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  2. It is good, although the footage is so mushy. In a sense an action camera is an over-capture device because you're probably going to crop into it in post, either through re-framing or stabilisation or de-fishing or a combination thereof. I read an article from the guy who shot the girls snorkelling section of the Hero3 demo video, which was fascinating. It took them a day to understand the camera needed crap-tonnes of light and needed to be set to mostly manual (which was limited for this model). The next day sorted out which profiles were the best and the limits of the slow-motion mode, and how to grade things. The third day was a test shoot day to work on framing and operator technique and refine the grading, then the last two days were shooting a crap-load and hoping to get a shot that looked good, framing and waves were good, and there happened to be the exact right lighting that makes it look good. It was a shoot where they were stretching every single variable to the absolute maximum to shoot the demo video. The reality is that there's no way in hell that the average person can make anything like the demo videos, and most pros would have difficulty too. I wish I could find it again (I've looked unsuccessfully several times) because it shows what it takes to truly get the best out of a camera. I think better sensors in newer models help, getting enough light into these things is a huge factor in good image quality. The above was shot in ProTune but I am not that sure there's much advantage over the standard mode TBH (at least for this model). I did a series of tests with different modes last night in controlled conditions and setting it to the non-protune mode where it grades and sharpens the image seemed to produce a slightly nicer image than I could manage in Resolve with a decent degree of trying. I'm thinking of the X3000 because it's got nice 4K and because the OIS eliminates movement during the exposure, which helps with RS wobble as well as in lower light. I actually think that the form factor is well suited if you have a mic on it. The GoPro is strange because it's wide and shallow, yet any directional mic will be narrow and deep, so having a Rode Video Micro style microphone would probably work much better with the X3000 than a GoPro. I've also been tossing up a 360 camera, but by the time you try and crop in, the picture falls apart. IIRC a 28mm lens is something like a 90degree horizontal angle. If your 360 camera is 4K and you crop to a 90 degree angle then you're getting under 720p resolution and throwing away 94% of the bitrate, so a 100mbps 4K file becomes 6mbps 1000 x 560. 6K resolution isn't that much better.... 6mbps is not a good look! I also need underwater, and for the price of having to point the camera, I think the extra IQ is worth it. When we get 20K 360 cameras then we'll be set, but until then
  3. You can go out and buy a Nikon D800 and take photos for 800 bucks.. Why would people buy a whole new mount just to do that. You can buy a Sony A7r for 600 bucks. Photo cameras have made Zero headway in the last 6, 7 years. Real camera photography is going the way of the Dinosaur. Shame really, but it is what it is. Sony seems to have been willing to throw all and any of their customers under the bus to advance. I don't see that changing to be honest. I really doubt the a7s mk III is just going to be some modest update. And all this Raw stuff. Hardly anyone is really going to use Raw as a recording media, even Pros. It is a data hog, not easy to grade, it is if you are skilled, but how many are, and who has the computer to even do it. I think it is more of a fancy selling gimmick than a true benefit to the masses.The C200 has proved that . I think even bRaw is going to prove to be not as great a Codec as BMD is touting in the long run. I doubt many other company's are going to adopt it. And BMD probably represents 2% of the total market for cameras. The Atomos thing probably stands a better chance, but how many can afford to add a Recorder to an already expensive camera and lenses. Not a lot.
