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Resolve anamorphic desqueeze, how?


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Resolve newbie here...

Okay, I have searched, and searched.
I have tried all the suggestions I have found, and I still cannot get this to work.
Yes, of course, I searched the manual, and actually tried it. too.
How do you desqueeze anamorphic video in Resolve 12 Lite, or can you?
Background, I am using Canon 5DMkII Magic Lantern RAW video, exported to Cinema DNG, via raw2cdng.1.7.4
I import the Cinema DNGs into Resolve 12 Lite, I have tried adjusting the timeline, and the project properties with no success.
What are the settings I am looking for?


I have ordered the adavanced copy of the book on Amazon for Resolve 12, and having a really hard time waiting on it, and the training videos, as I refuse to give any more monies to the arrogance of the adobe mismanagement...


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Yep. For this reason I feel it's much more practical to squeeze "in" rather than squeeze "out" When you expand yr anamorphic shots out on the horizontal you end up with huge kinda fuzzy movies/images. If you instead compress vertically you end up with normally manageable files which actually look sharper than they normally would. (assuming yr shooting with a good anamorphic and you've landed focus properly.

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Well, I'm still learning Resolve too but I've found the following works...

Go to Color tab when selecting a clip, select Sizing tool > adjust height/width to custom size. Select 'Create' to save that as a Sizing preset that can be saved and applied to all - or selected clips on import.

Or use the Sizing presets that come in Resolve for Cinemascope/Anamorphic > under 'clip attributes' when right-clicking a clip in the 'Media' window.


Example screenshot is of footage shot in ML Raw at 50p, so here I have increased the height by 1.65% to get back to 16:9 aspect.

Exactly the same re-sizing method can be used to correct Anamorphic footage by reducing height by whatever ratio is needed for the scope in question. 



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I've been playing more with this and now find for my setup that the 35mm Full Aperature HD Anamorphic setting is better.
Shrug, I guess for others it may be different.

Now trying to get a proper perpective rendered output.
I keep gettng a squeezed rendered output file, or a cropped output file.
Sure is a learning curver, this video stuff.
I will read the manual today, more, and again.

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