alone or with additional Samurai) as the lower cost all-terrain camera -Low end Broadcast: a tie between the C300 and the F3. The F3 with slog+Samurai/Pix240 kills the C300 for drama Up from that it it's all alexa. period. RED needs to adress the reputation of faulty cameras, create a worldwide distribution chain and provide 24/7 support by telephone. Until that happens, RED will only be for amateurs. Sony's 65 will compete with the Alexa and surely will get a piece of the Pro pie. BMD camera will be an experiment for now and by v2.0 with an S35 sensor next year it will make all manufacturers nervous. Canon's 1D-C will be a flop unless it reduces its price to $8k and the C500 is only a prototype at this moment, so we won't see it before 2013. The 5D3 will be handicapped by its higher price and by not having a clean HDMI out, thus the D800 will eat this segment for the most advanced users. [/quote] From what I've seen D800 is plagued with moire and its so call clean HDMI improvement are very minor. Low light is not a patch on the 5DIII and post processing the 5DIII yield a lot more detail and DR. Nikon is still behind Canon in dSLR video quality, any advance user with some clue will not be buying a D800 with an external recorder.
  7. What I like about the BM is it uses EF lens. The flexibility with SSD RAW recording, the small form factor plus Da Vinci Resolve makes it more appealing. Of course if money is not an obstacle FS700 is a better choice but then wouldnt an Arri be better?
  8. Andrew's reaction at the NAB a couple of weeks ago ;D [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuN9t3hd_yM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuN9t3hd_yM[/url]
  9. [quote author=Axel link=topic=622.msg4538#msg4538 date=1335128948] [quote author=garypayton link=topic=622.msg4537#msg4537 date=1335128501] I will buy a mac with thunderbolt if necessary.[/quote] Buy [url=http://www.colorhq.com/Eizo-ColorEdge-CG241W-BK-p/cg241w-bk.htm][u]this[/u][/url]. If you plan for the cinema. If not, reconsider. The enemy of art is the absence of limitations. [/quote] I suppose the iMac 27" screen is not a 12 bit. Are any of these monitors suitable for 12 bit 13 stop DR? [url=http://www.jigsaw24.com/products/computers-and-it/av-presentation/displays/displays/colour-critical-displays]http://www.jigsaw24.com/products/computers-and-it/av-presentation/displays/displays/colour-critical-displays[/url]
  10. What make you think the 5D2 will fall much more in price? Many people actually decide to keep their 5D2 instead of upgrading because of no improvement in MP and modest leap in video. Some even now buy 5D2 because they cant afford the 5DIII.
  11. I would consider ditching the GH2. You can use the EF lens on both the 5D2 and BM plus you can compliment shallow DOF from the 5D2 with the BM. Sensor between the BM and GH2 is very close and I see no reason to keep the GH2 unless you need it as a second camera to shoot alternative footage.
  12. An interview with tester John Brawley, he said BMD is still calibrating the sensor which affects noise and DR gettng towards Alexa quality, lets hope for 14 stop DR :D Preproduction model he was testing compliments footages from RED and Alexa very well ;) [url=http://freytag-film.com/blog/artikel/talk-about-the-new-black-magic-design-cinema-camera]http://freytag-film.com/blog/artikel/talk-about-the-new-black-magic-design-cinema-camera[/url]
  13. On Philip Bloom's site. BMD is wiping the floor 8) [url=http://philipbloom.net/forum/threads/2012-the-year-of-the-camera.1530/]http://philipbloom.net/forum/threads/2012-the-year-of-the-camera.1530/[/url]
  14. [quote author=cameraboy link=topic=613.msg4506#msg4506 date=1335086068] i dont  think that BMD is crippled ... hardware is just not fast enough to go 2.5K 30fps+...only thing they can do is to crop sensor for lower resolution and faster fps... [/quote] Then this is what they can do. I would welcome 720p 60fps.
