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  1. [quote author=popalock link=topic=600.msg4274#msg4274 date=1334785000] @markm - the BM is priced at £2310 including VAT in the UK Question I've got to all those who bought a 5D3; who's gonna sell up now, and if not, why not? Seriously am interested in the reasons for sticking with Canon (from a video perspective) [/quote] If you are a still shooter too actually BM gives good reason to stick with Canon because both system takes EF lenses.
  2. I never liked the bright outdoor look of the GH2 even with the hack. DR wasnt quite there, highlight clipping was poor and lack the roll off look of the 5D2. The wacky consumer grade colours and electronic look is also very off putting. The Blackmagic appears to answer those short commings and more.
  3. Youtubers? I think even the video of an entry level dSLR is wasted on youtube.
  4. Does this Blackmagic camera takes EF-S lens too? I think the pricing is an introduction for a new company. They will have difficulty convincing the masses if it is price too high competing against big name brands. To be honest if it cost $15k few will look at this and instead go along with the more established make. Once the reputation is built they will go the same way as the rest and future models with even minor upgrade costing huge amount.
  5. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=600.msg4179#msg4179 date=1334686665] [quote author=Olphus link=topic=600.msg4171#msg4171 date=1334683685] $3000 in the U.S. and probably £3200 in the UK >:( [/quote] Wrong - £2400. I just ordered at CVP. Links are on the Black Magic Design site. [/quote] £2310 at Jigsaw
  6. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=596.msg4115#msg4115 date=1334651955] [quote author=popalock link=topic=596.msg4114#msg4114 date=1334650883] sorry, don't have time to read through all the posts.  You can pre-order already you know. Just got mine in the UK done for £1925 ex VAT!! [/quote] SSHHH!! By the way here is a 1080p frame grab http://johnbrawley.files.wordpress.com/2012/04/untitled_1-23-2.jpg Detailed, not soft. 2.5K raw will comfortably beat the FS700 and C300 for resolution. [/quote] I also pre-ordered and in line for the first batch :P Not taking any chance before it does a D4/D800. It is a small company and may not be able to fulfill orders if it is too large. Just the software alone cost about a third of the total price so you are actually paying £1600 for the camera. So glad that I did not buy the 5DIII off you Andrew :D
  7. His reviews about the 5DIII and now the Canon 4k he seems to be having a go at someone. Any clue who he meant ;) [url=http://philipbloom.net/2012/04/13/nab2012a/]http://philipbloom.net/2012/04/13/nab2012a/[/url]
  8. I don't get your fascination with the Nikon D800 and you will be disappointed with it once you get to try it. The slight sharpness is compromise by terrible moire and aliasing. Clean HDMI is ruined by poor downsampling/line skipping, poor lowlight, it is also cropped like APS-H but with fake 1080p. Tests shows video DR is not as good as 5DIII. I don't believe in free lunch and  Nikon did not develop a dSLR with better video output at cheaper price than Canon. This said the 4k is a bit overprice. It is a 1DX plus great video minus bells and whistles of the C300. $9k launch price stablalizing to $7k in 6 months after launch would have been right. However I think your $15,000 estimation is not right given the way Canon always matches the dollar with Euro so $10k launch would have been the price.
  9. I wonder what the MP is for Canon's 4k dSLR? if it is pixel binning I reckon a 39mp.
  10. All these GH2 hacks does it improve on 2x tele mode?
  11. Is it true that pixel binnng to produce 1080p output can be manipulated with firmware update while line skipping method cannot?
  12. I bleive one of the two AA filter was removed without serious detrimental effect on moire but would allow better details for video. Will Canon release a version with weaker or minus this AA filter? I hope videographers will start asking question and use NAB 2012 as a opportunity to push Canon to remove this AA filter because clearly it is too strong.
  13. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=541.msg3533#msg3533 date=1333818180] [quote author=Max link=topic=541.msg3531#msg3531 date=1333814951] Season 1  and  2 was shoot entirely with alexa. [url=http://www.arri.de/news.html?article=655&cHash=cc3587c6fb7faace2e86d73d0386df39]http://www.arri.de/news.html?article=655&cHash=cc3587c6fb7faace2e86d73d0386df39[/url] I am not sure why GH2  is mention regards cinema movie with the top dogs Any idea? [/quote] It is mentioned purely because of the end result being closer than you'd expect for the price gap. Should be obvious really. Don't need to go overboard on explaining the obvious. If you were shooting Sky Fall on a $100m budget you'd have to be absolutely out of your mind not to choose the very best cinema camera that technology allows. The GH2 is not that camera, the Alexa is. Simple. But the other story is what EOSHD is about. [/quote] On restricted space were a small camera are needed I can see the use of dSLR. I can also see the use of dSLR  mounted on mini remote control helicopter for moving overhead shot instead of mounting an Alexa and risk losing an expensive piece of kit in case it crashes. 