  4. Nikon is not going anywhere. Canon, Nikon and then Sony lead sales in cameras. Photo's are part of the hybrid camera we are discussing and even though the GH5 takes shitty photo's the other brands care about photo's because that's the one thing the consumer can do and will post when they purchase their new camera. You keep talking double speak outta both sides of your mouth by saying photo's are dead but we are talking about the mirrorless market that takes photo's and art used by professional. It's not like all the DSLR's are going to stop working at midnight and mirrorless camera won't have standards to live up to. The Z Cam E2 and P4K have reset the cine filed to some extent and helped lower the budgets for gear and cut into C200 and FS7 rentals. Camera makers will always have a price point for the next camera just like they did 12 years ago for the $8,000 cine camcorder from JVC, and even higher for Sony and the others. Some guys put down $8,000 grand on that JVC camcorder back in the day and is still upset about it. I love photography as much as cinematography and photography is still the image cinematographers are chasing. I have the Z6 and Sony A6500 and 50mm 1.8 for both of them, so I'm wide open to the next best camera on the market. My bet is the Z6 with 12 bit Raw or the S1or Sony could catch up to them with the A7SIII. Sony likes to control the market and I'm not sure they will cannibalize their product line up when they introduce the A7SIII. Who are the full frame players? Canon, Sony, Nikon and Panasonic. I think they will all be ok. Why? Because Canon has it's own following that will buy the latest handicapped camera they put out. Sony is the leader in marketing and no worries right now. Nikon is moving in the right direction and they need to prove they can provide firmware update to the Z line up. Panasonic will support the S1 lineup and if anything their micro 4/3 line up might suffer going into 2020. Panasonic can repackage the GH5 into the next G8, 9, 10, 11, 12 line ups like Canon does and it keeps 4/3 division moving forward. The S1 and S1R are to good and an upgrade in technology for Panasonic to fold up and go back to micro 4/3 cameras only. Panasonic also knows they played the game with the GH5 and GH5s and that that market will only bite so many times before they start to realize their buying hyped specs instead of quality. The pushed the GH5 very far and I'm not sure the GH6 can make the improvement they need. Think about it. BMP4K already pushes the shared 4/3 sensor as the GH5s beyond what Panasonic has done and the same with the Z Cam. Do you really think Panasonic is going to try and match those two companies in 4/3 quality for cinematographers? Panasonic want GH5 users to jump up to the S1 line up.
  5. I think I read somewhere that the first computers with storage were programmed to store all a users information in a database, but they had to move to a file system because it made things easier to exchange with other people, which was a use they hadn't fully realised would be so important. I can understand there's a push to make mobile operating systems more like computers, but unfortunately there's also a push to make computers more like tablets, which is an awful step backwards for lots of users. To be honest, I'm pretty dismayed at how modern computers can calculate zillions of instructions per second, and graphics cards that can render millions of polygons per second and we use them to display the same interface that was invented in 1973 by Xerox Park with the Alto: Tablet operating systems are the first real innovation since then, and they made functionality simpler, but worse for doing actual work. It's shameful really.
  6. Yeah that would be easy for them to do. And I think it would sell. I know I am hard on Nikon here, but I think for a very first effort on Mirrorless they have done pretty well. They will get the warts polished on them and move forward. But I still think someone is going to bite the dust in the FF market. It could be Panny also to be honest. I think the L mount thing is sort of a "strange" way forward. Their AF isn't going to help the cause either.
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  8. True, I'm unlikely to own specifically a Nikon Z6 in the near future. Especially as I see it as tough for the Panasonic G85 to be knocked off its top spot as my preferred camera to upgrade to next. Everything else sub $1K just seems to fall short of the G85 in one way or another. (the Fujifilm X-T30 for instance has the short 4K recording limit and no IBIS) However it doesn't seem to unlikely that I might pick one up in two or three years when prices fall, or a "Nikon Z50" (a mirrorless DX camera) if one gets launched (which it surely will one day). As I do have a soft spot for Nikon! (my first ever DSLR: Nikon D50! First ever camera filmed on: Nikon D90!) It is kinda strange they haven't brought out a cinema grade camera. Just simply sticking the Z6 into a bigger body with SDI/TC/NDs and internal raw would be very popular. Very very unlikely. Not going to happen in the next couple of years, or even double that time span.
  9. Although NZ is well known for our sheep, we also have heaps of cattle as well! We have more than two cows per person in New Zealand. Thus we make heaps of cheese/milk/yogurt/etc, and I do my best to consume all of it singlehandly!
  10. I think it is surprisingly good for as old as the camera is. I guess good grading helps lol. Just goes to show, skill helps. I don't know, the Protune 2.7 on the on the latest GoPros is not that bad, as is the stabilization. What are you talking the new Sony RXO mk II, or the Sony FDR X3000? I think I would rather have an Osmo Pocket over the X3000 unless you want an all weather camera. The form factor of the Sony is just, well..odd.
