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  1. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=112.msg994#msg994 date=1325333047] Getting the framing right first time is part of what makes a good filmmaker! [/quote] The option to manipulate framing makes a better film. 4k video also very useful for events that involve handheld then use video editor stabilizer cropping to 1080p I have a very smooth professional footage.
  2. [quote author=Andrew Reid - EOSHD link=topic=112.msg990#msg990 date=1325295344] [quote author=moebius22 link=topic=112.msg987#msg987 date=1325291605]I was referring to camcorders in the range of the Af100 and Fs100. 4K isn't must have for me at the moment unless they can get it close to Mark III price. [/quote] True, at the higher prices there are more important things than 4K at the moment. In fact I'd rather have clean 1080p on the 5D Mark III at $2-3k than pay $6k for a 4K DSLR. [/quote] 1080p is limited to getting the framing right first time. With 4k video it is like having higher resolution stills which you can crop. This is important if you want to add stability to a video, say crop it at 1080p. Also you can add cool shake effect at 1080p when cropping a 4k video. I can bet there will be other video improvements in the EOS 4k other than the 4k. AF tracking in filming will be improved, true HDMI out at 1080p, 4k and all other video modes. Built in ND filter. Higher fps mode such as 120fps. New dedicated videostyles consist of various modes include ones suitable for grading and straight out of camera including HDR. I'm prepared to give 5DMkIII a miss and have more fun with the EOS 4k.
  3. I find Andrew's film mode for "Nostalgia" with the high contrast not very good unless I'm after that particular look of blown out highlight it definately not for me. I much prefer "Cinema" mode because of higher DR at highlight and set sharpening to -2 and leave contrast at 0 or -1, -2 depending on taste.
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