  14. 5DIII beats D800 in low light, moire, detail/sharpness and DR. D800 better 5DIII very slightly on rolling shutter. [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIKcfKhE-ew#ws]Nikon D800 v Canon 5D Mark III video test: high ISO, moiré, rolling shutter & dynamic range[/url]
  15. Apart from the Alexa and C300 did they shot any Games of Thrones using a GH2 ;)
  16. This can be bad news for us too. Whenever a company's system has been hacked sometimes they hire the very people who hacked them to secure their system. To be honest if Panasonic wanted us to have these improvements they would not be crippling them in the first place. What is troubling is that people like Vitaly might be close to hacking more fundamental hardware limitations like uncompress HDMI out, etc, and Panasonic may decide to step in and say "look we will assist you in certain aspect of your hack which we think is ethical  and will boost sales of our product but don't go further than what we want you to do. And while you at it we will pay you and please sign on that dotted line as contract of our agreement". Not good news if you ask me.
  17. Has 5DIII really has a strong AA filter that affect stills too? I'm curious because in many stills image tests 5DIII is sharper than 5D2 which is known to have a very weak AA filter. Regardless it would seem taking this filter off produces a much more detailed video and I think Canon must decide to either replace it with a weaker one or remove it altogether and release two versions of 5DIII, one with and one without filter. It could even be early adopters had strong filters fitted because videos from preproduction models look fab. Can you imagine putting it through grading? We know how good it is with strong filter but without and after grading it should be even better than a hacked GH2 for sharpness ;)
  18. D800E while have no AA filter and produces sharper stills it will make aliasing even worse thanthe already bad D800 because unlike the 5DIII the downsampling is not a perfect pixel binning 3x3. [quote author=TJB link=topic=501.msg3284#msg3284 date=1333218281] Or for $200 less just grab yourself a Nikon 800E. I'm passing on the 5DMK3 and sticking with the MK2 and a newly acquired GH2. The 5DMK2 for people shots and the GH2 for deep depth of field landscape shots. Pity though that the Unified and Vanilla patches don't work so well in HBR 25p mode. Anyone know of patches that are stable with HBR 25p? [/quote]
  19. Neither D4 or D800 videos in FX mode are true FF, both are cropped in FX mode. Ths is a D800 I know it is youtube compression but it still look soft [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSChHncLSeE#ws]Nikon D800 Digital SLR Full HD Video Outdoors 2[/url]
  20. It is still a dSLR in a 1DX body and aimed at stills people too just as the 5DIII can be aimed at cinema people. Most likely a 4k without the bells and whistles of C300 otherwise they would put it in a C300 body. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=482.msg3170#msg3170 date=1333022316] [quote author=Simco123 link=topic=482.msg3164#msg3164 date=1332993215] So do you think a 4k Canon EOS dSLR is going to be more expensive than Canon flagship EOS DSLR the 1DX :o A flagship camera is meant to be the most expensive unless the 4K EOS dSLR will takes over as the flagship which is unlikely. [/quote] Of course it will. Cinema EOS range is aimed at cinema people. Their gear costs serious money. It isn't an Indie Cinema EOS range. Canon don't seem interested in us at the moment. [/quote]
  21. So do you think a 4k Canon EOS dSLR is going to be more expensive than Canon flagship EOS DSLR the 1DX :o A flagship camera is meant to be the most expensive unless the 4K EOS dSLR will takes over as the flagship which is unlikely.
  22. [quote author=Patlaser link=topic=484.msg3126#msg3126 date=1332941341] I´ve seen some footage of the D800, and honestly it´s much sharper in comparison over the softy 5d markIII. Moire is not a big deal (when viewing proper HQ files, not 720p youtube) and the low light performance is promising with no noise at 6400 iso. And as for stills it kicks some ass too. I´m a Canon fan boy but i want a fullframe capable of capturing wide detailed nature shots, and don´t tell me that softness is cinematic because it´s an easy excuse. Canon is playing chess with us, don´t be fooled. I´m pondering FS100 vs D800 right now, but let see waht NAB 2012 as to offer. [/quote] I also saw some sharp 5DIII video much sharper then D800. 5D2 is sharper than 5DIII straight out of camera but it is not as good after grading. That were the real deal is. Philip Bloom had changed his mind and now raves about the 5DIII video [url=http://philipbloom.net/2012/03/22/5dmk3/]http://philipbloom.net/2012/03/22/5dmk3/[/url]
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