  11. Up until very recently I've been a bit of an App-phobe preferring to do all of my work on my iMac. However, after dealing with the disappointing performance of my iPhone 8Plus's internal mics for making impromptu videos and audio clips I invested in a Shure MV-88 M/S Mic this past winter and was pleasantly surprised with not only the mic's performance (for in-phone movie audio, grabbing bird calls, Foley work, etc.), but also with using the Shure Motiv Audio and Video apps. Based on that favorable experience I was amenable to see what more the "world of apps" might offer for my needs and interests. So, after running into online tutorials and testimonials and forum posts for LumaFusion (like BTM_Pix's link above) I decided to do some further homework on that app and see if it might be "for real" and whether it might just offer me some mobile help with my backlog of UHD/HD (FZ1000, a7S II, a6300) nature/wildlife footage. As a result I decided to be bold and I just picked up a closeout 2nd Gen 12.9" iPad Pro 512GB WiFi (B&H @ $749!) for the sole purpose of giving LumaFusion a go. I'm quite literally at the "opening the app for the first time and getting familiar with the layout" stage so I have no feedback to offer at this point. But, what truly gave me the inspiration to "go bold" here was after hearing this podcast interview with Serenity Caldwell about her iPad review (starts at 11:21) and listening to her usage of numerous apps to create the montage of various forms of media content within the video... Query #29: Made on iPad - Relay FM: https://www.relay.fm/query/29 ...and then checking out the video she created as referred to in that interview... Serenity Caldwell’s 2018 iPad Review – MacStories: https://www.macstories.net/linked/serenity-caldwells-2018-ipad-review/ 2018 iPad review: Drawn on an iPad! And edited, composed, and designed... - YouTube: ...I'll be wanting to explore how to animate and storyboard in Keynote as she describes in that podcast! Cool stuff for this "old dog" looking to learn a few new tricks. (I am not affiliated with any persons or products linked above, posted for educational purposes only.) :) Jimmy G
  12. Beer cheese or go home. Big slice of Onion with it. Put hair on your chest. Any cheese that smells like Baby Shit is the way to go.
  13. I probably never will own one either. You won't either, you are too cheap, and I am too poor.. They will have to depend on Sony, and so Sony Always knows what they are up to. They are just too small of a company. Sony, Canon and Panny have been making Pro level stuff too long for them to catch up. Plus they have no upward path to go to. So if you get serious into them then what, you buy a Sony? Silly stuff. Dead end company on the video side as far as I am concerned. I can see Fuji taking over their #2 spot, Sony also. Then it will get hairy, real hairy as Nikon has no other real big time business to fall back on. A couple of Missteps and they are done. Somebody is going to bit the dust with all these company's into FF. I would put my Money on Nikon loosing. The photo side is dead for all of them. Smartphones are eating in their ass more everyday. Nobody even prints anymore, why do you need a 41mp camera?
  14. I am partial to a simple cheddar, reasonably mild. Not real into soft cheeses or really strong flavour ones. OFF Topic, I used to use the plastic wrappers from individually wrapped cheese slices, folded and or shaped on my camera flash as light diffusers/modifiers and had fun experimenting with how many folds/layers I needed (the cheese with them was mostly crap though).
  15. noone

    Race to the bottom

    Actually, using copyrighted music like that without paying for a licence would STILL be a crime in many jurisdictions, it just means since it isn't going online, it would be much less likely for the copyright owner to know they were being ripped off. If that is fine with people, ok, but then I would hope people who do that are also happy for their photos and videos to be used in a similar way.
  16. Geoff CB


    Another video test of the Tamron 45mm 1.8
  17. If you grade straight out of camera on the Z6 you'll get crushed blacks and that's true with anything. Your iPhone would look like dog poo if you shot that scene. Not sure what the Z6 did too you but we can set up a hotline or goFundMe if you want. The Z6 is not perfect but it delivers on quality and the GH5 little 4/3 compressed video loss like a toy compared to this.
  18. Oh hell just about anything kills the AF100 now, but it is a learning tool. A way to experiment on the cheap. It is a camera you can take some pride on as saying You got great footage of it, not a camera on Auto everything. Cine Like D on it is not as shabby as you would think. It is just not so hot on highlight roll off. And a GH5 will just flat kick your Z6's ass on a job. The Nikon is a half ass first attempt, not surprisingly. The GH5 is a polished, finished camera. There is not a F ing way in hell you are going to use the Z6 on a high pressure high paying job and pull if off. It is lacking too much stuff you Need to have. Not going to see any crushed blacks on that video because you are not shooting anything that is black or really low light. My iPhone could shoot that scene. But her hair was spot on exposure wise I will give you that. Looked great. Any camera made today can cover Rec.709.
