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  2. I used the suction cup mount, cleaned the hood of my truck and the cup really well. Got it up to about 60mph and all was good. I was super paranoid though. Audio and such were ok too. I think it'll worked pretty well. Though I'm gonna secure it to the truck grille with some paracord just to be safe. The cup popped off a trolley car window once so I'm super paranoid. But I also had it on the inside of my truck window for about three weeks shooting driving timelapses as I did some traveling. Go figure. Chris
  3. @Sage BTW, Osmo Pocket 2 and Canon R5 for soon too?
  4. @SageWould you mind test grading 5 dpx in different lighting situations with the different color temperature luts for me? I found some footage online and on facebook. And would just like to see how the tungsten and 4200k variant holds up in difficult situations before buying the camera and lut package.
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  6. To rationalize charging more
  7. IBIS really saved my butt on a corporate shoot today. Really love that I can get away with handholding it. Here is one with a Voigtlander 21mm f1.4 M-Mount that I'm trying out. without issue.
  8. Why would you use an expensive 12K camera to shoot a conference?
  9. Man, I'm eager to see you launching your optional add-on, go figure! ;- )
  10. Thank you, I'm eager to receive your feedback on topic then : ) Hope to be able to see it there amongst the camera options available: https://emotivecolor.com/buy
  11. Three days to go. The RAW shooting Sigma fp with the Baveyes 645 medium format speed booster is a little powerhouse. Particularly when you can now add ToF autofocus to that manual Mamiya 35mm lens.
  12. I've seen better stuff posted on the GH5/GH5s Facebook page as examples of those cameras, than these videos. If they are to entice users to fullframe Panasonic, I don't think they work for me.
  13. Is it me, or does this all look overly sharp somehow. Doesnt have that nice smooth feel to it.
  14. @Emanuel I had heard that it was to use the GH5S sensor. If so, there is a reasonable chance that the color will be the same. If not, then it could be measured. I didn't know about the Osmo, but it is something that could be explored. There were some cool experiments I wanted to mess around with, so a deep dive may be warranted there next. @HockeyFan12 Very cool, I haven't read that one yet. I did notice S1 moire on saturated fabrics, and in that moment felt the value of the S1H. Here are the S1 fabrics compared to the Alexa: S1 Alexa
  15. This was just posted in the 'GH5 to Alexa Conversion' thread. It's shot on the S5. This was shot on the S1: These were both shot on the S1H with the Ninja V in ProRes RAW (an update the S5's getting too).
  16. This is a unique product for the price, still mouthwatering :- )
  17. I asked around because it seemed to be a poor man's cinny LUT (which perhaps film convert nitrate already is and with more options) and no one liked it at all. But I think there is more to it than that, you can read the white paper here where Arri discusses how it is meant to emulate a color negative image instead of a typical digital or reversal image: https://www.samys.com/images/pdf/ALEXA-Color-Processing-White-Paper.pdf So there might be more to it, but it's apparently pretty useless anyway. Did you notice aliasing with the S1?
  18. What about new entries such as BGH1? Or even from outside Panny world as for instance the upcoming Osmo Pocket 2?
  19. Always looking to top the previous video! The challenge is actually doing it, lol.
  20. Awesome, sounds like you want to top your GH5 and GH5s pieces! Cannot wait to see both of your videos, until winter of course:) @Neumann Films
  21. We are shooting a car commercial and then a tutorial that’s like “How to Land a Major Car Commercial” or something. Will be using Cooke SF Anamorphics and shooting out in the elements. It’s a fantasy car commercial plot, so lots of cinematic lighting. Unfortunately we have to wait for it to snow so it might be a month before we film. Outside of that I’ve been using it on a project that I can’t share yet, which is a bummer as I wanted to post something fairly soon after getting it. And no, I don’t own Zeiss anamorphics, lol. That was a direct order from Panasonic as they weren’t
  22. You can shoot 4K without cropping in. I haven’t really done any 12K with this camera, I’ve only been shooting 8K, which is also un-cropped.
  23. @jack jin Indeed, if it was Day used for tungsten or artificial light, that would explain it. In his case, he has GHa-S, so I think he is referring to the S1 variant
  24. @austinchimp The way GHa deviates on the S1 feels oddly earthy and 'filmy'. S1a restores that Arri vibrant technicolor quality (1:1 to the other measured LogCs). With each new camera, I add side by sides to the Match gallery. I had the S1 on loan, but I'm considering the S1H, because its quite a good camera (Intra, 180 deg, Olpf are vital in for me) This is a really cool video sent to me by Tom C, of GHa Density on the S5 that I was impressed with: @mirekti Can you send me an email with dpx(s) of the raw? It should match GHa-S on the GH5S (assuming same optics/settings and
  25. Of course and if this is your bread and butter work there are cameras cheaper and better suited, I'm sure I can reel off loads of other scenarios where 4k or even hd is more important. But that's missing the point... That's not who this camera is aimed at is all I'm saying. If you want to shoot 12k or even 8k raw without it overheating there aren't many alternatives, and for overall image quality from what I see, this camera is hard to beat for the price
  26. Delivering 4K in camera maybe a delivery requirement for some productions, so getting it right in is essential. Plus, there may be times when shooting an interview or an all day conference etc where you would want the highest quality at the lowest bit rate.
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