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  2. If it reaches £5k used, I will be on a plane faster than Donald Trump going to a rally on Airforce One
  3. Enhance. I see a Zacuto Gratical with HDMI cable, SDI not used. I see a large matte box with small camera behind it... But follow focus is in a weird place, doesn't seem to be near the lens?
  4. Yeah, but it's also $700. (II)
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  6. No, once it gets 'smart' it will try to take over the worm 😉.
  7. Fuji GF lenses of course. Some full frame vintage lenses will also cover medium format, like minolta.
  8. mercer


    Nikkor 24mm f/2 wide open, at 800 ISO. This is a test shot of the 14bit Lossless Raw setting in Magic Lantern on the 5D Mark III. I was really trying to push the exposure and stress test the codec.
  9. Does not look like a DSLR. That's okay with me.
  10. Well Tony says the Fuji GFX mount is a dead duck down the road, L mount also. Don't put any, much money into it. No real market for it, probably true. Interesting video.
  11. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chuckdevore/2018/10/16/the-trump-manufacturing-jobs-boom-10-times-obamas-over-21-months/?fbclid=IwAR0-EIvHqXnD9d8yU5d1PGXdTWQH6i8d8DpIFgw0nsvp0XbACEsUTqP33_s#763caf535850 The Trump Manufacturing Jobs Boom: 10 Times Obama's Over 21 Months
  12. Looking to buy either the 8/19 or 16/32 Bolex Moller Anamorphic lenses. Please PM, thanks.
  13. Do you have any links to footage or pics?
  14. KnightsFan

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Definitely. I just tried putting a tracking marker on my arm and removing it. It utterly failed to replace the tracking marker with skin--and instead replaced that patch of my skin with the wall behind me! Like I said, not great results, but it's pretty fun to play with.
  15. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Think It is machine learning based so will improve in time
  16. KnightsFan

    Davinci Resolve 16

    I've never used mocha before. I have a feeling that the Resolve feature will be most useful for tiny objects in the far background that aren't super noticeable anyway, because so far I'm not getting anything really good out of it.
  17. For me Canon lenses AF on Fuji for stills stretches from mediocre to usable. Compared to as advertised on a Canon body (both mirror and DPAF). For video on a Fuji the Canon lenses AF stretches from bad to absolutely unusable. Compared to really really good on a Canon body with DPAF. I've tried 28/1.8, 50/1.8 STM, 85mm f1.8, 200/2.8L and a bunch of zooms.
  18. thephoenix

    Davinci Resolve 16

    i wish but full version only and don't have the full. from what i've seen it seems easier to use than mocha which is kinda tricky for newbies like i am
  19. don't know the lenses you have but i know some canon lenses can have bad af. sold my 50mm and 85mm both 1.2 because the af were such a pain. got the 100mm 2.8 macro who's af is not that great too but at least it is really sharp and has is. Is is also why i bought the 85 1.4 but never used it yet 😕 will do some day but the crop factor with the fringer makes it too long for me i guess. but i am sure its af is pretty good too as it is a really recent build lense.
  20. KnightsFan

    Davinci Resolve 16

    Has anyone else tried out the new object removal tool? I'm experimenting with it today and it's really fun so far. The results aren't great yet, so I'm trying to learn what scenarios it works for and where it fails.
  21. Yep. I'm all up to date on the fw, and all the lenses are on Fringer's supported list. So it was all a bit disappointing for me -- though I'd never used lenses with an adapter before. I didn't know what to expect, and I thought it was all part of the deal. In similar conditions, those L lenses' AF is really reliable on a Canon body. They were super on the 70D, and still bringing home the bacon on the 5D3. 😄
  22. Well i am more of a manual focus person when It comes to video. But when i tried my Tamron af with the fringer It was really good to me. And It was prior to fw 3.0 The Tamron Is quite new. so is the af It uses. maybe that Is the beginning of an answer. Make also sure your fringer fw is up to date Will test the 85mm 1.4 from canon too but will be in 2 weeks as I am on a trip at the moment.
  23. I still use the Canon lenses I mentioned on a 5D3 with magic lantern when the scene is on a tripod, but the 5D3 doesn't have continuous video AF at all. (That's what I have the Fuji for, y'know?) For 'S' autofocus, à la the 5D3, the autofocus of the Fuji with an adapter is slow, but then it doesn't make that much of a difference. It eventually focuses and that is it until you ask it to refocus. The OP didn't really say what his use case is.
  24. Nice, glad you figured out the bitrate, Andrew. I found the 6k photomode just playing around a few weeks ago but was too dumb to check the manual for the specs. Really hoping the upgrade comes with the ability to shoot in 24p and HLG in this mode. I have the Leica 90mm f/2 and have been trying to get my hands on a Moller 32/2x to pair with it and the S1. Nick Driftwood has posted several videos shooting anamorphic with the S1 and the 24-105.
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