  19. fascinating yes, the ipad's "file system", or the lack thereof, amazes me in many ways, but i have to think its going to be "improved" because osx has become SO much more like mac os in recent years. the irony is that in doing so it has become SUPER complex compared to its origin, with all kinds of gestures and options, and i LIKE those things, but as an ex appl store employee i can tell ya that all that stuff makes ios way too hard for grandma... so i think that osx is headed for something of an overhaul... if it were kind of rebuilt from the ground up that would be amazing, but that refresh might come in another 5-10 years πŸ˜‚ or never πŸ˜‚ soooo many ppl use one, thats why im trying to embrace it~! making an actual pro level *thing* on my ipad recently was... kind of astonishing. i was like 😳 ...but its so thin and portable~! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
  20. see, im learning something here already sounds delightful! will try i was thinking abt it and i cant remember meeting a cheese that ive really disliked. dunno how much i would fuk with blue cheeses that are rlly BLUE, with like, a lot of mold? kinda scared by that but i like blue cheese dressing πŸ€” ill have to try that Roquefort, @Snowfun, yolo anyway, in no order whatsoever, i enjoy a sharp cheddar, a white cheddar, american cheeses, jack, jalepeno jack, muenster, provolone, a good fresh motz, hmmm, lets see... any kind of melted cheese... damn, come to think of it, ive never had fondue before~! how dumb i should hit that up... my favorite cheese HAS to be brie... some red wine and brie and crackers is prolly my favorite desert after a good dinner. or it could just be dinner lol. (do you guys say supper?) my latest discovery is port salut, which i would highly recommend
  21. You mean this test by the same guy? Looks like the Z6 and S1 look very close to the same to me except the S1 has CRSUHED BLACKS on the guys shirt. Other then that the look the same. And who shoots at 204,800? And we are waiting for footage that shows the S1 kills the Z6 in image quality. Are you trolling us? Which one is the half assed hybrid? The GH5? It couldn't be that one because still images aren't even Canon Ti3 / K-Mart level. You crack me up with the Panasonic AF100 comment because the Z6 destroys that ancient camcorder. But I know it takes time to forget about those great camcorders and how many we bought back in the day. Lol No comments on the video? crushed blacks or anything?
  22. Great work on this. Also a interesting discovery about OLED Color
  23. Going to make a wild guess today for when the "Scorpio Micro" will happen, am thinking: late 2020 or earlier it will ship! (fingers crossed) Sound Devices was impressive in pushing out heaps of MixPre recorders quickly. But if we ignore the M variants, as they're just "small" differences, then they had three: 3 / 6 / 10T. The last of them was the MixPre10T, which has a roughly year and half gap between the 10T shipping and when Scorpio will ship. Thus if we figure out a similar product development cycle for the next big release then this will come in late 2020, which is roughly a year and half from now. However hopefully the product development for a "Scorpio Micro" will be faster than making the Scorpio from scratch (which is totally different to the MixPre10T which came just before it!), so maaaaaybe we can see a Scorpio Micro at NAB 2020? πŸ˜‰
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  25. Filmed this yesterday: Some thoughts: It's both a camera test but also a real video - if you're going to go through the whole process then why not get a nice memento out of it I've realised that I'm comfortable with the point-my-camera-at-things style of film-making, but my videos are about my family so should also include me, so this is a test to try and get better at that This was shot with my positively geriatric GoPro Hero3 and was kind of a test at using it as a selfie camera It's shaky as hell, and if you apply strong stabilisation in post it becomes wobble-vision.. I plan to replace it with the Sony action camera which has OIS It was convenient, small, and easy to get a variety of shots with, so I think the form-factor is good 2.7k mode isn't great, the Sony in 4K would be much improved
  26. I have a WD wireless pro. The wifi transfer speed I find too slow (about 2MB/s) to be of much practical use (my A7r3 wireless transfer is faster.) The ipad's 'file system' (and usb-c port) are so badly crippled, even the ipad pro isnt really usuable for content creation except at a pinch. Its a shame because LR mobile has come a long way and Lumafusion is pretty good (and as many have pointed out incredibly fast.) The ipad is still the best content consumption device out there.
  27. kye

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I think I might. After watching that video and working out it'll be months before we see the full release. Plus I shot a short video yesterday and that was quite fun, so I have a bit more energy for editing again I think
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