  15. I agree that people will always look forward to the future spec because this model still does not have everything we need which to be honest has given more than anything else on the market right now for the price. What I don't know about are is this BM deliberately crippled and would a firmware give us increase fps? Already it has been said that ISO will be increased from 1600 to 3200 on the production model presumably by firmware update. In the NAB interview with Dan Chung the BM rep mention the camera is upgradeable using firmware. The $2k digital Bolex already has 720p 60fps and it is the only feature of any significant it has over the BM. [quote author=wondo link=topic=613.msg4502#msg4502 date=1335079220] there`s always going to be a "what if?" "why don`t?" "maybe in the next generation".... and with moore`s law crumpling, especially in the digital camera market, the "next thing" is always already sitting in some company`s drawer... but for the time being this camera is now, or exactly in 2 months... AND it comes at a WTF price point, compared to everything else available. at this price, and with the given specs, i don`t really care wether it`s S35 or not, and moaning about it is really a bit like asking for this camera to come for free. after watching canon take off into spheres beyond my wildest nightmares, giving only what is absolutely necessary to vaguely rectify their insane price policy, but not an inch more, this camera is an absolute delight! somebody at canon must have thought that the`ve taken us all hostage with the 5DII, and that the time was right to "milk the bastards". well... turns out that the devil they`ve let out the box turned against them now. i think we`re all profiting from bmd`s real interest.. they can`t make money with this camera, but i think their real interest lies in establishing da vinci as the photoshop of motion pictures, and bundling it almost for free to this camera is surely the right move. considering lens mounts... well i think it`s only a matter of time till somebody straps this thing to a cnc mill and chops the tube off to make every lens mount there is possible... maybe i`ll do it myself, the form factor begs for it :-) [/quote]
  16. [quote author=shijan link=topic=596.msg4484#msg4484 date=1335026185] [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=596.msg4468#msg4468 date=1334994719] So who has ordered a BM cinema camera? [/quote] not so fast, there is so many time till july, and there is another more interesting camera project will be announced very soon... i hope so  ;) [/quote] I heard about a $5000 camera that has S35 sensor but unless it fits my Canon lens and allow full iris control plus free software that cost $1000 and similar flexibilty and cost effective way with RAW storage I'm sticking with the BM for now. I got this feeling BM will sell out quickly and may not meet the demand with a long waiting list. Many Canon dSLR owners who is looking for a big boost with video will be looking at this instead.
  17. The EF-S 10-22mm is another option but will not bring much DOF. The other is Sigma 20mm f1.8 which turns into a 48mm. Anyone any recommendation for a fast wide angle lens that is comptable with an EF adapter?
  18. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=596.msg4470#msg4470 date=1335000029] Me  :) [/quote] I have too from one of  their recommended supplier. Also ordered the hand grip. The main thing is I can use my Canon lens. Do you think the EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS the best walk around lens for the BM? I was was going to sell it to fund the 5DIII untill the BM arrive.
  19. I heard the BM camera might eventually have ISO 3200 on the production model. Will future firmware give us 1080p 60fps? Even 720p 60fps would be nice. I think BM need competition at the 2k-3k price bracket to give us that something like the Digital Bolex.
  20. [quote author=jlev23 link=topic=613.msg4348#msg4348 date=1334846007] why couldnt stupid canon make the 5dmk3 2k raw and prores and the 1dc 4k raw and prores, now they dont have anything to compete with black magic or digital bolex or ikonoskop. they should blow our minds and give the 5dmk3 the upgrade of a life time! then theyd be back in the game! [/quote] This is because like all still cameras aimed for still shooters video features are practically free.
  21. [quote author=TC link=topic=613.msg4337#msg4337 date=1334840426] [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=613.msg4335#msg4335 date=1334840021] Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic are not daft ... that is why they refuse to charge a big premium for video features on dSLR. [/quote] Have you been following the news in recent weeks?  What is the $8k mark up on the 1D C over the 1D X, if not a (very) big premium for video features?  Check Westfall was interviewed at NAB and asked why the 1D C was so much more expensive.  Apart from the headphone jack his answer listed only firmware features. [/quote] Yes I have been following that. They are not daft, well not always, as I have said above. $15,000 is clearly targetd for the video crowd. Considering Canon do drastically reduce prices for their video cameras, ie C300, it is likely we would see the EOS 1D C 4k selling at $10k and considering the 1DX is already $7k they are offering the 4k video feature for $3k. I expect the video will be lot better than those seen on the 5DIII.
  22. It certainly looks like progress in video on dSLR is taking a different route albeit a less impressive one and that video companies particularly small independent ones have been inspired by the budget film camera market. Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic are not daft, well not always, and they have anticipated something like the Blackmagic, Digital Bolex, etc, will arrive that is why they refuse to charge a big premium for video features on dSLR. Clearly if you want o shoot film with a $3k budget you will be looking at a BM. If you wanto shoot still with a casual interest in video you you would consider a 5DIII. The D800 video implementation however is dead on the water. You would never want to pay extra for an external device for poor quality uncompress HDMI output that offer little or no improvement over internal card recording.
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