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  1. Manual focusing on fly-by-wire MFT lenses

    Have you tried any of the Olympus lenses with clutch manual focus?
  2. The new forum theme

    In the upper right, tap on the sideways ‘v’ with three balls and the link will appear.
  3. Suggestion for GH5 lenses?

    To those interested in picking up cinema lenses, I'd strongly advise getting a set of three as a bare minimum, as the real advantage over stills lenses, (aside from long focus throw, stepless apertures, reliable markings, minimal breathing and on and on), is having uniform front diameters and gear placement, allowing painless switching of lenses without messing around with the matte box, rails and follow focus, as well as consistency of T stops and color rendition, making matching shots much simpler.
  4. Suggestion for GH5 lenses?

    @Jonesy Jones Bizarrely, over at the Duclos Lenses website, under tech specs for the 19mm T2.6, the max aperture is still listed as T2.2. My best guess is that they’d intended to release a faster lens but for whatever reason, couldn’t. The 19mm is relatively recent, so I wouldn’t count on a second version. For those not familiar with the Veydras, all but the 12mm and 16mm can cover an APS-C sensor. In other news, Ron Avery, designer of the Veydras, along with Matthew Duclos, has founded the website, LensFinder.com, a marketplace for vintage and pre-owned lenses. Many of the offerings there cost more than my last car.
  5. Suggestion for GH5 lenses?

    If you’d asked me the very same question only a few years ago, I’d have unhesitatingly recommended getting a speed booster and some APS-C or full frame glass. More recently, and I’d have suggested the fastest native primes you could afford. Now, I believe the Veydra Mini Primes are the best long term investment. Not that micro 4/3 is going anywhere, but the Veydras have economical user switchable mounts (Fuji X, Sony E, u4/3 and C mounts) that can be swapped in minutes.
  6. iOS 11: Camera: Photos and videos will take up half the space with the new HEIF and HEVC image and video formats. Edit: I see now Ed already mentioned H265. ha
  7. The new forum theme

    @Liam I just tested it out on you, it has no effect on your reputation.
  8. Which "De-Video" filter?

    That's correct. There's also a 2.7x crop in HD, but supposedly it's not as clean, and I haven't shot in HD with the GH5 yet.
  9. Which "De-Video" filter?

    Six months ago, many were considering moving up to the Leica 12-60 from the Olympus 12-40 in order to get more reach, not realizing that ETC turns the Zuiko into a constant aperture zoom with 56mm at the telephoto end.
  10. Which "De-Video" filter?

    ETC stands for extra tele conversion, which in 4K gives you a 1.4x crop with no visible degradation of image quality, effectively doubling the number of lenses in your collection. I just posted a sample in 'lenses', where the Laowa 7.5mm does double duty as a 10.5mm.
  11. Wonderfully cinematic stills

    The Edo shots do look staged: they're immaculately composed, the lighting is nice and dramatic as well: but they're a bit too detached for my liking.
  12. Lenses

    Grumpy old man tests out the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 lens in ETC mode.
  13. Best 4k PL cinema camera under $7k?

    I'm guessing he's missing those built-in ND filters just a little.
  14. Which "De-Video" filter?

    I haven't got any of these filters yet, but from what I've shot myself, I think you're going to want to be cautious with them, as not every lens or every situation will require diffusion filters. For example, shooting ridiculously tight with the Olympus 75mm f/1.8 and ETC enabled on the GH5, even at wide apertures, the images were too sharp, whereas I find the Olympus 25mm f/1.2 is just fine with similar settings. The Leica 12mm f/1.4 could also benefit from some filtration. On the other hand, I sort of like the Sergio Leone look, where you can count every pore on the actors' faces, but if I were shooting weddings, or wanted to flatter a talent's appearance, I'd definitely consider picking some of these up.
  15. The new forum theme

    @Andrew Reid ha, I thought it looked nice and clean, but I'm no web designer.